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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 September 2019

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* Facebook Servicefriend, which builds ‘hybrid’ chatbots, for Calibra customer service >>
* Fitbit is reportedly in the early stages of exploring a sale >>
* Building a Cellular-Connected IoT Electric Scooter w/ Soracom + Raspberry Pi in One Hour [Part 2] >>

* This Picasso painting had never been seen before. Until a neural network painted it. >>
* AI and ethics: The debate that needs to be had >>
* Amazon looks to expand Alexa’s world amid growing privacy concerns >>

* Is Agile the Enemy (of Good Design)? >>
* GitLab is Overtaking GitHub >>
* The new science of sleep engineering >>

* When two people fancy each other their heart rates jump in harmony >>
* How Amazon Survived the Dotcom Bust – An Intro to Business Model-Market Fit >>
* Using Multi-Stage Docker, Go, Java,& Bazel to DESTORY Long Build Times >>

* Ask Slashdot: How Will 2019 Look To People 20 Years From Now? >>
* The Ozone Layer Is On Track To Completely Repair Itself by the 2060s >>
* Researchers Determine the 120 Most Surveilled (CCTV) Cities In the World >>

* What Do the Latest Smart Home Innovations Mean for the State of IoT? >>
* How to Choose the Right IoT Platform: The Ultimate Checklist >>

* Here’s Why Full-Stack Development Is Critical for IoT >>
* Your smart devices listening to you, explained >>
* We need to track the world’s water like we track the weather >>

* A Sputnik Moment For The U.S. As China Forges Ahead In Tech Innovation >>
* A Strange New World: Economic Slowdown, Liquidity Issues >>
* CEA facial recognition at Daxing Airport makes travelling easier >>

* New trailers: Knives Out, The Secret Garden, Raising Dion, and more >>
* Three Mile Island’s infamous nuclear plant shuts down after 45 years >>
* MAVEN has been in orbit at Mars for 5 years >>

* UX Design Trends to Look For In 2020 >>
* The Smart Kitchen is very stupid >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 September 2019

September 22, 2019 Leave a comment

* Killer drones set to be used by Turkey in Syria >>
* Drone equipped with nail gun can fix the roof so you don’t have to >>
* This Mathematics Problem Involving A Frog Crossing A River Is A Real Head-Scratcher >>

* AI helps reduce Amazon hydropower dams’ carbon footprint >>
* Amazon Prime perks now include mobile game add-ons >>
* Axibo camera slider system uses AI to track faces and objects >>

* Fujifilm SonoSite Wants to Bring AI to Ultrasound >>
* Impossible Burger hits grocery stores on Friday >>
* Voices From The Global Climate Strike >>

* Developer pulls critical code from tech company after ICE contract revealed >>
* Capitalism made this mess, and this mess will ruin capitalism >>
* Asteroid Dust Triggered an Explosion of Life on Ancient Earth >>

* New trailers: Knives Out, The Secret Garden, Raising Dion, and more >>
* Facebook’s latest AI experiment helps you pick what to wear >>
* These AI-generated people are coming to kill stock photography >>

* Airbnb plans to go public in 2020 >>
* It’s possible to reverse-engineer AI chatbots to spout nonsense, smut or sensitive info >>

* Apple introduces real-time lyrics to Music >>
* Microsoft plans to rearchitect Azure Stack by making it container-based >>
* Lime is shutting down car rental service, LimePod >>

* Here are the security sessions you can’t miss at Disrupt SF >>
* Virtual Reality Video Games That Double as Exercise >>
* Bionic wearable chair raises $143,000 in crowdfunding but divides the internet >>

* Herpes vaccine to be tested in humans after best result yet in animals >>
* In a Race Against the Sun, Growers Try to Outsmart Climate Change >>
* Australia will help NASA go to the Moon and Mars >>

* What’s it like cooking your own Impossible Burger? >>
* Over $30 Billion and 33 Years to Turn Space Shuttle Components into a Super Heavy Lift Rocket >>
* Gel-free Noninvasive Brain Computer Interfaces Is More Convenient for Your Hair >>

* Apple’s new iPhones can better manage your battery as it ages >>
* Amazon all electric future fleet vehicles >>
* Apple Arcade makes you ask, what is a videogame worth? >>

* Venus Could Have Supported Life for Billions of Years >>
* Russia Says It Will Keep Source of Hole (and Air Leak) on Soyuz Secret >>
* Take a Journey Through Disney’s ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ >>

* Congress Asks More than 80 Companies for Big Tech Complaints >>
* SpaceX Tries Buying Out Homeowners Around Starhopper’s Texas Launchpad >>
* Vulnicura VR, brain food for babies and more >>

* Is it love? Ask this AI: System reads text conversations to determine if the other person has a crush on you >>
* Adding A Mutation To Ebola Could Sap Its Infectious Power >>
* Americans Would Rather Drive Than Commute In Self-driving Cars >>

* Google Reportedly Attains ‘Quantum Supremacy’ >>
* You DNA belongs on the blockchain. >>
* Hitting the Books: Searching for ancient cities from space >>

* Bring AI to home hunting; AI used to analyse room photos >>
* The Area 51 Raid was the worst way to spot an Alien or UFO >>
* Global climate strikes: millions take to the streets to demand action >>

* Hawaii Wants to Lead the Renewable Revolution >>
* UK academics are stockpiling lab equipment in case of a no-deal Brexit >>
* Alexa, are you ready to live in the car, too? >>

* Households could face cheaper energy bills, as cost of offshore wind falls to record low >>
* Highly sensitive sensors to measure the heart and brain activity >>
* New sensors could lead to earlier lymphoma diagnosis >>

* ‘Racist’ AI can only be stopped if tech bosses share secrets, warns viral selfie app creator >>
* Apple could be designing a tracking tag system to help users locate lost items >>

* MIT Future of Work Report: We Shouldn’t Worry About Quantity of Jobs, But Quality >>
* The Future Looks Like Salt Reactors >>
* The Real Robotics Revolution Arrives as a Service >>

* The future of food: what we’ll eat in 2028 >>
* Transplanted Brain Stem Cells Survive without Anti-Rejection Drugs in Mice >>
* Catch them if you can: How leaders in data and analytics have pulled ahead >>

* It’s not just about China. Asian economies are integrating rapidly, fuelling regional growth >>
* The forgotten step in leading large-scale change >>
* We keep looking for space aliens. Are they looking for us? >>

* ‘Earecho’ Uses Your Ear To Unlock Your Phone >>
* Mystery of why humans walk upright may be explained by surprise fossil >>
* At TechCrunch Disrupt, insights into key trends in venture capital >>

* Google announces 18 new renewable energy deals >>
* Google is investing $3.3B to build clean data centers in Europe >>
* Bill Gates: Don’t Break Up Tech Giants, It Won’t Stop Anticompetitive Behavior >>

* Call-center scammer loses $9m appeal in stunning moment of poetic justice >>
* Marc Millis: Testing Possible Spacedrives >>
* New Zealanders vent anger at being unable to watch Rugby World Cup >>

* China Launches 5 New Earth Observation Satellites into Orbit (Video) >>

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