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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 July 2019

* Ford teases all-electric F-150 pickup truck by pulling a million-pound train >>
* Spring-Loaded Drone Collapses Mid-Flight to Zip Through Windows >>

* Is Google creating a voice-activated search engine for TODDLERS? >>
* Asus ROG II smartphone features 48MP Sony sensor, 120Hz display and more >>
* You’re Bleeding. Exposing the Attack Surface in your Supply Chain >>

* Could a computer predict auto crash injuries? Volvo and Hyundai are betting it can >>
* India’s Chandrayaan-2 Mission Will Take 7 Weeks to Reach the Moon — Here’s Why >>
* When to Be a Dictator When You Have an Agile Mindset >>

* Apple reportedly in talks to acquire Intel’s modem business for $1B+ >>
* Huawei lays off two thirds of its US research division >>
* Unplugging From Digital Controls to Safeguard Power Grids >>

* Google updates its speech tech for contact centers >>
* Amazon will now deliver to the trunk of your Honda >>
* How to Know Which Ideas Your Company Should Pursue >>

* Anonymised data isn’t nearly anonymous enough – here’s how we fix it >>
* Early life on Earth may have existed as miniature droplets of jelly >>
* Uber tests $25 monthly subscription for rides, food delivery, and more >>

* What Is Scaled Agile Framework: 9 Principles >>
* Watch This Massive Paper Airplane Achieve Takeoff >>
* LinkedIn Is Migrating To Microsoft Azure >>

* Alphabet’s internet balloons have spent a million hours in the stratosphere >>
* How Loon’s Balloons Find Their Way to Deliver the Internet >>
* The Early Universe May Have Been Filled With Dark Matter Stars >>

* New Apple patent filing shows a mixed reality headset that tracks your whole face >>
* Spacecraft designed to ride on sunlight deploys its reflective solar sail >>
* Singularity University: Rearranging Atoms With Ralph Merkle >>

* MIT develops a new sensor that could help diagnose sepsis in mere minutes >>
* POD: Huawei >>
* The Rise of the 10x Research Associate >>

* Should robots ever look like us? >>
* Your Organization Needs a Learning Ecosystem >>
* What VidCon means for the future of social media platforms >>

* Toyota’s 2020 Olympics robots will include a javelin-carrying cart >>
* Deciphering Linear B, Data Journalism, Innovation Contradictions, Rebuilding Slack >>

* Humans, robot teams work better when there’s emotional connection: study >>
* TikTok owner may have bought Jukedeck, an AI music startup >>
* Netflix’s Another Life starts as Arrival, then turns into Star Trek >>

* Analysis: Did Apple Really Cancel Its AR Headset? >>
* Israeli researchers say fat cells under skin help melanoma turn lethal >>
* Tool to help detect blood at crime scenes >>

* Facebook bug allowed strangers into ‘safe’ messaging app for kids >>
* A Faster Way to Rearrange Atoms Could Lead to Powerful Quantum Sensors >>
* It May Be Possible To Avoid Developing Dementia >>

* Christopher Kraft, NASA Mission Control’s Founding Father, Dies at 95 >>
* NASA Spacecraft Ready for Artemis 1 Lunar Mission >>

* The UK is spending billions on overseas fossil fuel projects >>

* Major U.S. Offshore Wind Projects Still Face Hurdles >>
* Kenya launches Africa’s largest wind farm >>

* SpaceX is Constructing a New Rocket Related Building >>
* Is the U.S. on Its Way to Becoming a Cashless Society? >>
* Google’s Equiano Cable Will Extend to the Remote Island of Saint Helena, Flooding It With Data >>

* Fetch Robotics raises $46 million to expand warehouse automation internationally >>
* Facebook opens up its AI tool to OpenStreetMap users >>
* Asus Unveils High-End ‘ROG Phone II’ Smartphone With 120Hz Display, Snapdragon 855 Plus, and Giant Battery >>

* Where Are All the Mobile Developers? >>
* Canned Laughter Makes Jokes Seem Funnier, Study Finds >>
* Weaving Community: Notes from Session 1 of TEDSummit 2019 >>

* Poppy Northcutt, the Only Woman in Mission Control, Recalls Challenges of Bringing Apollo Astronauts Home >>
* Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Boost the Power of Its Huge Super Heavy Rocket >>
* 50 Years After Apollo 11, A New Moon Rush Is Coming >>

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