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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2019

* Fujifilm’s first surveillance camera can read a license plate from 1km away >>
* Rooftop Solar Refinery Produces Carbon-Neutral Fuels >>

* Tiny drug-filled capsules motor around the body to target cancer cells >>
* SpaceX’s CRS-18 delivers new automated docking adapter to ISS — heres why that matters >>

* Starbucks will soon expand its delivery service via Uber Eats >>
* Pizza Hut tests Amazon Locker-style ‘cubbies’ for carryout orders >>
* Many Animals Can’t Adapt Fast Enough to Climate Change >>

* Google Assistant will quietly obey your light-switching commands >>
* This AI-powered autocompletion software is Gmail’s Smart Compose for coders >>
* This Solar Eclipse Photograph Took Two Years to Capture >>

* This smart tech gives plants feelings >>
* Uber’s new test will offer rides, deliver dinner and rent you a scooter for $24.99 a month >>
* The Milky Way ate the ‘Sausage Galaxy’ and we’ve found the crumbs >>

* Elon and SpaceX Adding 4 More Raptor Engines (41 engines) to Super Heavy Rocket >>
* Elon Ten Kilometer Vacuum Hyperloop Tunnel and 35 Kilometer Saudi Hyperloop Test Track >>

* LG’s new short throw 4K laser projector is now available for $6,000 >>
* LG’s 2019 TVs are ready to work with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit >>
* Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft petition FCC for super-fast Wi-Fi tethering >>

* Order for First All-Electric Passenger Airplane Placed by Massachusetts Carrier >>
* Microsoft reveals new Windows 10 Start menu in accidental internal leak >>
* Starstruck: investors swarm over new Shanghai tech market >>

* MIT develops a new sensor that could help diagnose sepsis in mere minutes >>
* “We choose to go to the moon”: Lessons from X >>
* Tokyo unveils its recycled e-waste Olympics medals >>

* IBM Science for Social Good 2019 Projects Announced >>
* IBM Gives Cancer-Killing Drug AI Project To the Open Source Community >>
* A five-part series exploring the impact of algorithms on our everyday lives >>

* To Libra or not To Libra >>
* $5 billion FTC settlement still a bargain for Facebook, critics say >>
* Network theorist Albert-László Barabási explores the hidden mechanisms that drive success >>

* How to Manage Outdated Feature Flags >>
* How to Implement Data DevOps >>
* Finding Zero Days Before The Attackers: A Fortune 500 Red Team Case Study >>
* Architectural Principles of Digital Transformation: A Discussion with Gary Gruver >>

* Space Engine: Universe Simulator >>
* Visual Information Theory >>
* What If Consciousness Comes First? >>

* Here’s Why We’ve Failed to Figure Out Why Infrastructure Costs So Much >>
* Twitter’s Redesign Isn’t About You >>
* Here Are 5 Productivity Tools Every Developer Should Know >>

* China’s control center examines in-orbit BeiDou satellites >>
* China taking more important roles in western movies >>
* Rice cooperation: China’s effort to reduce African hunger >>
* Premier Li stresses greater reform, opening-up >>

* Cruise postpones plan to launch driverless taxi service in 2019 >>
* Never-Googlers: Web users take the ultimate step to guard their data >>
* The Great Hack: Netflix unpacks Cambridge Analytica, Trump, Brexit and democracys death >>

* Computer Life, Quantum Hype, Python Anti-patterns, and Algorithm Series >>
* Facebook’s Messenger Kids allowed kids to talk to unapproved adults >>
* Evolutionary Gene Loss May Help Explain Why Only Humans Are Prone To Heart Attack >>

* Alphabet’s Loon balloons developed clever strategies to pass 1M hours flying in Earth’s stratosphere >>
* Airlines Are Finally Fixing the Middle Seat >>
* AWS launches a new tool to help you optimize your EC2 resources >>

* The Big Rethink: Notes from Session 3 of TEDSummit 2019 >>
* It’s not about privacy — it’s about power: Carole Cadwalladr speaks at TEDSummit 2019 >>
* Tesla China Factory Will Generate Many Billions in Revenue in 2020 >>

* Why do media companies struggle to produce anything of value? >>
* When Should You Fire Your Child from the Family Business? >>
* Watch SpaceX launch its CRS-18 Dragon mission >>

* Google intros Gallery Go offline photo editor >>
* The Debate Over How to Classify Gig Workers Is Missing the Bigger Picture >>
* Can romance improve your odds of survival? >>

* 5G’s Waveform Is a Battery Vampire >>
* Searching For The Red Edge: How The Earth’s Forests Are Telling The Aliens Where We Live >>
* LightSail 2 Deploys Solar Sail to Surf the Sun’s Rays >>

* Mysteries of the Local Void: Scientists Map a Vast Emptiness Around the Milky Way >>
* AI Safety Debate and Its Applications >>
* SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on the next giant leap for mankind >>
* Falcon 9 to launch 3D printer that could one day print human organs from space >>

* Today’s global warming is unparalleled in the past 2000 years >>
* Two incredibly fast-orbiting stars seem to be the wrong temperature >>

* A case for restructuring before spin-off >>
* Growing opportunities in the Internet of Things >>
* The value of global China >>
* The wisdom of transformations: How successful CEOs think about change >>

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