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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 01 August 2019

* It’s too soon to tell if DeepMind’s medical AI will save any lives >>
* Virtual Car Sharing Combines Telepresence Robots and Autonomous Vehicles >>
* Super-thin X-ray Mirrors Will Make X-Ray Space Telescope 100 Times Better >>

* AT&T Developing 5G Robots To Work in Retail Stores >>
* Homeland Security warning: Small airplanes are vulnerable to hackers >>
* Researchers are sounding the alarm on a little-known risk of connected cars >>

* IT’S SENTIENT; Meet classified artificial brain being developed by US intelligence >>
* Second attempt to fly hoverboard across English Channel scheduled for weekend >>
* Brain-computer interfaces are developing faster than the policy debate around them >>

* Hyperloop project in India inches closer to reality >>
* DJI’s new FPV goggles and camera are for high-definition drone racing and filming >>
* Solar-sailing satellite proves it can use light to propel through space >>

* First Programmable Memristor Computer >>
* Amazon launches a personal shopper service that sends monthly curated clothing boxes >>

* Make Data Science More Useful >>
* Making “Iron Man” Interface Real: AI-Based Virtualitics Demystifies Data Science with VR – Ep. 93 >>
* Facebook funds AI mind-reading experiment >>

* AWS’ new text-to-speech engine sounds like a newscaster >>
* Amazon develops a new way to help Alexa answer complex questions >>
* Learning from adversaries >>

* Intel Shows Off Chip Packaging Powers >>
* If Navigation Apps Don’t Alleviate Congestion—Could City-Wide Traffic Software Help? >>
* Microsoft will drop Skype for Business Online on July 31, 2021 >>

* Mars Colonization Will Happen >>
* NASA taps SpaceX, Blue Origin and 11 more companies for Moon and Mars space tech >>
* NASA to help SpaceX, Blue Origin, and more develop technologies for Moon and Mars travel >>

* AI tool that can spot text written by a machine could spell the end of fake news >>
* Why AWS is building tiny AI race cars to teach machine learning >>
* A New Way to Fight Crop Diseases, With a Smartphone >>

* Cockroach robot won’t break after being repeatedly stamped on >>
* Alarming surge in drug resistant hiv uncovered >>

* This self-riding bicycle follows you around while you walk >>
* DeepMind AI can predict kidney illness 48 hours before it occurs >>
* DeepMind touts predictive healthcare AI ‘breakthrough’ trained on heavily skewed data >>

* Formula Hybrid Champions Built Their Race Car with New Drivetrain Tech >>
* First Programmable Memristor Computer >>
* Almost Static Global Economic Power Rankings From 2010-2030 >>

* Ford bought a robotics company to boost its self-driving cars >>
* AT&T Kills DirecTV Now Brand Name As TV Subscribers Leave In Droves >>
* Provably Correct AI, Porn & Privacy, Math for CS and ML, and Xenophobia Classifier >>

* Linus Torvalds Prepares To Wave Goodbye To Linux Floppy Drives >>
* DJI aims for the best first-person drone experience with new goggles, controller and more >>
* Can robots find a home in the classroom? >>

* Apple Card rolls out in the US this August >>
* A new way to unify app and website measurement in Google Analytics >>
* Why genuine human intelligence is key for the development of AI >>

* Space junk: A recycling station could be cleaning up in Earth orbit by 2050 >>
* What Brexit means for Scotland: A Q&A with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon >>
* Air New Zealand is fake changing its name in another boundary-pushing safety video >>

* NASA’s newest planet-hunting satellite finds three new worlds >>
* Watch: NASA Is Building the Next Generation of Cool X-Ray Mirrors >>
* The World Health Organization Says No More Gene-Edited Babies >>

* Countries are turning off the internet to stop violence. Does it work? >>
* Humans are good at smelling cheese thanks to special smell receptors >>
* Private-space-race-targets-greenhouse-gas-emitters >>

* Building Your Data Streams for all the IoT >>
* Advertising is a cancer on society >>
* Will-future-lunar-bases-be-underground >>

* Exoplanets at the Edge of Chaos: A New Way to Study Alien Worlds >>
* Canada’s Future in Space >>
* Black Moon 2019: What It Is (and Why You Can’t See It) >>

* These are the top 8 China technology & electronics trends to watch >>
* Building the infrastructure for the future of mobility >>
* Creating high-performance innovation teams at scale >>

* Build a Raspberry Pi powered live train station sign for your desk >>
* The avocado strategy: how Africa aims to rebalance trade with China >>
* TSMC Talks 7nm, 5nm, Yield, And Next-Gen 5G And HPC Packaging >>

* What to Expect from DevOps World 2019 >>
* How Do Developers Choose the Best Fit for Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)? >>
* Can a shark smell a drop of blood in the water? Former NASA engineer debunks shark myths >>

* Monster Jam University got me muddy and airborne >>
* Wave Pool In Chinese Park Malfunctions, Sends 10-Foot Wave On Unsuspecting Swimmers >>

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