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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 07 July 2019

* Robotic tiles can track your every step to create an immersive VR experience >>
* These humanoid robots can autonomously navigate cinder block mazes thanks to IHMC >>
* Robots Atlas loader Boston Dynamics >>

* Robot – Baseball >>
* Robot – Bowling >>
* Drone Parking – >>

* Artificial gravity breaks free from science fiction >>
* If You Thought Quantum Mechanics Was Weird, You Need to Check Out Entangled Time >>

* Inside the conflict at Walmart that’s threatening its high-stakes race with Amazon >>
* Image recognition, mini apps, QR codes: how China uses tech to sort its waste >>
* OBSBOT Tail AI Camera, 4K/60fps, 12 MP Photos, 3-Axis Gimbal AI Tracking Shooting >>

* Exclusive: Five couples lined up for CRISPR babies to avoid deafness >>
* Bladder Cancer ‘Attacked and Killed By Common Cold Virus’ >>

* NASA Needs to Out-Crazy Elon Musk >>
* Alphabet’s Wing launches OpenSky, a safety app for Australian drone operators >>

* Amazon Seeks Permission To Launch 3,236 Internet Satellites >>
* Huawei is helping all the UK’s top carriers build their 5G networks >>
* 7-Eleven Japan shut down its mobile payment app after hackers stole $500,000 from users >>

* Volkswagen’s electric racecar breaks 20-year-old Goodwood hill climb record >>
* 25 of the Best Sales and Deals for the Long July 4th Weekend >>
* Almost a Third of World’s Top VPNs Are Secretly Owned By Chinese Firms, Study Finds >>

* An Itty-Bitty Robot That Lifts Off Like a Sci-Fi Spaceship >>
* Clever Cloud launches GPU-based instances >>
* Court says Amazon could be liable for third-party vendors’ products >>

* Forget the Moon—We Should Go to Jupiter’s Idyllic Europa >>
* Sci-Fi Author Ted Chiang on Our Relationship to Technology, Capitalism, and the Threat of Extinction >>
* Amazon’s Prime Day is looking more and more like Alibaba’s $30 billion Singles Day event >>

* Google Maintains a List of Everything You Ever Bought Using Gmail, Even if You Delete All Your Emails >>
* Google suspends trend alerts in New Zealand after naming murder suspect >>
* Group of Biologists Tries To Bury the Idea That Plants Are Conscious >>

* How AI Helped Improve Crowd Counting in Hong Kong Protests >>
* Hypertaste: An AI-assisted e-tongue for fast and portable fingerprinting of complex liquids >>
* Online Not All Bad, Emotional Space, Ted Chiang, Thread Summaries >>

* Now You Can Return Unwanted Amazon Items to Kohl’s >>
* Magnetic Materials Help Explain How Arctic Ice Melts >>
* 9000 km belt of seaweed spanning the Atlantic threatens marine life >>
* Beavers and their dams are so useful to the environment that animals including moose, otters and weasels all benefit from their antics >>

* Billions of extra trees may give us 20 years to tackle climate change >>
* Calculation Shows We Could Add A US-Sized Forest To The Planet To Fight Climate Change >>
* Computing biologys future >>

* Future of shopping? World’s first AI-powered fashion boutique opens in London >>
* A Nuclear Reactor on Fire-Damaged Submarine Remains Safe and ‘Operational,’ Russian Authorities Say >>
* Toyota is testing a much more efficient solar roof for its electric cars >>

* Deep-CEE: The AI deep learning tool helping astronomers explore deep space >>
* Cancer cell’s “self eating” tactic may be its weakness >>
* Amazon is Selling Tiny Homes for Less Than $20,000 >>

* Camera brings unseen world to light (w/video) >>
* China, Russia and the US are all racing to produce hypersonic weapons >>
* A solar panel that unfolds in sunlight could power spacecraft >>

* China and the world: Inside the dynamics of a changing relationship >>
* AR: Using Projection Mapping to let New Users 3D Print for the First Time >>
* Lunar Cycles >>

* The world’s largest solar power project begins running in UAE >>
* 6 Causes of Burnout, and How to Avoid Them >>
* A new way of making complex structures in thin films >>

* Air Force Accidentally Dropped Dummy Bombs On Florida After Hitting a Bird >>
* Amazon keeps Alexa transcripts unless you manually delete them >>
* An atomic-scale erector set >>
* An optimistic view of deepfakes >>

* Boeing pledges $100M to families of 737 Max crash victims >>
* Broadcom Said To Be In Talks To Buy Symantec, the Security Software Maker >>
* Honda’s e Prototype is designed to delight you >>

* Inside an Amazon Warehouse, Robots’ Ways Rub Off on Humans >>
* Lotus’ electric hypercar is named ‘Evija’ >>
* How serverless computing saves time and money >>

* These Apps Will Keep You From Getting Lost in the Outdoors >>
* Moore’s Law Isn’t Dead, But Needs a New and Broader Interpretation: Intel’s Top Exec >>
* James Webb’s Eye in the Sky Aids Human Eyes with LASIK Tech >>

* MoviePass temporarily suspends service to improve its mobile app >>
* Netflix creates UK production hub at Disney’s preferred studios >>
* New live online training courses. TensorFlow, AI applications, critical thinking, Python .. >>

* The Single Age: On culture >>
* Tesla Model 3 Can Survive a Crash—and Avoid One Too >>
* Tesla shows next-gen automated emergency braking stopping for pedestrians and cyclists >>

* AI-designed heat pumps consume less energy >>
* Algorithmic Warfare: DARPA’s ‘AI Next’ Program Bearing Fruit >>
* China’s Big AI Advantage: Humans >>

* AI can simulate quantum systems without massive computing power >>
* AI Created a 3D Replica of Our Universe. We Have No Idea How It Works. >>
* Buzz Aldrin, Others Tell Apollo’s Inside Story in Rare, Newly Released Interviews >>

* How NASA Satellites Are Helping Track Disease Outbreaks >>
* See SpaceX Falcon Heavy Fairing Return to Earth in Amazing Video >>
* NASA Selects New Teams to Study the Moon, Mars, Asteroids and More >>

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