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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 September 2019

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* This beer was made from Berlin’s recycled wastewater >>
* RoomMe sensors know who’s in a room to adjust it automatically >>
* Smart cushion helps first-aiders save lives by warning them if they’re not doing chest compressions correctly >>

* Experts Want to Give Control of America’s Nuclear Missiles to AI >>
* Study identifies protein sensing “winter is coming” >>
* XKCD forum breach exposes details from over 560,000 user accounts >>

* World Record: UAV drone 175 mins flight time and 100 KM range >>
* Watch Bugatti Chiron smash through the mythical 300 mph barrier >>
* Apple could add sleep tracking to the next Apple Watch >>

* Android 10 goes live for Google’s Pixel phones today >>
* Hints in iOS suggest Apple may debut its AR headset within MONTHS >>
* Nissan’s Autonomous Self-driving Golf-ball Will Give You A Hole-in-one Everytime! >>

* Near miss between science craft and Starlink satellite shows need to improve orbital coordination >>
* A European Satellite Had to Fire Thrusters to Avoid Colliding With a SpaceX Satellite >>
* SpaceX wouldn’t move its satellite despite collision warning, ESA claims (updated) >>
* SpaceX is playing a game of chicken with its Starlink satellites >>

* Inverted Yield Curve Has Predicted Every Recession Over The Past 50 Years — What Is It And Why Are Financial Experts Worried? >>
* LG’s mammoth 88-inch 8K OLED TV goes on sale >>
* Google Ad Manager’s API delivers control, connectivity and customization >>

* Arctic and Amazon climate tipping points put our future in doubt >>
* Bananas have benefited from climate change – but they won’t in future >>

* Dorian batters Bahamas with strong hurricane winds for record time >>

* Cowboy’s first e-bike solves the removable battery problem >>
* E-bikes are now allowed in US national parks, for better or worse >>
* It’s Time for a C-Level Role Dedicated to Reskilling Workers >>

* REST Without JSON: The Future of IoT Protocols >>
* Planned Eric Schmidt Ai Speech Draws Protest >>
* Mozilla flips the default switch on Firefox tracker cookie blocking >>

* Using AI to Detect Depression in Our Voice >>
* What Developers Should Know from Gamescom 2019 >>
* China needs ‘five to 10 years’ to catch up in semiconductors, Peking University professor Zhou Zhiping says >>

* Repository demonstrates 3 Wi-Fi attacks against popular ESP32/8266 IoT devices >>
* Surveillance at the Heart of Smart Cities >>
* Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill >>

* Creating a Reverse Dictionary >>
* What Do Sex and AI Have in Common? >>
* Meatspace Augmented Reality: From Chester to Nagoya >>

* The Scourge of Worker Wellness Programs >>
* Astronauts in Space ‘Feel the Power’ of Hurricane Dorian as NASA’s Florida Spaceport Braces for the Storm >>
* 13 ways to screw over your internet provider >>

* Did Reality TV Help Build the Surveillance State? >>
* Is Virtual Reality the Future of Democracy? >>
* Why the current AI gold rush must not fail >>

* Crummy Translations, Synthetic Data Sets, Building Communities, and Deleting Accounts >>
* IoT and Personalization: A Marriage Made in Heaven >>
* Pirate Bay Registrations Remain Closed After Three Months >>

* Starship Technologies CEO Lex Bayer on focus and opportunity in autonomous delivery >>
* Radiologists aim to be AI leaders >>
* Why is Apple developing code for AR glasses? >>

* YouTube claims it removed 5x more hateful content in Q2, including 100K+ videos, 17K+ channels >>
* FaceApp, Aging and Loneliness >>
* Facebook banning likes? Social media giant confirms it will test feature that hides others’ likes to protect mental health >>

* Advances in technology risk turning society into a ‘ghastly Orwellian police state’, Met Commissioner warns >>
* Scientists can predict risk of heart attack with 90 per cent accuracy >>
* Automating Scientific Discovery in Physics using Hybrid AI Models >>

* How to write good AI forecasting questions + Question Database (Forecasting infrastructure, part 3) >>
* Android 10 transforms hearing aids into Bluetooth headsets >>
* The World’s First Ambassador to the Tech Industry >>

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