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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 August 2019

* Samsung’s 108-megapixel mobile sensor closes in on mirrorless cameras, coming to smartphones soon >>
* A robot dispatcher and a self-driving truck just sent a load ‘without any human involvement’ >>
* Creating electricity from a bog in a bomb crater >>

* From policing to picking clothes, experts say artificial intelligence still has much work to do before it can replace the human touch >>
* China-made solar-powered unmanned aircraft completes maiden flight >>
* Europe and Russia’s mission to Mars runs into a speed bump after two failed parachute tests >>

* Scientists create gut gel ‘band-aid’ made from the body’s own bacteria >>
* “Wearable air-conditioner” in Japan lights up Chinese social media >>
* A New Clue to How Life Originated >>

* Researchers Find More Than 40 Vulnerable Windows Device Drivers >>
* Hackers Can Turn Everyday Speakers Into Acoustic Cyberweapons >>
* Google Hackers Found 10 Ways to Hack an iPhone Without Touching It >>
* Hackers could use Wi-Fi to install ransomware on DSLR cameras >>

* Does having a smart-home make your house harder to sell? >>
* See NASA astronauts test out SpaceX’s sleek new spacesuits >>
* Artificial intelligence sniffs out unsafe foods >>

* Ebola Is Now Curable. Here’s How the New Treatments Work >>
* A Newfound Neuron Might Help Keep the Brain’s Cells in Sync >>
* Kubernetes Cluster Setup With Jelastic >>

* Supercomputer creates millions of virtual universes >>
* Lucidworks raises $100M to expand in AI-powered search-as-a-service for organizations >>
* DoorDash + Caviar Quick Take + SXSW live show voting! >>

* Polarity raises $8.1M for its AI software that constantly analyzes employee screens and highlights key info >>
* How to Respond to “So, Tell Me About Yourself” in a Job Interview >>
* FBL8: Donald Hoffman – Why Reality Is a Lie, Online >>

* iPad may be the first of Apple’s devices to bend >>
* Where will ‘garage orphans’ charge electric cars if they have to park on the street? >>
* GM, Volkswagen Say Goodbye to Hybrid Vehicles >>

* ‘The Lion King’ is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time >>
* Porn Sites Try a New Service for Users: Therapy >>
* Israel eyes next-gen satellite launch to scrutinize universe under new light >>

* Netflix needs to grow, but it’s sacrificing great original series to do so >>
* Teaser Trailer Of Apple TV’s Star-Studded ‘The Morning Show’ Has Finally Dropped >>
* How a Google Street View image of your house predicts your risk of a car accident >>

* Milky Way’s black hole has got 75 times brighter and we don’t know why >>
* The US Navy will replace its touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers >>
* 6 Data Loss Prevention Methods for Cloud Apps >>

* Google’s hate speech-detecting AI appears to be racially biased >>

* Device That Automates Manual Breathing Bags Could Save Lives >>
* A company has used trees to find gold deep underground in Australia >>

* Retro Hacking, Explaining AI, Teacher Ratings, and Algorithmic Bias >>
* New Zealand gun buyback: 10,000 firearms returned after Christchurch attack >>

* Bosch is working on glasses-free 3D displays for in-car use >>
* Blockchain solutions in enterprise >>
* 3D-printing organs moves a few more steps closer to commercialization >>

* 3 Ways to Build a Culture of Collaborative Innovation >>
* SpaceX Starship Could Make First Sub-orbital Flight in September >>
* Perseid Meteors over Slovakia >>

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