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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 July 2019

* Rovers Will Unroll a Telescope on the Moon’s Far Side >>
* Squeezing Rocket Fuel From Moon Rocks >>
* Hate spoilers? This AI tool spots them for you >>

* Virgin Orbit’s giant plane drops rocket over California during crucial flight test >>
* How to build a dragon gene editing >>
* AI Can Edit Photos With Zero Experience >>

* The Awesome Bowling Robot Is Surely Fake. Here’s How to Tell >>
* 9 in 10 Serverless Apps Are In Deep Trouble In Frontend Security >>
* Deconstructing Serverless Computing Part 4: Developing to Infinity and Beyond! >>

* Report Makes Case for Space-based Asteroid Tracking Telescope >>
* The future of car ownership: Cars-as-a-service >>
* Cars-as-a-service, Alibaba and ridehailing, mental health, and the future of financial services >>

* The future of autonomous vehicles runs off roads and on to farms, construction sites and mines >>
* Facebook Exec: ‘Quest Is The End Of Our First Chapter Of VR. What’s Next Is Where Things Really Get Interesting’ >>
* The secret ingredient of successful big deals: Organizational health >>

* Mapping the automotive software-and-electronics landscape through 2030 >>
* To reduce plastic waste in Indonesia, one startup turns to AI >>
* India’s weekend launch to make them fourth country on the Moon >>

* Babies point at objects because they really want to touch them >>
* AI can teach doctors to spot signs of cancer-causing viruses >>
* Lyft self-driving cars from Aptiv offer tactile maps, diagrams for blind riders >>

* Bloodhound will test its supersonic car in Africa this October >>
* Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to testify in Congress on competition >>
* AI Trained On Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed >>

* Keeping-Up: with digital transformation >>
* You’ve probably never heard of CGIAR, but they are essential to feeding our future >>
* US Air Force Starts B-21 Prototype Construction >>

* NASA Scientists Map Ground Damage Caused by California Earthquakes >>
* Optimizations and Security, 512 Byte Pac-Man, Cell Security, and Meme AI >>
* Loving a robot dog is about so much more than not cleaning up poop >>

* Developers don’t understand CORS >>
* Project Vesta; Turning the tide on climate change with green sand beaches >>

* Experimental versions of DeepMind’s StarCraft II agent, AlphaStar, will soon play a small number of games in Europe >>
* Slow Death of Hollywood >>
* Google employees listen to Dutch conversations >>
* Moving the World to a 4 Day Workweek – an Interview with Aidan Harper >>

* What If an Algorithm Could Predict Your Unborn Child’s Intelligence? >>
* The Great Burnout Debate >>
* Israeli startup reinvents the wheel, by using it to contain car’s key components >>
* Google Buys Israeli Cloud Storage Company Elastifile >>

* This robot vacuum has laser vision; comes in peace >>
* Intro Guide to Dockerfile Best Practices >>
* Introduction to Deep Learning >>

* Why Versioning And Configuring Microservices Is Critical To Your Kubernetes Success >>
* China looks to improve output of green electricity >>
* Could Huawei be using Trojan circuits to help Beijing spy on the US? >>
* China Internet Report reveals how tech firms have gone from copycats to trailblazers >>

* Road-tripping With Amazon Nomads; To stock Amazon’s shelves, merchants travel backroads of America in search of stuff >>
* Could NASA Build the Famous Saturn V Today? It’s Working on It, with a Twist >>
* At Solar System’s Edge, NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Copes with Reduced Power >>

* A Satellite Watched the July 2 Solar Eclipse from Space (Video) >>
* Bring your own deep learning framework to Amazon SageMaker with Model Server for Apache MXNet >>
* Physicist 3D-prints a Lamborghini Aventador in his own garage >>

* What Is Machine Learning (Supervised Learning) — Part 1 >>
* James Dyson buys Singapore’s most expensive apartment >>
* World’s top personality test doesn’t really work – should we ditch it? >>

* Earth’s helium is running out and it has dire consequences for science >>
* Butterfly numbers fell by one third in the US over last two decades >>
* Bluehead wrasse fish switch from female to male in just 20 days >>

* Why People Get Away with Being Rude at Work >>
* The new Ford Ranger has seriously smart seatbelts >>
* The New Social Media >>

* The $280,000 Lab-Grown Burger Could Be a More Palatable $10 in Two Years >>
* Mars crew could 3D-print skin and bones for injuries >>
* Machine learning for everyone >>
* Google recreates Apollo 11’s command module with AR >>

* Google Assistant launch gesture officially arrives on Android Q beta >>
* Facebook is working on ‘entirely new’ apps and ‘experiences’ >>
* Google Translate’s camera now works with more than 100 languages >>

* Cancer biologists identify new drug combo >>
* Amazon is co-developing a ‘Lord of the Rings’ game >>
* A Brief Exercise to Spur Innovation on Your Team >>

* Honda’s Autonomous Concept Gives You A Spacious View Of The Sky While You Lounge Within It >>
* Why the Lunar Module Looked So Much Like a Moon Bug >>
* Space Radiation Doesn’t Seem to Be Causing Astronauts to Die from Cancer, Study Finds >>

* Mars Astronauts Could Tote Inflatable Heat Shield to Ease Landings >>
* Lunar GPS? NASA Knows How to Help Astronauts Navigate >>
* In Photos: Soyuz Rocket Launches Russia’s Meteor M2-2 Weather Satellite on Rideshare Mission >>

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