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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 09 August 2019

* A Wearable Robotic Tail Turns Anyone Into A Furry With Improved Balance >>
* Guided by AI, robotic platform automates molecule manufacture >>
* DeepMind losses mount as Google spends heavily to win AI arms race >>

* “Robot traffic police” put on duty in north China >>
* A New App Allows Readers In China To Bypass Censorship Of The Intercept >>
* Architecting a Modern Digital Platform With Open-Source Software >>

* Google adds playable podcast episodes to search results >>
* Facial recognition will catch sleepy taxi drivers in Russia >>
* DeepMind uses AI to track Serengeti wildlife with photos >>

* Gary Gruver Building Quality into the Software Development Process >>
* Jenkins X: The Future is Now >>
* Deploying Applications to IBM Cloud Kubernetes via Tekton >>

* GitHub gets a CI/CD service >>
* GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories >>
* GitLab’s secret; weve decided to combine version control with CI, and the rise of the single application >>
* Automating your workflow with GitHub Actions >>

* The Surprisingly Cozy Truths of Sleeping in Space >>
* Hidden Algorithm Flaws Expose Websites to DoS Attacks >>
* How AI Is Impacting Industries Worldwide? >>

* Forget Storming Area 51, AI’s Helping Astronomers Scour the Skies for Habitable Planets – Ep. 94 >>
* Apple is under formal antitrust probe in Russia >>
* Opsani helps optimize cloud applications with AI >>

* SIGGRAPH 2019: Foveated AR With Prescriptions And A Physical Tail >>
* Dirt Rally 2.0 VR Surprise Launches On Rift, Index And Vive >>
* Government officials blocked his website, so he went over their heads >>

* The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News >>
* AMD lands Google, Twitter as customers with newest server chip >>
* DeepMind’s Latest A.I. Health Breakthrough Has Some Problems >>

* China’s urban rail transit lines to cover 6,800 km by end of 2019 >>
* Hong Kong’s most urgent task is to stop violence, end chaos, restore order >>
* Huawei offers top talent at least five times what their peers are making to join Chinese giant >>

* DARPA Is Taking On the Deepfake Problem >>
* 10 differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence >>
* Watch SpaceX’s boat catch a falling rocket nose in its giant net >>

* UN warns most plans for limiting climate change would wreck the planet >>
* The NHS is setting up a lab for medical artificial intelligence >>
* Personalised breast cancer test could tell when to stop treatment >>

* AI learns to predict the outcomes of human rights court cases >>

* We’re Eating This Planet to Death >>
* This is the first 100% solar-powered airport in the U.S. >>

* Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and 10+, price $950+ >>
* Study furthers radically new view of gene control >>
* Postmates expects to land first-ever permit to test sidewalk delivery robots in San Francisco >>

* Let’s not confuse entanglement with teleportation >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Hype Keeps Us Stuck in “The Good Old Days” >>

* Building AI Products with Big Data >>
* How are AI and ML incorporating in Mobile App Development? >>
* How I’m Writing Node.js Serverless Services These Days >>

* A Framework for Moderation >>
* An environmental nonprofit takes on AI “sprint week” >>
* A Boeing Code Leak Exposes Security Flaws Deep In a 787’s Guts >>

* 6 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Moon Shot Project >>
* The life of a white-hat hacker >>

* The World’s Military Spending, Visualized >>
* US Navy and Missile Defense Agency Megawatt Lasers by 2023-2024 >>
* X-37B Military Space Plane’s Latest Mystery Mission Hits 700 Days >>

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