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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 02 July 2019

* Scientists Took an M.R.I. Scan of an Atom >>
* Former NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz Restores Mission Control In Houston >>
* Jeff Hawkins: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence >>

* Google’s robots.txt Parser is Now Open Source >>
* Dear Agile, I’m Tired of Pretending >>
* 4 Ways to Debug your Deep Neural Network >>

* How 3D printing allows scientists to grow new human hairs >>
* NASA is testing how its new deep-space crew capsule handles a rocket emergency >>
* Fake noise will be added to new electric cars starting today in the EU >>

* US troops in Afghanistan will soon test a tiny, pocket-sized drone in the field >>
* Huawei sharpens focus on China after US ban leaves Chinese telecoms giant bewildered >>
* China, US need to press ahead with sincerity, action >>

* “Emotional AI” Might Sound Good, but It Could Have Some Troubling Consequences >>
* Project Moon Base >>
* Best Algorithms to Make Solar Power Storage Profitable >>

* Algorithms Help Turbines Share the Wind >>
* An Automation Tipping Point? The Rise of ‘Robotics as a Service’ >>
* Japanese researchers carry out quantum teleportation within a diamond >>

* What Quantum Supremacy Should Look Like if Google’s Neven if Correct >>

* The best Prime Day 2019 deals available right now >>
* We tested 5G speeds around the world. Here’s what we found >>
* DisplayPort 2.0 Could Enable 4K Per Eye HDR 120Hz VR Headsets >>

* How *Not* to Do Timeboxing in Agile >>
* When a Company Culture (Actually) Supports Its Developers >>
* Amazon rolls out early Prime Day deals on devices, including Fire TV Recast, services and more >>

* TED the_next_big_thing_is_coming_from_the_bronx_again >>
* As AI Moves At Breakneck Speed, is Hardware Falling Behind? >>
* 40 years ago, the Sony Walkman changed how we listen to music >>

* Examples of AI Implementation in Transport >>
* Deepfake revenge porn distribution now a crime in Virginia >>
* NASA’s TESS spacecraft discovers its smallest exoplanet to date >>

* “Jumanji: The Next Level” Finally Has A Trailer And Holy Heck, Y’all >>
* Huawei Unveils 5G UK Experience Tour >>
* China built the worlds biggest airport for way less than Heathrows third runway >>

* How Apollo moon rocks reveal the epic history of the cosmos >>
* Toy Story 4 Takes the No. 1 Movie Spot for Another Week >>
* We are much less security savvy with our smartphones than we think >>

* Findings that many unconscious people may be aware is a wake-up call >>
* babies-know-the-difference-between-the-laughter-of-friends-and-strangers >>
* When Passion Leads to Burnout >>

* US telecom insiders detail hardships posed by Chinese technology ban >>
* UAE debuts the world’s largest individual solar power project >>
* The Infrastructure Mess Causing Countless Internet Outages >>

* Teaching artificial intelligence to create visuals with more common sense >>
* Scientists capture 4D atomic movement in breakthrough experiment >>
* Relive Apollo Moon Landing at NASA’s Restored Mission Control Center >>

* RISELab’s AutoPandas hints at automation tech that will change the nature of software development >>
* New Zealand Bans Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags >>
* NASA’s TESS spacecraft discovers its smallest exoplanet to date >>

* Linus Torvalds Sees Lots of Hardware Headaches Ahead >>
* Jony Ive reportedly felt that Tim Cook wasn’t interested in design >>
* Did Apple fix its Mac Pro problem? >>

* China silences podcast and music apps as online crackdown widens >>
* Breaking Down Health Care Silos >>
* Apple won’t offer a Netflix-like quantity of TV shows >>

* Analysts think global 5G smartphone shipments will overtake 4G in 2023 >>
* Engineers and Architects Are Already Designing Lunar Habitats >>

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