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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 August 2019

* China’s official digital currency is nearly ready >>
* Watch a Drone Take Over a Nearby Smart TV >>
* Mod turns your Tesla into a rolling surveillance system >>

* This tiny ‘cockroach robot’ could be the future of search and rescue when disasters strike >>
* 5G cloud gaming was hot topic at ChinaJoy 2019. hype, or a real game changer? >>
* Microsoft introduces security lab to test vulnerabilities, attacks >>

* Facial Recognition Deployed on Children at Hundreds of US Summer Camps >>
* Hackers could use Wi-Fi to install ranomware on DSLR cameras >>
* A protein in your brain behaves like a virus, infecting your cells with memoriea >>

* How tech is transforming the intelligence industry >>
* Telegram introduces a feature to prevent users from texting too often in a group >>
* Tesla Model 3 owner implants RFID chip to turn her arm into a key >>

* Adobe’s next big bets are on AR and mixed reality software >>
* US Navy will replace touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on >>
* Economics of bubbles >>

* Video: Growth, Sales, and a New Era of B2B >>
* Apple’s foldable iPhone could be further out than we thought >>
* Why speaking to yourself in the third person makes you wiser >>

* Insect ‘apocalypse’ in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides >>
* When to Shut Down a Startup >>
* Open Startups List >>

* AI-Based Photo Restoration >>
* Digital cameras vulnerable to ransomware, Check Point researchers find >>
* VSHAPER 3D Printer Used in Fabrication of Underwater Scooter Prototype >>

* Watch the Gantry Europe’s New Ariane 6 Rocket Take Its 1st Test Drive >>
* The Rocket Engine for NASA’s New Orion Spacecraft Just Aced a Critical Test (Video) >>
* NASA’s Next Big Space Telescope Aces Key Mirror Test (Video) >>

* Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>
* Scientists Successfully Turn Breast Cancer Cells Into Fat to Stop Them From Spreading >>
* What is regenerative capacity of humans? >>

* Moral Case for Lightning: A Global Private Payment Network >>
* More from Less >>
* Inside lab where Bill Gates’ TerraPower is inventing future of nuclear energy >>

* Retail ghost town >>
* Three long-term trends changing business in China >>
* Ready to ‘where’: Getting sharp on apparel omnichannel excellence >>

* The Coming Evolution Of Field Operations >>
* ‘First’ Porsche Heads to Auction >>
* Tardigrades Were Already On The Moon >>

* Ibuprofen and other common drugs may help antibiotic resistance spread >>
* Netflix’s big problem and Apple’s thinnest product yet >>
* Uber’s Big Loss, Boeing’s 787 Trouble, and More Car News This Week >>

* Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway >>
* Russian rocket test explosion leads to radiation leak >>
* How to utilize Agile to create frictionless IT! >>

* Another Google Service Closes: Texts with Voicemail Transcripts >>
* New Ultrafast Artificial Intelligence Mimicking Brain Dynamics >>
* Making Mars Habitable For Plants Could Be Surprisingly Easy for Partial Terraforming >>

* DARPA Hopes To Develop an AI Tool That Can Detect Deepfakes >>
* A Monster Black Hole has been Found with 40 Billion Times the Mass of the Sun >>
* Architecting a Modern Digital Platform With Open-Source Software >>

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