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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 July 2019

* Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes to put sensors in human brains next year >>
* Neuralink’s plans for brain-reading ‘threads’ and a robot to insert them >>
* SpaceX’s test rocket catches fire after engine test >> 4K Slow Mo >>

* CES will allow sex tech on a one-year trial basis, and finally bans booth babes >>
* The flamethrower drone will soon be a thing you can buy >>

* ContractPodAi scores $55M for its ‘AI-powered’ contract management software >>
* Intel’s neuromorphic system surfs next wave in brain-inspired research >>

* Microsoft has a wild hologram that translates HoloLens keynotes into Japanese >>
* These Hackers Made an App That Kills to Prove a Point >>

* The Internet Is Coming to the Rest of the Animal Kingdom >>
* Peloton’s new automated vehicle system gives one driver control of two trucks >>
* How Much Water Do You Really Need to Drink?; Scientists have a totally new understanding of thirst >>

* Domino’s goes too far by adding GPS to the pizza tracker >>
* Apple Plans To Bankroll Original Podcasts To Fend Off Rivals >>
* McDonald’s ends UberEats delivery exclusive by adding DoorDash >>

* AT&T signs $2 billion cloud deal with Microsoft >>
* Uber riders now earn rewards for shopping during their trip with new Cargo app >>
* That Global Ban on Huawei? Not So Much Anymore >>

* This AI breast cancer diagnostic tool is the first to get FDA clearance >>
* Margaret Hamilton, WeChat Censorship, Refactoring, and Ancient Games >>

* The Paradox of the Incredible Shrinking Comic-Con Expansion >>
* The Problem with France’s Plan to Tax Digital Companies >>
* Toyota will spend 10 years perfecting its astronaut moon rover >>

* How IBM tweaked its Wimbledon highlight-picking AI to remove bias >>
* How New Versions of Products Spread Differently Than Entirely New Products >>
* How does your productivity stack up? >>

* Alphabet’s drone delivery project Wing launches air-traffic control APP to keep unmanned craft flying ‘safely and effectively’ >>
* Chimps bond with each other and people after watching a film together >>
* Drones could be used to herd rhinos away from poaching hotspots >>

* AI, Genome Sequencing and New Sensors Creates Pre-Cancer Management >>
* These are the top 8 China technology & electronics trends to watch >>
* Could artificial intelligence be the future of cancer diagnosis? >>

* Automation at scale: The benefits for payers >>
* The transformation office: Key success factors >>
* Avatar Sequels Will Make Zoe Saldana the Number One Move Box Office Actor >>

* Europe Billed Galileo as Its Answer to GPS. It’s Been Mostly Down for Days. >>
* As New Space Race Beckons, Astronauts Face Identity Crisis >>
* Apple and Google show off their more inclusive emoji for 2019 >>

* DJI introduces a Ronin stabilizer for mirrorless cameras >>
* Another 2.2 million patients affected by AMCA data breach >>
* 1TB microSD card is as insane as it sounds, but wait for it to get cheaper >>

* Facebook plans Workplace price hike, adds new Enterprise option >>
* Google Maps now displays bike-sharing locations in 24 cities >>
* Will ships without sailors be the future of trade? >>

* a16z Podcast: How To Understand And Choose A Venture Investor >>
* Tools for Machine Learning Development >>
* Understanding Data Ops and Its Impact on Application Quality >>

* Comparing 11 IoT Development Platforms >>
* Home Automation Using IoT >>
* Dockerless, Part 3: Moving Development Environment to Containers with Podman >>
* Is SQL Beating NoSQL? >>

* Operating a Large, Distributed System in a Reliable Way: Practices I Learned >>
* Gretchen Rubin on the Secrets to Living a Happy Life >>
* Storming Area 51 Practice Runs and Related Videos >>

* Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Preparing To Leave The Lab — Is The World Ready? >>
* Major structure completed on China’s first cross-sea rail-road bridge >>
* China’s voice recognition champion iFlytek gets US$407 million funding boost from state investors >>

* What To Expect From Marvel Studios At This Weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con >>
* Every Keanu Reeves Movie, Ranked >>

* High-speed Lunar Dust Could Cloud The Future Of Human Missions To The Moon >>
* Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 spacesuit is unveiled at the Smithsonian >>
* Relive the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission in Real Time! >>
* Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 17, 1969: Course Correction to Reach the Moon >>
* Women are Less Supportive of Space Exploration — Getting a Woman on the Moon Might Change That >>
* Why Planting A Flag On The Moon Was So Hard >>
* Neil Armstrong’s son talks about the Moon landing >>
* 50 Years After Apollo 11, a Mars Landing Is the Next Giant Leap, NASA Chief Says >>
* Apollo took us to the moon in 1969. Why haven’t we gone back? >>

* Morning After: Elon Musk’s plan to plug a computer into your brain >>
* Elon Musk’s Neuralink Takes Baby Steps to Wiring Brains to the Internet >>
* Elon Musk’s Neuralink looks to begin outfitting human brains with faster input and output starting next year >>
* Elon Musk’s plans for mind-controlled gadgets: what we know so far >>
* Neuralink and Elon Musk Have 10,000 Electrode-Thread Brain Computer Interface >>

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