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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 September 2019

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* Paris is testing ‘noise radar’ that will automatically ticket loud cars >>
* can use your phone’s camera for a digital urine test >>
* Police hijack a botnet and remotely kill 850,000 malware infections >>

* Windows 10 will let you reinstall the OS from the cloud >>
* Volocopter’s air taxi performs a test flight at Helsinki Airport >>
* China’s Didi Chuxing launches robot taxi experiment in Shanghai >>

* Bell’s New, Self-Flying Cargo Drone Hauls a Heavy Load >>
* New trailers: Joker, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Terminator: Dark Fate, and more >>
* Iran unveils jet-powered precision drone >>

* Fatter Starship 2.0 Will Go Anywhere on Earth With More Safety >>
* An Alternative for ‘Less Relevant’ Agile: the Studio Model >>
* 2019 DevOps Experience Virtual Summit >>

* Amazon Is Telling Police Departments What To Say About Its Ring Surveillance Cameras >>
* How to See if Police Are Using Ring Doorbells to Monitor Your Neighborhood >>

* The Best Yoga Mats >>
* Is Virtual Reality the Future of Democracy? >>
* Here’s What Would Happen If You Tried to Storm Area 51 >>

* Hitting the Books: Robots came for our jobs, then they came for our coffee >>
* TED: psychological impacts of living in a warming world >>
* How I’m using AI to write my next novel >>

* Self-driving carmakers urge regulators to whiff the steering wheel out the window >>
* Border agents are checking entrants’ Facebook and Twitter profiles >>
* Netflix Documentary ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’ Unpacks Who Bill Gates Really Is >>

* Humans and Neanderthals Kept Breeding—and Breeding—for Ages >>
* Brain-reading tech is coming. The law is not ready to protect us. >>
* Elon Musk: Humanity Is a Kind of ‘Biological Boot Loader’ for AI >>

* Most Valuable Chatbot Framework – Hacker Noon Noonies Awards 2019 >>
* Three Takeaways From the Hack of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account >>
* a16z Podcast: From the Internet’s Past to the Future of Crypto >>

* Smart Glass and the Future of Artificial Vision >>
* The Projected Future of Dev Analytics >>
* Alan Turing to be the face of new £50 note >>
* TechTalks With Tom Smith: Kubernetes’ Additional Considerations >>

* How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes >>
* Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas slammed by category five storm >>
* A mystery in the world’s oldest desert >>

* AI And Societal Impact – Addressing Large, Complex Unresolved Problems With AI >>
* Researchers develop process flow for high-res 3D printing of mini soft robotic actuators >>
* NASA And ESA Considering Sample Return Missions To Dwarf Planet Ceres >>

* Existing processors could get a boost from swapping silicon for carbon nanotubes >>
* Candidate sites for SpaceX Starship Mars landings revealed >>
* A Brief Tour Through the Wild West of Neural Interfaces >>

* As Grass-Roots Labor Activism Rises, Will Unions Take Advantage? >>
* At the Moon, India’s Chandrayaan-2 Spacecraft Poised to Release Lunar Lander >>
* Quantum X-ray machine takes razor sharp pictures with less radiation >>

* Giant virus has evolved its own kind of CRISPR to destroy invaders >>
* CRISPR could lead to gene-editing fix for a form of male infertility >>
* Should We Be Allowed To Kick Robots? >>

* ‘Astroneer’ brings planetary exploration to PS4 on November 15th >>
* Hopeless Inequality is the Real Issue in Hong Kong and the World >>

* Is Silicon Valley Building a Chinese-Style Social Credit System? >>
* Here’s Everything New on Netflix in September 2019 (and What’s Leaving) >>
* Here’s Everything New on Amazon Prime Video in September 2019 >>

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