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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 August 2019

* Segway-Ninebot introduces an e-scooter that can drive itself to a charging station >>
* Lumineye helps first responders identify people through walls >>
* Next-generation supply chain—transforming your supply chain operating model for a digital world >>

* a16z Podcast: Software has Eaten the World…and Healthcare is Next >>
* Implanting AI chips in your mind could cause you to lose yourself, says scientist >>
* Big Leap by SpaceX’s Starship Prototype Pushed to Next Week >>

* Bonkers Tech That Detects Lightning 6,000 Miles Away >>
* SpaceX practice Crew Dragon evacuation procedure with astronaut recovery vessel >>

* Flexible stick-on sensors could wirelessly monitor your sweat and pulse >>
* Researchers Build a Heat Shield Just 10 Atoms Thick To Protect Electronic Devices >>
* Smart Prison Initiative Pairing Inmates With Rescue Dogs >>

* How teachers combat high-tech cheating >>
* The public sector gets serious about customer experience >>

* AI Is in Danger of Becoming Too Male—New Research >>
* AI Startup Boom Raises Questions of Exaggerated Tech Savvy >>
* Physicists Entangled Photons in the Lab With Photons From the Sun >>

* The dawn of self consciousness >>
* Genetic studies suggest alcohol isn’t linked to breast cancer afterall >>
* Billion-dollar race to become China’s Amazon Twitch >>

* Older People Need Rides. Why Aren’t They Using Uber and Lyft? >>
* Huge Survey of Firmware Finds No Security Gains In 15 Years >>
* Anxiously Seeking the Perfect Anti-Anxiety App >>

* 24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ >>
* Can JPEG XL Become the Next Free and Open Image Format? >>
* The Morning After: The struggles of Formula 1’s underdogs >>

* Problems in AI Alignment that philosophers could potentially contribute to >>
* Future Bioweapons Could Kill People With Specific Dna >>
* Will we ever control the world with our minds >>

* A Recession Would Make It Harder for Trump to Get Reelected >>
* Cloudflare is going public >>
* Drako’s GTE electric supercar will be a four-motor, 1,200HP monster >>

* U.S. Navy Wants To Build the World’s Largest Robot Warship >>
* Reality TV Meets Crowdsourced Medicine in Netflix’s Diagnosis >>
* A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans. >>

* Domino’s and the Web are Failing the Disabled >>
* Flaw let hackers spy on—and even alter—data sent via Bluetooth >>
* Hitting the Books: How big tech might monopolize AI >>

* Musk Promotes Nuke Mars T-Shirts >>
* SpaceX is Building Ring Segments of the Super Heavy Booster >>
* How to watch CNN’s special ‘The Age of Amazon’ online without cable >>

* YouTube To Allow Everyone To Watch YouTube Originals For Free >>
* Why Software Architects Must Be Involved in the Earliest Systems Engineering Activities >>
* Python vs Rust for Neural Networks

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