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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 September 2019

* Water found for first time on potentially habitable planet >>
* China’s FAST Telescope, the World’s Largest Single Radio Dish Telescope, is Now Fully Operational >>

* SpaceX Plans 24 Starlink Launches in 2020 >>
* Researchers say there may be way to pause women’s biological clocks >>
* SpaceX ‘getting ready’ to fly orbital Starship design with new FCC filing >>

* Intel will use multi-camera, 3D athlete tracking in the 2020 Olympics >>
* MIT launches a fleet of Transformer boats >>
* Launchpad Fire Forces Japan to Postpone Cargo Ship Launch to Space Station: Report >>

* ‘Robot doctors’ do morning health checks on Chinese preschoolers >>
* China’s internet regulator orders online AI algorithms to promote ‘mainstream values’ >>
* Business Goes Mobile >>

* Apple TV+ will debut at a bargain price, putting pressure on Netflix, Disney, and all other streamers >>
* Apple can make TV+ ubiquitous through brute force >>
* Google’s Nest Mini with wall mount and audio port hits the FCC >>

* 51 companies tell Congress it’s time to tackle data privacy >>
* A brief first look at Apple’s seventh-generation iPad >>
* Scientists are racing to reengineer the banana before it’s gone forever >>

* iPhone 11 is triggering people’s trypophobia as users with fear of small holes say the phones are ‘creepy’ >>
* AI can pass standardized tests but it would fail preschool >>
* Panacea’s Cloud; Device Offers A Way To Communicate During Disasters >>

* ‘Superbolts’ Have 1000x The Energy Of Regular Lightning >>
* ‘Superbolts:’ Unbelievably powerful lightning strikes explained >>
* New AI neural network approach detects heart failure from a single heartbeat with 100% accuracy >>

* Europe’s ArianeWorks Aims for Reusable Rockets (with a Very SpaceX Look) >>
* Apple Arcade is a tough sell, despite its low price >>
* The iPhone 11 Pro vs. the competition: Battle of the cameras >>

* Storm Area 51 Festival Canceled Because It Was a ‘Possible Humanitarian Disaster’ >>
* iOS 13 file confirms Apple is testing an augmented reality headset >>

* NASA Tests Autonomous Lunar Landing Technology >>
* How Medical Research on Space Station Helps Patients on Earth >>
* 2.5 Years of Aging Reversal from Metformin and DHEA >>

* Deep Fake Blended Princess Leia From a New Hope Into Rogue One >>
* Forbes | The future of OCR is machine learning >>
* JumpStart Guide for Application Security in AWS >>

* The Unknown Tech Stock Transforming The Internet >>
* Sweeping math proof shows all change is a mix of order + chance >>
* Demo Day celebrates student entrepreneurship >>

* Ford unveils lineup for Europe to outpace gas and diesel vehicle sales by 2022 >>
* Forget Driving. You’ll wish you could watch tv in this car >>
* Distributed Consistency, Face Anonymization, Game Mechanic Discovery, and Images of Images >>

* If computers are so smart how come they cant read >>
* Generation Z and Their Technology Consumption: What Companies Must Know >>
* Period-tracking apps found sharing data with Facebook >>

* PC-to-mobile game streaming arrives on the Galaxy Note 10 >>
* Should AI Researchers get special access to visas? >>
* What to Say When Your Employee Makes a Mistake >>

* Hyundai’s first electric race car is a souped-up Veloster >>
* Australia’s anti-encryption law is hurting press and personal privacy >>
* Computer Model Turns Text Into Animation >>

* Scientists discover a sixth mass extinction which happened 260million years ago after a volcanic eruption in Asia >>
* Scientists Find the Skull of Humanity’s Ancestor, on a Computer >>
* Facebook defends tracking your every move — even if the app isn’t on >>

* 5G Wireless Networks Need Flexibility >>
* 15 of the most anticipated movies coming to Netflix this fall >>
* Apple hid a secret message in its latest YouTube video >>

* Gary Gruver: Optimizing Workflow for Software Development >>
* Take a Deep Dive Into the Kafka Producer API >>
* Civilization VI is the latest improbable game to get a battle royale mode >>

* Pilots taxi fighter jets from aircraft shelter >>
* How The Iphone 11 Compares To The Best Android Devices >>
* How to choose between the iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and 11 >>

* Apple TV Plus is trying to be HBO, not Netflix >>
* Apple TV Plus will launch in India for $1.40 a month >>
* What we’re still waiting for after Apple’s iPhone 11 event >>

* California Just Dropped A Bomb On The Gig Economy — What’S Next? >>
* How does an autonomous car work? Not so great. >>
* See If You Can Make Sense Out Of This Video Of A Truck Crashing Into The Roof Of A Two-Story House >>

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