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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 03 July 2019

* MIT develops tiny ‘walking’ motor that helps more complex robots self-assemble >>
* NASA performs successful test of Orion spacecraft launch-abort crew-escape system >>
* VCs bet on Aegis AI, a startup using computer vision to detect guns >>

* DeepNude AI spreads; Cracked copies shared online as code decompiled >>
* MIT made an AI that can detect and create fake images >>
* Deepfake revenge porn is now illegal in Virginia >>
* Why AI can’t fix content moderation >>

* Teaching AIs to make mistakes like kids would help them learn faster >>
* The Second Coming of the Robot Pet >>

* A special class of proteins promising targets for drugs for cancer, alzehimers >>
* 3D Stem Cell Model Acts Like A Real Embryo >>
* Worst Advice I Ever Received Was “Follow Your Passion” >>

* Wimbledon will use ‘AI bunker’ to ‘automatically generate’ best moments for highlights by scanning grunts, cheers and bodily gestures >>
* Social robots play nicely with others >>

* Future of back-to-school shopping: bulletproof backpacks and Tasers >>
* Cloudflare blames ‘bad software’ deployment for today’s outage >>
* Researchers Identify the Origins of Metabolism >>

* Russia’s hypersonic weapon is reportedly running short on carbon fiber >>
* Samsung shuts down its AI-powered Mall shopping app in India >>
* Surprise! Huawei Can Actually Innovate—and Win Fans >>

* Video platform Kaltura adds advanced analytics >>
* SARGE rocket splutters, Boeing shows us its ‘chute, NASA trundles Mobile Launcher to pad >>
* SpaceX Will Have Five Reuses of a Falcon 9 by the End of 2019 >>

* Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019 >>
* What Jony Ive’s Years at Apple Can Teach Us About Creativity and Looking Forward >>
* Jony Ive and Myth that Only Certain People Can Design >>

* SpaceX Plans to Fly a Single Rocket 5 Times by the End of the Year >>
* Bill Huang turned to China for a wireless technology America couldn’t offer >>
* Algorithmic Intelligence Has Gotten So Smart, It’s Easy To Forget It’s Artificial >>

* Microsoft is teasing Windows 1.0, and everyone is confused >>
* Microsoft’s Ebook Apocalypse, Facebook Drug Ads, And More News >>
* NASA is working on 12 projects ahead of 2024 moon mission >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Company is cranking up its hiring machine >>
* Lock Convoys, AI Hardware, Lambda Observability, and AI for Science >>
* Getting more heat out of sunlight >>

* A virtual reality massage center will open in Los Angeles this week >>
* AR headsets promise new enterprise productivity, but can the startups building them survive? >>
* Africa Roundup: Yamaha backs MAX, Founders Factory and Norrsken support startups, inside Ethiopia’s tech scene >>

* Google pushes for an official web crawler standard >>
* Google: Breaking ground in Nevada >>
* Alphabet’s Loon balloons will get their first commercial trial in Kenya >>

* Minnesota Will Pay Residents to Grow Bee-Friendly Lawns >>
* Cockroaches May Soon Be Unstoppable — Thanks To Fast-Evolving Insecticide Resistance >>
* Ransomware Hits Georgia Courts As Municipal Attacks Spread >>

* Next steps for enterprises transitioning to modern Android management solutions >>
* Does Consciousness Exist Outside of the Brain? >>
* Software Integration Key to IIoT >>

* Why are we able to see moving objects against moving backgrounds? >>
* Nvidia Chip Takes Deep Learning to the Extremes >>
* AI is changing the entire nature of compute >>

* Airplanes with windowless cockpits are here. Are you ready to fly in one? >>
* See remarkable NASA photos of a new volcano eruption >>
* 69 new movies, TV shows, albums, and books to check out this month >>

* This hurricane-proof home is made from 600,000 plastic bottles >>
* Trailblazers: A night of talks in partnership with The Macallan >>
* Huawei awaits US Commerce nod on resuming usage of Google Android >>

* Microsoft’s next big Windows 10 update is actually pretty small >>
* Netflix will be pickier with big-budget projects >>

* I Opted Out of Facial Recognition at the Airport—It Wasn’t Easy >>
* Eye-tracking, depth-sensing “autofocal” glasses keep everything looking sharp >>
* Could a face reading AI ‘lie detector’ tell police when suspects aren’t telling truth? >>

* Bioprinter Will 3D-Print Human Tissue on the Space Station >>
* Google open sources standardized code in bid to become Mr Robots.txt >>
* Benchmarks for a ‘Second Venus’ >>

* Jellyfish Robot Is Much More Than Just a Good Swimmer >>
* Why the Sony Walkman Is Still Relevant to Music 40 Years Later >>
* NASA Orion aces safety test after ‘launching a rocket off a flying rocket’ >>

* TED: Why we need to fight misinformation about vaccines >>
* TED: Space traffic is our next wicked environmental problem >>
* Amount of Floating Antarctic Ice Plunges To Record Lows >>

* China sees huge demand for drone pilots >>
* Xi sends congratulatory letter to World New Energy Vehicle Congress >>
* Europe’s 5G roll-out is being delayed by trade war, Huawei pressure and security reviews >>

* Coordinate Precision >>
* Most Sincere Man On The Internet >>
* Kicking a top off a bottle >>

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