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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 September 2019

* Congress wants internal records from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google >>
* Video Friday: Watch This Robot Dog Explore an Underground Tunnel Autonomously >>
* Bigelow’s next-generation inflatable space habitat is shooting for the Moon >>

* Amazon testing crowd-sourced ‘Alexa Answers’ >>
* Simjacker; SIM-based attack has been used to spy on people for two years >>
* New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS >>

* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web >>
* The first humans sent to Mars could need to 3D print their meals >>
* China Proposes a “Made in China” Upgrade to North America’s Power System >>

* Space is the next economic frontier… hear more about it at Disrupt SF >>
* LG’s new 4K UHD CineBeam projector is way more affordable >>
* Sony’s Crystal cinema display supports 16K, but could cost millions >>

* Lip-Reading Drones, Emotion-Detecting Cameras: How AI Is Changing The World >>
* Toyota Is Trying To Figure Out How To Make a Car Run Forever >>

* A.I. Could Help Predict When Blood Tests Aren’t Necessary >>
* Oumuamua 2.0? It Looks Like There’s a New Interstellar Object Passing Through the Solar System >>

* Robotic Gripper Is Gentle Enough To Handle Eggs >>
* We may have a basic form of sign language in common with chimpanzees >>
* Scientists to test antibiotic cure for recurring miscarriages in major new trial >>

* Water Jet Powered Drone Takes Off With Explosions >>
* Service call centres to become wasteland and tumbleweed by 2024 >>
* Danger of ‘Pittsburgh Left’ shows that self-driving cars must learn local road rules >>

* A smart artificial hand for amputees merges user and robotic control >>
* MIT boffins turn black up to 11 with carbon nanotubes that absorb 99.96% of light >>
* Machines probably aren’t interested in global takeover. Here’s why. >>

* 100-year-old scientific mystery solved: Researchers discover role of nuclear glycogen in non-small cell lung cancers >>
* This smart toilet seat monitors your heart health through your gluteus maximus >>
* Whoa, bot wars: As cybercrooks add more AI to their arsenal, the goodies will have to too >>

* Elon Musk Describes Electric Motor, Powertrain and Other Upgrades to Model S, X and Roadster in 2020 >>
* Q&A: How Google Implements Code Coverage at Massive Scale >>
* Specifications and Economic Analysis of Nuclear District Heating >>

* The world needs carbon-neutral flying. Here’s how to bring it one step closer. >>
* 1mm Sleep Tracker Lies On Your Bed To Get Rid Of All Of Your Sleep Debt >>
* Adobe Premiere Pro can automatically reframe your videos >>

* Kenya launches the world’s first malaria vaccine >>
* 10 Spanish Learning Apps That Kids—and Adults—will Love >>
* Augmented 2030: the Apps, Headsets, and Lenses Getting Us There >>

* This Interactive Map Tracks Our Growing Surveillance State >>
* 700km on a single charge: Mercedes says it’s in it for the long run >>
* More than 500 Intelligence Genes Discovered >>

* 5 Ways SIP Trunking Benefits Both MSPs and Their Customers >>
* Adversarial Robustness 360 Toolbox v1.0: A Milestone in AI Security >>

* How AI is Learning to Play with Words >>
* Machine Hallucination, healthy housing and more >>
* Microsoft is considering foldable devices with liquid-filled hinges >>

* MoviePass is shutting down on September 14th >>
* The fight over fuel economy rules get messy >>
* Launching TensorFlow distributed training easily with Horovod or Parameter Servers in Amazon SageMaker >>

* ‘Ringing’ black hole that emitted faint gravitational wave tones after merger adds even more support to Einstein’s theory of relativity >>
* House that robots built: 3D-printed home constructed by machines is ‘the new way of seeing architecture’, creators >>
* 50-year old maths problem about an infinite lottery finally solved >>

* Black just got blacker: Darkest material ever created is ’10 times darker than anything else’ and blocks out 99.96 per cent of light, scientists reveal >>
* Police will use hi-tech scanners to create a ‘knife database’ to match wounds to weapons in crime crackdown >>
* A robot with a firm yet gentle grasp >>

* How to master the seven-step problem-solving process >>
* Gartner Hype Cycle for Artifical Intelligence. 2019 >>
* Astronomers Find a Supermassive Black Hole That’s Feasting on a Regular Schedule, Every 9 Hours >>

* Andrew Yang Announces Universal Basic Income Pilot Program At Debate >>
* Another high-flying, heavily funded AR headset startup is shutting down >>
* Apple might have disabled bilateral wireless charging on its new iPhones >>

* Dark Matter Matters: AI Makes DNA Dark Matter Useful >>
* Four short links: 13 September 2019 >>
* Google to pay $1.1 billion in France following tax probe >>

* IBM uncrates new mainframes, amps-up cloud, security features >>
* Its Time for IOT Securitys Next Big Step >>

* MIT engineers develop “blackest black” material to date >>
* McDonald’s Turns Billboards Into Bee Hotels >>
* Spoken Language Technology Takes on Dementia >>

* O’Reilly AI Conf: On gradient-based methods for finding game-theoretic equilibria >>
* O’Reilly AI Conf: Open-endedness: A new grand challenge for AI >>
* O’Reilly AI Conf: Practical insights into deep reinforcement learning >>

* Productivity Commission examines impact of technology on work >>
* Researchers are using drones to study the Amazon rainforest’s health >>
* SpaceX Says It Will Deploy Satellite Broadband Across US Faster Than Expected >>

* Toyota makes CarPlay and Alexa standard in the 2020 Prius >>
* Using machine learning to estimate risk of cardiovascular death >>
* Decline of migrating birds could be partly due to pesticides >>

* Early whales swam doggy paddle across the ocean from India to Africa >>
* Everything you need to know about the UN’s upcoming climate summit >>
* Largest ever polar expedition will soon be frozen in drifting sea ice >>

* This AI Uses Echolocation to Follow Your Every Move >>
* World at ‘critical turning point’ in fight against vaccine-preventable diseases >>
* First SpaceX rocket for humans headed to Space Coast >>

* Video: Watch 72 high-speed cameras capture bullet time slow-mo footage >>
* Watch SpaceX Test Its Crew Dragon’s Escape System >>

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