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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 July 2019

* Remote Control Your Dog with a Haptic Vest >>
* This website uses AI to turn your selfies into haunted classical portraits >>
* India successfully launches its first lunar lander bound for the Moon >>

* NASA’s Lunar Space Station Is a Great/Terrible Idea >>
* French inventor will attempt to cross English Channel on jet-powered hoverboard >>
* One small step: What will the moon look like in 50 years? >>

* Huawei secretly helped North Korea build wireless network, Washington Post reports >>
* Tech companies will meet at the White House today to discuss Huawei ban >>
* After Area 51, silly people say they’ll storm Loch Ness next >>

* Elon Musk says next Hyperloop competition will be in a six-mile, curved tunnel >>
* This AI-powered chatbot connects homeless people with help >>
* The world’s most-advanced AI can’t tell what’s in these photos. Can you? >>

* Comic-Con 2019 trailer round-up: The Expanse, Star Trek, Westworld, and more >>
* Using smart watches to monitor your heart could do more harm than good >>
* Uber tests monthly subscription that combines Eats, rides, bikes and scooters >>

* Bassme Wearable Turns Your Body Into A Subwoofer. >>
* Amazon is opening a pair of new robotic fulfillment centers in Ohio >>
* China’s new Nasdaq-style board for tech shares starts trading with 25 companies listed >>

* Serverless, Inc. expands free Framework to include monitoring and security >>
* Is Object-Oriented Programming a Trillion Dollar Disaster? >>
* Facebook’s prototype VR bangle squeezes and vibrates your wrists >>

* Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI, which is going all-in on Azure >>
* Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence >>

* Elon Musk promises new Hyperloop tunnel after speed record broken >>
* Was the Automotive Era a Terrible Mistake? >>
* MicroLED Displays Could Show Up in Products as Soon as 2020 >>

* Astro Bot Making Shows More Of Scrapped Bosses, Multiplayer Mode >>
* Fan Made Half-Life VR Quest Port Looks Promising >>
* DataOps Summit Pre-conference Report >>

* Tips for How to Create an AI App for Your Business >>
* Algorithms & Elections >>
* A US Navy ship used a new drone-defense system to take down an Iranian drone >>

* US groundwater shortage is forcing us to dig extremely deep wells >>

* Meet the robots Toyota is bringing to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games >>
* Huawei allegedly developed a spy-friendly phone network for North Korea >>

* A Former Harley Davidson Engineer Built The Most Efficient E-bike Of All Time >>
* Future Marvel projects will include the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Captain Marvel 2 >>
* The Empty Promise of Data Moats >>

* RNLI warning over ‘Storm Loch Ness’ monster hunt >>
* You’re Good Enough: How to be Okay With Being You >>
* Are You Suffering from Mind Wandering Deficit? >>

* Hyponomics, and the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Harnessing It >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Hype Keeps Us Stuck in “The Good Old Days” >>
* Hacker Noon Rips Out Medium’s Software, Replaces it With Their Own >>

* What’s Next for Adaptive Neural Systems? >>
* Agile-DevSecOps Academy: 40 Ways Agile Transformations Fail >>
* AI Must Not Change Us >>

* Apollo’s Legacy is Keeping Us Grounded >>
* Deploying Grafana to Kubernetes Using Application Template >>
* Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services: A Cloud Platform Comparison >>

* China to issue white paper on national defense >>
* The military’s future body armor could be as thin as 2 atoms >>
* Powerful new telescope joins the search for possible laser pulses from aliens >>

* Google Maps 101: how we map the world >>
* AN #60: A new AI challenge: Minecraft agents that assist human players in creative mode >>
* Why 3D printing could be key to a Moon base >>

* NASA says we will start harvesting precious resources like platinum from the moon ‘this century’ >>
* This health investor shadowed Jeff Bezos, worked for Bill Gates: Here’s what he learned >>
* Why Britain’s most eminent scientist is convinced cyborgs will rule the planet within 80 years >>

* the-risk-of-conflict-rises-as-the-world-heats-up >>
* The Milky Way devoured another galaxy and we’ve spotted the remains >>

* the-great-ocean-divide >>
Strange stars that go supernova may be dimming because of dark matter
* strange-stars-that-go-supernova-may-be-dimming-because-of-dark-matter >>

* Visa invests in India-based B2B payments platform PayMate’s $25M round >>
* How Microsoft made it harder to create Windows 10 local accounts >>
* Google Pixel 4 leak fuels rumors of hand gesture control >>

* Google Cloud makes it easier to set up continuous delivery with Spinnaker >>
* UVeye snaps up $31M for its hyper-detailed, AI-based drive-thru vehicle-scanning platform >>
* The biggest streaming announcements from Comic-Con >>

* Novel AI tools to accelerate cancer research >>
* Netflix deal with Hollywood union promises better conditions for actors >>
* NASA’s Lunar Space Station Might Be a Boondoggle >>

* Game Source, Procurement Graph, Data Moats, and Antitrust Regulation >>
* Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind >>
* Cannondale’s electric mountain bikes offer more power for the trail >>

* Atlassian Changes Annual Performance Reviews To Stop Rewarding ‘Brilliant Jerks’ >>
* Acer Predator Triton 900 review: Who needs a crazy swiveling screen? >>
* A mind-controlled robot arm doesn’t have to mean brain implants >>
* Key Challenges in 5G NR >>

* 5G phone overheats – should you freak out about radiation? >>
* HDR: Earth’s Circular Shadow on the Moon >>
* World Health Declares Ebola Outbreak a Global Level 3 Emergency >>

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