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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2019

* This camera app uses AI to erase people from your photographs >>
* SpaceX catches rocket nosecone for the first time with giant net-wielding boat >>
* Hackers are stealing years of call records from hacked cell networks >>

* BMW’s next-gen cruise control stops at red lights >>
* Here’s A Look At How Many 737 Max Planes Boeing Has To Fix >>
* Nothing Kept Me Up At Night the Way the Gorgon Stare Did >>

* Bacteria from your gut may be the key to running farther >>

* Falcon Heavy’s Center Core Crashes During Attempted Landing >>
* Coolest Thing SpaceX Just Launched Into Space Is a Sunlight-Powered Sail >>
* SpaceX’s ‘Starship’ Prototype Coming Together in Florida (Photos) >>

* Open-heart nerdery: Boffins suggest identifying and logging in people using ECGs >>
* Fresh-Baked Cookies Will Add an Aroma of Home to the International Space Station >>
* Amazon Prime Day 2019 expands to become a 48-hour sale on July 15-16 >>

* Big Tech’s problem is its lack of competition >>
* China’s biggest start-ups ditch Oracle and IBM for home-made tech as US trade tensions swirl >>
* China ponders blacklisting FedEx after Huawei delivery errors >>

* Microsoft’s next step toward embracing Android: Adding app support? >>
* Non-addictive CRISPR-edited tobacco could help eliminate smoking >>
* Meet the robotic strawberry harvesters that are picking fresh produce >>

* Fitted With Sensors, Antarctic Seals Track Water Temperatures >>
* Orderful >>
* a16z Podcast: Stories from the Frontlines of Synthetic Fraud >>

* Huawei’s US research arm builds separate identity >>
* Here is BMW’s new electric motorcycle concept >>
* Analog Deep Learning, Low-Trust Internet, Media Literacy, and Psych Experiments >>

* Firewall app promises to keep robocalls from ringing your phone >>
* EdTech companies you should know about >>
* BMW will have 25 electrified cars on the road by 2023 >>

* AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring – Capture & Inspect Network Traffic >>
* Toys ‘R’ Us, Back From the Dead, Will Open U.S. Stores in 2019 >>
* Facial Recognition Has a Blind Spot >>

* US cities are joining forces to figure out what the hell to do with all these scooters >>
* 5G brings advanced healthcare to rural areas >>
* Pizza Hut wants to remind you of childhood: Can nostalgia actually sell more pizza? >>

* Gene networks reveal transition from healthy to failing heart >>
* The bitter Pill; Why isn’t birth control better? >>
* AI Gets Inference Benchmarks >>

* An ‘awe-full’ state of mind can set you free >>
* Watch researchers create DIY ‘lava bombs’ for science >>
* Second world war bomb explodes after three-quarters of a century >>

* Infection-causing ocean bacteria ‘colonise’ human skin in just TEN minutes as people swim in the sea >>
* NASA-funded 3D-printed ‘pod’ will soon offer holidaymakers experience of interplanetary vacations >>
* A Boy Who Had Spinal Surgery in the Womb Stands on His Own Two Feet >>

* SpaceX is launching NASA’s $80 million Deep Space Atomic Clock tonight >>
* Apply to be a TED2020 Fellow >>

* Helping parents and guardians have the “EdTech talk” >>
* BMW Vision M Next: An autonomous car for people who love driving >>
* The Great IoT Protocol War may have been won: Thread’s 1.2 release aims at business >>

* Future of capitalism in the age of AI >>
* Trends In Artificial Intelligence That Will Dominate 2019 >>
* Future of Web Development >>
* Hacking and the IoT >>

* Detect Facial Emotions in a Meeting >>
* Smart Robots: Innovative Products on the Horizon >>
* Migrating to the Cloud? Here’s Why Automation is Essential >>
* How Cloud is Boosting Global Digital Transformation >>

* Dreams and Realities in the SDLC >>
* Running Containerized Applications on Modern Serverless Platforms >>
* DevSecOps Challenges in a Cloud Native World >>

* NASA Contractors Support Artemis Cost Estimate >>
* Space Station Astronauts Return to Earth Tonight: Watch It Live! >>
* SpaceX Looks Ahead to Certification Milestone with Falcon Heavy Launch >>
* Mars May Have Escaped Life-Threatening Impacts Early On >>

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