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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 August 2019

* The first crime in space? Nasa investigates an unprecedented divorce case >>
* Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave China >>
* Will China Overtake the U.S. in Artificial Intelligence Research? >>

* Researchers advance organ-on-chip technology to advance drug development >>
* *The Economist’s Hour: False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society* >>

* How SpaceX plans to move Starship from Cocoa site to Kennedy Space Center >>
* The next trick for CRISPR is gene-editing pain away >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through August 24) >>

* Homomorphic encryption; ‘Holy Grail’ of Encryption Could Be a Game-Changer for AI >>
* How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 1) >>
* The Next Generation of Cloud Security Startups >>

* Uber tries to reassure customers that it takes safety seriously, following NYTimes book exerpt >>
* The Morning After: Hands on with Disney+ 4K and HDR streaming >>
* Dark Energy Experiment in a London Basement Shows No Traces of Mysterious ‘Fifth Force’ >>

* Astrobotic is Going to Use a Vulcan Rocket For its Lunar Lander in 2021 >>
* Should You Buy the Galaxy Note 10+? >>
* Get the world’s smallest Linux computer for under $50 >>

* The Neural Networks in Borderline Personality Disorder >>
* Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Carrying Humanoid Robot Aborts Docking at Space Station >>
* Why F45 is the fastest-growing fitness franchise—and workout craze >>

* American ISPs fined $75,000 for fuzzing airport’s weather radar by stealing spectrum >>
* This 3 In 1 Smartphone Case Protects Your Privacy While Protecting Your Screen >>
* Ask Engadget: What are the best outdoor navigation apps? >>

* Open Source Economics, Program Synthesis, YouTube Influence, and ChatBot Papers >>
* State-of-the-art In Program Synthesis >>
* Chatbot and Related Research Paper Notes with Images >>

* The Complete Guide to Emotional Intelligence >>
* A.I. Is the Cause Of — And Solution To — the End of the World >>
* Data Scientists, The 5 Graph Algorithms that you should know >>

* Does the amazon provide 20% of our oxygen? >>
* Software Architecture Guide >>
* Reliable after 50 years: The Apollo Guidance Computer’s switching power supplies >>

* Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12 >>
* Disney Plus will give you 4 simultaneous streams, 4K and HDR for no extra cost >>
* Black Widow trailer debuts for Disney D23 Expo crowd >>
* The Mandalorian | Official Trailer >>
* The new Disney+ streaming service is oriented around fans and families >>

* Graphcore founder Nigel Toon to talk about AI chips at Disrupt Berlin >>
* Sudo Prank [Comic] >>
* What Is an API Platform? >>

* The evolution of the Onewheel >>
* Beginners Guide – Building an Online Retail Web Shop Workshop (Technical Rules) >>
* Machine Learning on AWS >>

* Highlights of 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo >>
* US book publishers sue Audible over AI-powered transcription (updated) >>
* Lamborghini teaser hints at a hybrid ‘hypercar’ >>

* Toyota going all-out with electric vehicles for the 2020 Olympics >>

* Trump Ordered U.S. Companies to Leave China. Is That Possible? >>
* One Crazy Day Showed How Political Chaos Threatens the World Economy >>
* What Happens When You Build a Global Economy For the Benefit of the Richest (Hint: It Collapses) >>
* How Trump’s Rhetoric Exposed America’s Moral Hypocrisy >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 August 2019

* Using CRISPR to program gels with new functions >>
* VR arcades, Spaceport America and more >>
* World’s First Quantum Computing Safe Tape Drive >>

* Virgin Galactic’s Next Space Plane Should Begin Test Flights in 2020 >>
* SpaceX Starhopper 200 Meter Flight Monday >>
* CEOs Say Their Aim Is Inclusive Prosperity. Do They Mean It? >>

* If you attack a robot, it might photograph you in the act >>
* Major book publishers sue Amazon’s Audible over new speech-to-text feature >>
* Ready for a 19-Hour Flight? Tests to Start on New York-to-Sydney Route >>

* Artificial Color-Changing ‘Chameleon Skin’ Reacts to Heat, Light >>
* A more intelligent system for the scooter wars >>
* Zap! Scientists Fire Laser for NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover for 1st Time >>

* Spacewalking Astronauts Install Parking Spot for Private Spaceships at Space Station >>
* The United Launch Alliance has successfully launched the last Delta IV Medium rocket >>
* To Stop Transformers From Exploding, Make Their Tanks Flexible >>

* Software Engineering Grads Lack the Skills Startups Need >>
* The World’s First MRI of a SINGLE Atom Is Here, and It Could Revolutionize Imaging >>
* Sea Machines Robotics to demonstrate autonomous spill response >>

* China Has Unveiled an AI Judge that Will ‘Help’ With Court Proceedings >>
* Chinese firm showcases biomorphic robot bird >>
* New Research Could Lead to Smart Devices with Holographic Displays >>

* New Titanic images show the wreck’s ‘shocking’ deterioration >>
* Andrew Yang: Give truckers severance packages when driverless vehicles take over >>
* GitHub upgrades two-factor authentication with WebAuthn support >>

* How to build a company culture that goes beyond free lunch and casual Fridays >>
* The United Launch Alliance has successfully launched the last Delta IV Medium rocket >>
* Disney+ docu-series will focus on the people behind its movies and parks >>

* DoorDash reveals details of its new tipping model >>
* Hulu and Amazon Prime Video chip away at Netflix’s dominance >>
* Asteroid Ryugu May Be Rubble of Two Space Rocks Smashed Together >>
* Maintaining the integrity of our platforms >>

* Managing Older Workers >>
* Phone companies and state attorneys general join forces to fight robocalls >>
* Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: Weird, but in a good way >>

* Self-folding ‘Rollbot’ changes its shape in response to heat >>
* Streaming Video Will Soon Look Like the Bad Old Days of TV >>
* Target’s same-day pickup and delivery services growing at double the rate of 2018 >>

* The Ethics of Hiding Your Data From the Machines >>
* Asteroid That’s Nearly the Height of the World’s Tallest Building Is Flying by Earth Soon >>
* Technically Feasible Huge Next Generation Space Station >>

* Japanese Company ispace Now Targeting 2021 Moon Landing for 1st Mission >>
* How to Program Electronic Music That Plays as You Code It >>
* AI at work: Machines are training human workers to be more compassionate >>
* Asteroid Ryugu has no dust on it and we don’t know why >>

* Startup Bounce Wants to Support a Future Without Car Ownership >>
* Algorithm Would Warn Warehouse Workers About Risky Motions >>
* World’s Largest All-Electric Ferry Launches in Denmark >>

* LG’s smart home app adds voice control through Google Assistant >>
* Here’s Everything Coming to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019 >>
* A much less invasive way to monitor pressure in the brain >>

* A first look at Disney+ >>
* Hacking the Human Is the Next Cyber Threat >>
* Invisible hand: On the path to autonomous planning in food retail >>

* Zero-power Radiative Cooling System Sends Heat Into Space >>
* World’s first solar-powered train line is turned on in Hampshire >>
* Algorithm Would Warn Warehouse Workers About Risky Motions >>

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