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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 September 2019

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* EcoFlow’s giant Delta battery is powerful enough to charge a Tesla >>
* A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test >>
* A bug in SpaceX’s communication system kept the company in the dark about potential satellite collision >>

* Internet-from-space provider OneWeb says it will provide coverage to the Arctic by 2020 >>
* AWS Power outage knackered instances, volumes, and customer data >>
* Amazon may launch a hand recognition payment system for Whole Foods >>

* Deepfake Imagines Will Smith As Neo In ‘The Matrix,’ Instead Of Keanu Reeves >>
* A ‘deep fake’ app will make us film stars – but will we regret our narcissism? >>
* The DeepFaceLab >>

* Construction Robots Learn to Excavate by Mimicking Humans >>
* Trump says China will suffer as data shows trade war hurting US >>
* You Probably Have Four to Ten Listening Devices in Your Home >>

* A new study shows it’s never too late to begin strength building >>
* Hackers peeved about public transport reverse engineered ticket app for free rides >>
* Bugatti Chiron Clocks 305 mphs, thanks to Top-Notch Tires >>

* Samsung’s new Exynos 980 processor has a 5G modem built in >>
* Android 10 Review: Works Nice, If You Can Get It >>
* Asus debuts 300Hz displays for gaming laptops >>

* Misty starts shipping its programmable robot to backers >>
* The surprising future of driving: cars that spy on your every move >>
* Cows go wireless: Fitness tracking and 5G collars enhance this farm’s efficiency >>

* 540-million-year-old worm was first segmented animal that could move >>
* Scientists watch atoms fall to see earths changing structure >>
* Don’t Believe Everything You Hear about Stem Cells >>

* Hurricane Dorian may have made a species of bird go extinct >>
* World’s hungriest caterpillar is wreaking destruction around the world >>

* Global shipping needs to clean up its act now – here’s how to do it >>

* Safe, Factory Mass Producible Truck Sized Nuclear Reactors >>
* NASA ramps up its efforts to understand space weather >>

* How China’s hi-tech AI food-delivery apps are no match for Chongqing’s ‘graceful disorder’ >>
* US using trade war to stop China overtaking it: ex-Singapore diplomat Kishore Mahbubani >>
* Robot manufacturers focus on middle and high-end market >>

* IoT security essentials: Physical, network, software >>
* The Rise of the Smart Home, Apartment or Condominium >>
* Western Digital’s 18TB and 20TB microwave disk >>

* Parrot Adds Folding VR Goggles to Anafi Drone Kit >>
* It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Responsibly Fly a Drone >>

* iOS Security, IoT Wi-Fi Attacks, Interactive SSH Programs, and Replacing Faces in Video >>
* How new tools in data and AI are being used in health care and medicine >>
* New live online training courses; hands-on in machine learning, TensorFlow, blockchain, Python, cybersecurity >>

* The Single Most Important Thing in Agile >>
* Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Human Beings >>
* Programming With Shell for Automation >>
* The Challenges of AI Adoption >>

* You shared Ring footage with police. They may share it, too >>
* Rust in Large Organizations >>
* Mental-health information ‘sold to advertisers’ >>

* Human perception of colors does not rely entirely on language, a case study >>
* MIT scientists say new skin patch to deliver cancer medication in 60 seconds shows promise in mice >>
* Singularity Hub’s Daily Podcast >>

* Continuous Compliance >>
* Israeli deep-tech startups find themselves ‘hot’ in India >>
* Hurricane Dorian: Scale of Bahamas devastation emerges >>

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