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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 August 2019

* Google Assistant now lets you annoy your family members with assignable reminders >>
* Virgin Galactic shows off the world’s first space tourist lounge >>
* Scientists reverse aging process in rat brain stem cells >>

* June Oven competitors want you to know their smart ovens can’t remotely turn on in the night >>
* June promises to fix smart ovens that are preheating accidentally >>
* Nest users are mad about Google’s new privacy policy regarding camera status lights >>

* Norway’s first battery-powered plane crashed into a lake >>
* China’s fighter drones possible with AI use: experts >>
* This Hydrogen-Powered Plane Can Fly 20 Passengers Up to 500 Miles >>

* Next time you go through a red light in China its growing facial recognition network may catch you out >>
* Practicing Agile Accessibility in Large Organizations >>
* Langogo is an AI-powered, pocket-size translator that travels with you >>

* New wave retail theatre >>
* Amazon to Donate Unsold Products Instead of Trashing Them >>
* Amazon Music Unlimited isn’t actually growing faster than Spotify >>

* New int’l land-sea trade corridor drives development of western China >>
* Amazon’s controversial facial recognition software ‘Rekognition’ can now read FEAR >>
* A Strange Radioactive Cloud Likely Came From Russia >>

* long Now Podcast; >>
* Data Businesses, Data Science Class, Tiny Mouse, and Training Bias >>
* Five ways to make your app video-ad friendly >>

* Cloudflare files for initial public offering >>
* Scientists find powerful potential weapon to overcome antibiotic resistance >>
* Elon Musk: Spotify is ‘coming’ to Tesla vehicles >>

* Extreme Programming in Agile – A Practical Guide for Project Managers >>
* Are We Making AI Inefficient by Molding It to Human Thinking? >>
* AI Algorithms Need FDA-Style Drug Trials >>

* Hiring is Broken: What Do Developers SayAbout Technical Interviews? >>
* Facebook voice-to-text Messenger users got no warning of human transcribers >>
* The Magic of Small User Stories >>

* Fears of a world banana shortage grow as Colombia declares national emergency >>
* Labeling, Transforming, and Structuring Training Data Sets for Machine Learning >>

* Monkey malaria breakthrough offers cure for relapsing malaria >>
* Virtual reality experiences may help treat severe pain >>

* Researchers building glove to treat symptoms of stroke >>
* Satellite photos show more than 100 Chinese military vehicles massed at a soccer stadium near the Hong Kong border >>
* AT&T and T-Mobile team up in a first step toward identifying robocalls across networks >>

* Serverless Fraud Detection Using Amazon Lambda, Node.js, and Hazelcast Cloud >>
* Calling Lambda Functions Through AWS API Gateway >>

* Episode 931: The IT Guy Vs. The Con Artist >>
* New – Trigger a Kernel Panic to Diagnose Unresponsive EC2 Instances >>
* Russia bird strike: Plane crash-lands after hitting gulls >>

* NOW LIVE: No Man’s Sky VR Multiplayer Livestream >>
* Splunk Alternatives? >>
* Star Trek: Picard Everything We Know So Far >>

* Ebola Vaccine and New Ebola Drugs are Effective >>
* The Aging Spacecraft of Deep Space >>
* Mind-reading technology is closer than you think >>

* Video: First look inside Virgin Galactic’s space passenger terminal >>
* Stay organized Sand productive with new Assignable reminders >>

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