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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 September 2019

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* Chicago biotech company 3D prints a mini human heart >>
* TCL is experimenting with a personal cinema visor >>
* Elon Musk: Tesla pickup truck pushed back to November >>

* Why No One Is Beating Tesla’s Range >>
* Focos 2.0 uses AI to add portrait-mode effects to any photo >>
* China’s biggest telescope detects more than 100 ‘mysterious’ radio signals from three BILLION light years away >>

* An artificial leg with sensors helps people feel every step >>
* Transplant organs can be supercooled to below zero for longer storage >>
* YouTuber Films Oxy-Acetylene Explosions With Ultra High Speed ‘Chronos Ring’ Footage Is Incredible >>

* Leaked Google Pixel 4 promo video includes gestures, astrophotography mode, and more >>
* India says it has found its Moon lander, but it still cannot communicate with it >>
* Youtube Creators Are Turning The Site Into A Podcast Network >>

* 1-day shipping from Amazon could generate $24 billion in additional revenue, analyst says >>
* What If We Created a Second Artificial Moon? >>
* Let’s Stop Pretending That Good Plans Have Been Tried to Fix the Climate >>

* (1,018,147,922 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet >>
* China’s second-hand vehicles exported to Russia >>
* China-Arab States Expo helps promote cross-border high-tech exchange, cooperation >>

* iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods 3, New iPads & More Event Details! >>
* What Technology Trends Will Be Good Investments In The Long Run? >>
* YouTube Videos Are a Gold Mine for Health Researchers >>

* All cars to have tracker that wakes up drivers falling asleep at wheel >>
* Microsoft’s redesigned To Do app ties into more of its services >>
* Microsoft Vision AI Developer Kit Simplifies Building Vision-Based Deep Learning Projects >>

* Self-cleaning Travel T-shirts With Hercfibér >>
* Velocity Of Earth’s Rotation, Visualized In Comparison To Other Cosmic Velocities >>
* Android 10 review: Good today, better tomorrow >>

* A Hologram Shows How Space Could Pop Into Existence >>
* Running GitHub on Rails 6.0 >>
* Secure Android, Group Chats, Ethical Location Data, and Philosophy of Computer Science >>

* Nearly Every State Is Launching An Antitrust Investigation Of Google >>
* Artificial leaf produces first drugs using sunlight >>
* Artificial intelligence and big data improve delivery efficiency, reduces costs >>

* What Went Wrong at Uber >>
* Deploying a Machine Learning Model as a REST API >>
* How to Stop Overthinking >>

* People believe smart speakers are smart eavesdroppers >>
* Power consumption of China’s internet usage to grow two-thirds by 2023 >>
* The Fitbit Versa 2 Is a Solid Update That Just Makes Me Want So Much More >>

* The biggest problem in AI? Machines have no common sense. >>
* To Coach Junior Employees, Start with 4 Conversations >>
* Antibiotics Appear To Cut Flu Vaccine Effectiveness >>

* World’s first washing machine with a built-in microplastic filter, available next year >>
* Europeans have steadily accumulated mutations for thousands of years >>
* Israeli-made Innovative Cancer Treatment Gets Fda Stamp Of Approval >>

* Unlocked, the secret of 42 >>
* Quantum Theory Rebuilt From Simple Physical Principles >>
* Daimler and Geely back Volocopter to help launch its flying taxi service >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 September 2019

September 9, 2019 Leave a comment

* SpaceX Could Have First Starlink Service By February 2020 >>
* World’s fastest driverless car hits 175mph as AI breaks speed record >>
* Apple will live stream its iPhone 11 event on YouTube for the first time >>

* What to expect at Apple’s September 10 iPhone event >>
* Chinese firm creates first cloned kitten >>
* 5G driverless delivery car appears in Beijing >>

* The Challenges of AI Adoption >>
* COBOL Turns 60. Why It Will Outlive Us All >>
* 74-Year-Old Woman Has Given Birth to Twins. Here’s How That’s Possible >>
* First Long-Distance Heart Surgery Performed Via Robot >>

* a16z Podcast: How To Pay For Healthcare Based on Health >>
* Introducing ‘Hustlin’ Tech’ — Our Guides to Technology for Hustlers >>
* How China is Cashing in on Group Chats >>

* Leonardo DiCaprio face-swap star took ‘8 seconds’ to find fame with Chinese app Zao – but what about his privacy? >>
* Europe launches laser satellite to space >>
* China risks falling further behind the US in AI if it does not step up basic research, academic says >>

* Tesla Battery Researcher Unveils New Cell That Could Last 1 Million Miles >>
* 3 Characteristics Will Define The Grocery Store Of The Future >>
* Introduction to Deep Learning >>
* Automating Container Security with AWS and Lacework >>

* It’s Not You. Software Has Gotten Far More Expensive’ >>
* “The Future Is Here And Everything Needs To Be Destroyed.” >>
* Dial A for AI: Charter Boosts Customer Service with AI – Ep. 95 >>

* India Just Found Its Lost Vikram Lander on the Moon, Still No Signal >>
* India Looks Beyond the Moon to Mars, Venus and Astronaut Missions >>
* Here’s What India’s Prime Minister Modi Told Scientists After Moon Landing Went Awry >>

* ‘Fireworks Galaxy’ Is Exploding in X-Ray Light, and Scientists Are Confused >>
* Telecom operators: Surviving and thriving through the next downturn >>
* Japan’s singing, self-cleaning toilets are conquering the West >>

* America’s Biggest Markets for AI-Powered Security Cameras: Schools >>
* YouTube’s Fine Criticized As Proof US Government Is ‘Not Serious’ About Big Tech Crackdown >>
* National borders don’t stop in the physical world – they’re in cyberspace too >>

* Facebook, Twitter, and Google must remove disinformation, Beto O’Rourke demands >>
* How to Build Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust >>
* Ask Slashdot: How Will The Internet Affect The Next Generation? >>

* ISPs: Pirate Site Blocking Threatens Freedom of Expression >>
* South Africa, UK Acknowledge Mass Surveillance By Tapping Undersea Internet Cables >>
* Is “Neurolaw” Coming Soon to a Courtroom Near You? >>

* Women have a daily hormone cycle as well as a monthly one >>
* AI learns the language of chemistry to predict how to make medicines >>
* AI identifies drug candidate in weeks >>

* Artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of war >>
* Apple’s tracking tags will reportedly use ultra-wideband for precision >>

* Global refining: Profiting in a downstream downturn >>
* Securing software as a service >>
* 2020 Breakthrough Prizes: Who won this year’s ‘Oscars of science’? >>

* A Second Person Has Died from a Vaping-Related Illness >>
* A decade of renewable energy investment, led by solar, tops US $2.5 trillion >>
* AI Safety “Success Stories” >>

* Kafka Streams, the Clojure way >>
* Robots threaten more than 120 million jobs globally, survey finds >>
* Rising on the top: elevator industry leader KONE uses IBM Cloud platform to build IoT-based connected maintenance services >>

* At Last, It Seems The Gig Economy Is About To Be Brought Within The Law >>
* Ten Thousand Years Of History Show That Expecting Big Tech To Self-Regulate Is A Fantasy >>
* Top VCs say the landscape for enterprise startups is changing >>

* VR MMO Zenith Surpassese $200K In Kickstarter Funding, Over 800% Of Target Amount >>
* 5G gets much-needed jolt at IFA 2019: Cheaper devices and more chips >>
* Take a ride through Tokyo’s past at the Railway Museum >>

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