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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 07 August 2019

* Apple Card begins its rollout: here’s how it works >>
* Selfies Might Someday Track Your Blood Pressure >>

* AT&T’s 5G network comes to NYC, but not for regular customers >>
* New York City’s First Self-driving Shuttle Service Is Now Open For Business >>
* Amazon Scout autonomuous delivery robots begin deliveries in California >>

* The wild, neural network-powered future of knitting >>
* Sony is using AI to replace drummers, one beat at a time >>

* We could use Earth’s atmosphere as a giant lens for a space telescope >>
* Self-Driving Trucks Are Ready to Do Business in Texas >>

* Pizza chain Domino’s stockpiles imported ingredients that might not be available if Britain crashes out of European Union >>
* Black Hat USA 2019: Microsoft Offers Up To $300,000 To Hack Its Azure Public-Cloud Infrastructure >>
* The 120-Degree Heat Waves of the Future Could Melt Streets and Bend Train Tracks >>

* TED The human skills 0we need in an unpredictable world >>
* TED Why governments should prioritize well being >>
* The Radical Transformation of the Textbook >>

* Gyms of the Future: How IoT Will Change Fitness and Sports >>
* Atomic Bomb Dropped Over Hiroshima Created A New Kind Of Minerals >>
* This “nanowood” could revolutionize desalinization >>

* Researchers create ‘2D’ gold a million times thinner than a fingernail >>
* How a Surf Loving Aussie Developed Sonatype’s Most Popular Extension >>
* Google shuts down its Trips travel planning app >>

* Microsoft catches Russian state hackers using IoT devices to breach networks >>
* Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes: Leaky S3 Buckets >>
* 3 Ways IoT Developers Can Make Their Applications More Secure >>
* Data Integrity Challenges and the Cloud >>

* The Shopify IPO >>
* Ecommerce as Video’s Killer App >>
* 10 Most Amazing And Relaxing VRChat Worlds To Visit And Hang Out In For Social VR >>

* Promising Local Multiplayer VR Game Acron Gets August Release Date >>
* President Trump wants social media to catch shooters before they strike. It’s going to be hard >>
* China warns India of ‘reverse sanctions’ if Huawei is blocked >>

* The technology of kindness >>
* Physicists who came up with supergravity win $3m Breakthrough Prize >>

* How to conduct research and successfully launch a product >>
* A commercial path to fusion >>
* The Endangered Sex Scene; How Hollywood grew wary of intimacy >>

* Flying high! China’s C919 to start intensive test flight >>
* The Matrix is returning to theaters to celebrate its 20th anniversary >>
* Google Voice forced to shut down SMS voicemail forwarding as carriers fight spam calls >>

* How we proved this tiny rock came from space >>
* WellMe using artificial intelligence and ‘genetics’ to tell us how to live >>
* Tomorrows gods what is the future of religion >>

* This Device Can Hear You Talking to Yourself >>
* Unlocking business acceleration in a hybrid cloud world >>
* Building self-sustaining public transport: An interview with William Sabandar, president director of MRT Jakarta >>

* Where Death Ends and Cyborgs Begin, With Futurist Zoltan Istvan >>
* We contain microbes so deeply weird they alter the very tree of life >>
* 3D bioprinting breakthrough leads to full-scale, functioning heart parts >>

* Deciphering pancreatic cancer’s invade and evade tactics >>
* ‘Ready to Rumble’: U.S.-China Fight Puts World Economy on the Brink >>
* ‘Artificial tongue’ tastes subtle differences in whisky to cut down on counterfeit alcohol >>

* Digital takeover? Nearly half of Americans own a digital assistant, survey finds >>
* Watch SpaceX launch a huge satellite using a twice-flown Falcon 9 live >>
* The 8 Ways Companies Get Work Done, and How to Align Them >>

* Leading Change in a Company That’s Historically Bad At It >>
* How Robots and AI Are Changing Job Training >>
* Samsung crams 100 layers and more speed into its latest SSD >>

* Hardware startup North’s big pivot bet on wearable computing and platform shifts >>
* Path Tracing, Games Experiences, Cinematic Visualization, and IoT Security >>
* Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns >>

* Automating artificial intelligence for medical decision-making >>
* Adobe adds pro-level speed controls to Premiere Rush CC >>
* A Submarine Goes Under a Failing Glacier to Gauge Rising Seas >>

* Exclusive: A first look inside Google’s top-secret design lab >>
* SpaceX Ridesharing Is Half the Price to Sun Synchronous Orbit for Small Satellites >>
* Russia Launches 4th and Final ‘Blagovest’ Military Communications Satellite >>

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