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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 September 2019

* Uber overhauls app in ambitious bid to become Operating system for your everyday life >>
* Turns out Tesla police cars run out of ‘gas’ mid-chase, too >>
* Gigantic Chinese Telescope Opens To Astronomers Worldwide >>

* Pimax 8KX Is A True 4K Per Eye Wide FoV Headset For $1299 >>
* The Age of the Idiot >>
* Jeff Bezos says Amazon is writing its own facial recognition laws to pitch to lawmakers >>

* Amazon announces Fetch pet tracker that uses new Sidewalk networking >>
* Microsoft brings Google Assistant support to the Xbox One >>

* Oculus Connect 6 VR event in 12 minutes >>
* Day 1 Keynote | Oculus Connect 6 >>
* Day 2 Keynote | Oculus Connect 6 >>
* Here’s everything Oculus just announced >>

* POD Say Yes to the AI Dress: Entrepreneur Brings GPUs to Fashion – Ep. 97 >>
* POD Machine Learning and Analytics for Time Series Data >>
* POD Season 5, Episode 4: Sequoia Capital (Part 1) >>
* DevOpsTV: Build Fast, Secure Well: Automate DevSecOps and Secure Your Cloud >>
* DevOpsTV: DevOps for Highly Regulated Environments >>
* DevOpsTV: How Online Retailer Resident Scaled DevOps with AWS and CloudShell Colony >>

* Humans Can Improve Technology without Really Understanding It >>
* NVIDIA has created an AI-powered greenscreen for streamers >>
* SpaceX Will Use Tesla Car Batteries to Power Movable Wings for Starship Re-Entry >>

* OpenAI Tried to Train AI Agents to Play Hide-And-Seek but Instead They Were Shocked by What They Learned >>
* As attack drones multiply, Israeli firms develop defenses >>
* 15 Rules of a Native Graph Database >>

* Performance Testing React With Anonymous Functions >>
* Inside Tesla’s Neural Processor In The FSD Chip >>

* Amazon is injecting Alexa with more artificial intelligence than ever >>
* Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s new story trailer shows off the power of the Empire >>
* Is Your Relationship Status With Google “Complicated?” >>

* Running IntelliJ IDEA in Jenkins >>
* Integrating Jenkins With Microsoft Teams >>
* A T. rex bite could have crushed a car. Here’s how. >>

* China completes world’s longest cross-sea road-rail bridge >>
* Google shutters Bulletin, its hyperlocal news experiment >>
* Did China just accidentally show off its new supersonic cruise missile? >>

* Inside The First-ever Nfl Broadcast In 4k Hdr >>
* The Clever Tech Powering the New Apple Watch’s Always-On Display >>
* Boston Dynamics Will Sell First Generation Universal Robot >>

* Astronauts Explore Caves on Earth, Learning the Skills They’ll Need for the Moon and Mars >>
* A new tool to help Italian companies grow with AI >>
* Researchers create ‘player trait model’ allowing for personalized games >>

* Invention Uses Nanoparticles To Track Chemo In The Body >>
* Fossilised microbes from 3.5 billion years ago are oldest yet found >>
* Cheetahs ‘could go extinct in east Africa within two years because three quarters of their cubs are being smuggled out and sold >>

* Highlights from the Strata Data Conference in New York 2019 >>
* The future of Google Cloud data processing >>
* Recent trends in data and machine learning technologies >>
* Interactive sports analytics >>
* Censorship, Tiktok, Machine Learning Workspace, and Deepfake Library >>
* Cisco Data Intelligence Platform >>
* AI isn’t magic. It’s computer science. >>

* Learn How to Code in Python With Microsoft’s Free Classes >>
* Sharp Made a Smartphone With a (Sort of) 240Hz Display >>
* Is Amazon’s Alexa ready to leave home and become a wearable voice assistant? >>

* Here’s Everything Coming to Hulu in October 2019 >>
* Here’s Everything Coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2019 >>
* 25+ launches from Uber’s big event “The operating system for your everyday life” >>

* Food Network’s cooking instruction service lets you ask Alexa for help >>
* Facebook Secures Digital Rights For ICC Cricket Events >>
* Echo Loop hands-on: Alexa on your knuckles and at your fingertips >>

* Everything Amazon announced at its Alexa event >>
* Cloudflare Relaunches Its Security-Focused Mobile VPN Warp >>
* Amazon’s Alexa assistant will offer directions, other help in new GM cars >>

* Amazon’s ‘X-Ray’ feature is coming to Thursday Night Football >>
* Amazon makes it easier for smart home devices to alert customers to low supply levels >>
* Alexa developers can now personalize their skills by recognizing the user’s voice >>

* What it means that Samuel L. Jackson is the new voice of Alexa >>
* Economic Case for Nuclear Fusion Also Applies to Advanced Fission Reactors >>
* Understanding disk usage in Linux >>

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