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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 September 2019

* Paris Is Testing Electric ‘Flying Taxis’ On The Seine >>
* Amazon rolls out a cash payment option for online orders in the US >>
* AI Learned To Use Tools After Nearly 500 Million Games of Hide and Seek >>
* Microsoft inches closer to releasing its AI-powered Scheduler bot >>

* Biology as technology will reinvent trillion-dollar industries >>
* IBM will soon launch a 53-qubit quantum computer >>
* FarmWise Raises $14.5 Million to Teach Giant Robots to Grow Our Food >>

* When Will We Run Out Of Water? >>
* Robotics to do almost any job at a distance >>
* World not prepared for pandemic that could wipe out millions, experts warn >>

* Tech giant Salesforce unveils new pollution tracking tool called Sustainability Cloud >>
* Pocket Casts is making its podcast app free and launching a subscription service >>
* Facebook introduces Portal TV, a video chat camera accessory for your television >>

* Salesforce brings AI power to its search tool >>
* Tableau update uses AI to increase speed to insight >>
* A Newly Identified Protein May Be the Key to Vanquishing the Common Cold >>

* No Date Set Yet, But NASA Targeting Second Half of 2024 for Human Moon Landing >>
* Lamborghini’s crazy looking hybrid is more interesting under the hood >>
* New voices for your Google Assistant in nine countries >>

* 16 Minutes on the News #8: Apple Camera, Services; Wearables – Where are We >>
* a16z Podcast: The Biology of Pain >>
* AgileFall – When Waterfall Sneaks Back Into Agile >>
* Focal Systems Brings AI to Grocery Stores – Ep. 96 >>
* 360° Kubernetes Security: From Source Code to K8s Configuration Security >>

* GitLab Outlines Scope of DevOps Ambitions >>
* GitHub acquires code analysis tool Semmle >>
* Configure GitHub Actions With CI/CD in Any Cloud, Language, and OS >>

* Quantum Computing Software Startup Aliro Emerges From Stealth Mode >>
* AI Surveillance is Expanding Worldwide >>
* Apple wants to trademark ‘Slofie’ >>

* Search helps you find key moments in videos >>
* First iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown confirms a 25 percent bigger battery >>
* AI can’t protect us from deepfakes, argues new report >>
* Apple Watch Series 5 Review: The Best Smartwatch >>

* Machine Learning Predicts How Big Wildfires Will Get >>
* Mathematicians find a completely new way to write the number 3 >>
* Space Elevator From the Moon to Geostationary Earth Orbit >>

* Documents reveal how Russia taps phone companies for surveillance >>
* Lagging in semiconductors, China sees a chance to overtake the US with AI chips as 5G ushers in new era >>
* Headset Heaven: Vive Cosmos, Apple AR, Quest Case + Nintendo || VRecap >>

* The Gravitational-Wave “Revolution” Is Underway >>
* 6 Oculus Connect 6 Sessions You Won’t Want To Miss >>
* Call me crazy, but Windows 11 could run on Linux >>

* DeepMind’s health team joins Google Health >>
* How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone? ‘Maybe 20 Years’ >>
* How to Achieve Tech-Powered Collaboration in the Era of Remote Work >>

* New Query Language for Graph Databases to Become International Standard >>
* Leak of Microsoft Salaries Shows Fight for Higher Compensation >>
* End Of Crypto Mining Is Just The Beginning Of Crypto >>
* [Tutorial] How to Develop Blockchain Applications — Part 2/2 >>

* Cell diversity in tumors prevents effective immune responses – study >>
* The robot that cleans floors and tells jokes >>
* Trump v Warren rallies preview possible 2020 populist duel >>

* Hacking vs. Ethical Hacking: What Sets Them Apart? >>
* 125 New Flaws Found in Routers and NAS Devices from Popular Brands >>
* Researcher Drops phpMyAdmin Zero-Day Affecting All Versions >>

* Getting Started With AWS Networking Services – Part 1 >>
* 5 Areas We Should Invest in Now to Survive Climate >>
* This Formula E Gen1-gen2 Transformation Video Will Leave Automobile Enthusiasts In Awe! >>

* The most powerful volcano on Jupiter’s moon Io is about to explode >>
* If the world ran on sun, it wouldn’t fight over oil >>
* UK economy has ‘too few robots’, warn MPs >>

* AI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies >>
* A 74-year-old woman in India may have given birth to twins, making her the world’s oldest mother >>
* Cancer cells turn to cannibalism to survive chemotherapy, study suggests >>
* AI Agents Startle Researchers With Unexpected Hide-and-Seek Strategies >>

* The Digital Accelerator: The Schwab model for accelerating its digital transformation >>
* Mastering the duality of digital: How companies withstand disruption >>
* Build, test, and deploy your Amazon Sagemaker inference models to AWS Lambda >>

* Metallic Asteroids Might Have Had Volcanoes Erupting Molten Iron. That’s So Metal >>

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