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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 September 2019

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* AI can gauge the risk of dying from heart conditions >>
* Flirty or Friendzone? New AI Scans Your texts for True Love >>
* V-sign photos could give away fingerprint info >>

* TED What Streaming Means For The Future Of Entertainment >>
* Kiwibots Bring Sustenance to Students >>
* Australia’s 4G network is faster than 5G: study >>

* Google’s Pixel 4 event takes place October 15th >>
* The self-healing car! >>
* Google says its AI detects 26 skin conditions as accurately as dermatologists >>

* Linux 5.3 Released >>
* A detox drug promises miracles if it doesnt kill you first >>

* Europe Wants Ideas for Cave-Spelunking Moon Robots? >>
* O2 and Samsung to work on 5G connected ambulances for NHS >>

* China Weekly: new satellites; robotics factory; facial recognition; intelligent lamp posts >>
* Artificial intelligence is watching China’s students but how well can it really see? >>
* China unveils supersonic spy drone during National Day military parade rehearsal >>

* Simple Chart Shows How Deeply Smartphone Sales Impacted The Camera Industry >>
* Why Smartphones Got So Damn Boring >>
* Origin-of-Life Study Points to Chemical Chimeras, Not RNA >>

* Artificial Intelligence Confronts Reproducibility Crisis >>
* How Cloud-Based Automation Can Keep Business Operations Secure >>

* Busting AI Myths: “You Need Tons of Data for Machine Learning” >>
* A DEEP DIVE into AWS ECS Optimized AMI >>
* Cloud Services Comparison: AWS vs. Google vs. Azure >>

* Apple Arcade’s best selling point: Games you’ll actually want to play >>
* Scientists spot most massive neutron star EVER 70,000x Earth, only 18 miles wide >>
* Could ‘killer robots’ spark the next war? Could carry out ‘atrocities’ cause ‘large-scale accidents’ leading to global unrest >>

* 16 Minutes on the News #8: Apple Camera, Services; Wearables – Where are We >>
* Product-User Fit Comes Before Product-Market Fit >>
* AI and Graph Search >>

* Israel Prepares to Unleash AI on Health Care >>
* Google report assesses how AI can best serve humanity >>
* Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products >>

* Everything React: Tutorials for Beginners and Experts Alike >>
* What it was like to fly the baddest airplane the world has ever known >>
* Using Object Detection for Complex Image Classification Scenarios Part 1: >>

* Black hole that ‘rings’ like a bell shows Einstein was right >>
* 5G Is Coming: How Worried Should We Be about the Health Risks? >>
* Walt Disney Studios partners with Microsoft Azure on cloud innovation lab >>

* Salesforce doubles down on verticals, launches Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Clouds >>
* Should We Be More Optimistic About Fighting Climate Change? >>
* Real-Time Surveillance Will Test the British Tolerance for Cameras >>

* MIT Unveils the World’s Most Advance Carbon Nanotube Chip >>
* Join the Q&A with top speakers at Disrupt SF (Oct. 2-4) >>
* Daily Crunch: Salesforce launches vertical clouds >>

* Central banks to question Facebook over Libra cryptocurrency >>
* Men In Black’ Director Barry Sonnenfeld Calls 8K, Netflix HDR ‘Stupid’ >>
* How Augmented Reality Will Bring Space Books to Life >>

* Facebook is launching a streaming device that watches you while you watch TV >>
* Google Camera app 7.0 leak reveals new Pixel 4 camera features >>
* Rugby World Cup 2019 TV schedule: How to watch every match on ITV >>

* Research: How Employee Protections Affect Investment and Growth >>
* Andrew Yang gets why Donald Trump won. He won’t be president but he deserves attention. >>
* ‘Seinfeld’ is moving to Netflix in 2021 >>

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