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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 September 2019

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* Bosch’s electric stroller tech helps carry your baby uphill >>
* Inventor flies across the Solent to hand-deliver a letter using his 1,000 horsepower ‘Iron Man’ suit >>
* Bots Are Here—and They’re Protecting Our Crops >>

* Microsoft says its AI mahjong bot has surpassed top human players >>
* A Bugatti went 305 miles per hour. That’s a record >>
* A Molecule Designed By AI Exhibits ‘Druglike’ Qualities >>

* Facebook is considering hiding ‘Like’ counts as part of new test >>
* US Spy Satellites at Diffraction Limit for Resolution Since 1971 >>
* Another US visa holder was denied entry over someone else’s messages >>

* Another convincing deepfake app goes viral prompting immediate privacy backlash >>
* a16z Podcast: Making Culture, Making Influence >>
* “The Wall of Wind” How can we prevent hurricanes causing such devastation? >>

* Parrot’s latest drone includes an immersive cockpit headset >>
* Why are Hong Kong protesters targeting lamp posts? >>

* 5G, laptops, streaming news and more at IFA 2019, Europe’s biggest tech show >>
* IFA 2019: the top announcements to expect from Europe’s biggest tech show >>
* Shanghai seizes chance to showcase future mobility with robo-taxi trials >>

* “Particle” Robots Work Together to Perform Tasks >>
* Kubernetes-native Quarkus Java ready for testing >>
* Current Betting Market Predictions for 2020 US Democratic Race >>

* 2019 ICRA Notable Failures with Ryan Gariepy >>
* How to Migrate Intelligence From the Cloud to Embedded Devices at the Edge >>
* Enigma Simulator, Robot Startups, Code as Type, and Conversational Modeling >>

* 3D printers on the final frontier: Made In Space is building satellites that build themselves >>
* New Romantic Relationships May End Up Following The Same Patterns As Previous Ones >>
* Earth’s largest uninhabited island is a training ground for Mars >>

* Your boss is going to start using AI to monitor you—and labor laws aren’t ready >>
* Brain-reading tech is coming. The law is not ready to protect us. >>
* How can we prevent hurricanes causing such devastation? >>

* Emulator uses AI to offer the translations your games never had >>
* Researchers helped French police dismantle a crypto-mining botnet >>
* Neural Nets to Simulate Molecular Motion >>

* The ISS’ spherical robot helper has returned to Earth >>
* Uber And Lyft Face An Existential Threat In California — And They’re Losing >>
* Far: Lone Sails is a meditative journey through the end of the world >>

* You can once again pre-register to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold >>
* Amazon found selling unlicensed cell signal boosters >>
* The Rock That Vibrates in Time With Earth, Wind, and Waves >>

* For a lower climate footprint, vegetarian diet beats local >>
* TechTalks With Tom Smith: Kubernetes’ Additional Considerations >>
* Kubernetes Use Cases >>

* Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro has a 64-megapixel camera, and it starts at under $200 >>
* Hong Kong protests: defiant university students, school pupils and residents go on strike, piling pressure on government to meet demands >>
* ‘Unprecedented’ devastation as storm Dorian claims first life in Bahamas, US evacuates coast >>

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