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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 June 2019

* This robot ‘duck’ could help Japanese rice farmers keep paddy fields clear of weeds >>
* Bill Gates on Startups, Investing and Solving The World’s Hardest Problems >>
* Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI | A WIRED Film >>

* US cyberattack reportedly knocked out Iran missile control systems >>
* US Air Force has a new weapon called THOR that can take out swarms of drones >>
* NOAA Hurricane-Tracking Satellites to Launch on SpaceX Falcon Heavy Next Week >>

* Why the age of electric flight is finally upon us >>
* Amazon patents ‘surveillance as a service’ tech for its delivery drones >>
* US is making digital camouflage so that AIs can’t spot spy planes >>

* Hypersonic Missiles Are Unstoppable. And They’re Starting a New Global Arms Race. >>
* Internet of Things Technology Will Connect Highways, Street Lights, and Vehicles >>
* US Army Loading Up on New Mini-drones and Ground Robots >>

* GitHub Releases New Tools to Report Vulnerabilities >>
* Game Changing Direct Drive Fusion Propulsion Progress >>
* McDonald’s Tests Robot Fryers and Voice-Activated Drive-Throughs >>

* This company wants cars to get software updates while driving >>
* The Gender Gap in Computer Science Research Won’t Close for 100 Years >>
* Researchers develop ‘vaccine’ against attacks on machine learning >>
* Long-Term Thinking in a Start-Up Town (Ep. 381) >>

* AI learns to gamble illogically like humans to predict our behaviour >>
* SpaceX Falcon Heavy: Why everyone should watch this night launch from Kennedy >>
* AI could study your brain to help teachers improve their courses >>

* Paris may offer flying taxis to 2024 Olympics guests >>
* Robot blood’ powers machines for lengthy tasks >>
* Schedule appointments in Office 365 using Amazon Lex bot >>

* A new tool detects deepfakes with 96 percent accuracy >>
* Facebook Unleashes Software to Make Programming Robots Easy >>
* Private Computation, Robot Framework, 3D Objects, and Self-Supervised Learning >>

* This fingerprint smart lock is futuristic minimalism for the home >>
* Classic ‘Moon’ Available on 4K Ultra HD for Apollo 11 Anniversary >>
* New Sex Drug for Women to Improve Low Libido Is Approved by the F.D.A. >>

* How Google Uses Reinforcement Learning to Train AI Agents in the Most Popular Sport in the World >>
* X-Ray Telescope Designed for Dark Energy Search Ready to Launch >>
* “Nanoemulsion” gels offer new way to deliver drugs through the skin >>

* Airbus-owned Voom will compete with Uber Copter in the US in 2019 >>
* Watch Airbus’ radical autonomous flying taxi complete its ‘most exciting’ test yet >>
* What money should be >>

* Forget Terminator — we should be worrying about AI malware first >>
* Emergency Presidential Alert Texts Could Be Faked, Researchers Say >>
* Machine learning unlocks mysteries of quantum physics >>

* India’s Sixth Biggest City Is Almost Entirely Out of Water >>
* Let’s Build a Global Skyscraper Network to Save the Planet >>
* Intel Developing ‘Data Parallel C++’ As Part of OneAPI Initiative >>

* Motivate Your Kid by Having Them Imagine the Future >>
* Overcoming Challenges In Automated Image Captioning >>
* Supercomputing is latest front in US-China high-tech battle >>

* Text2Scene: Generating Compositional Scenes from Textual Descriptions >>
* First Light fusion Using Hypervelocity Projectiles for Pulsed Fusion >>
* How to Keep Employees Connected to Customers >>

* A Neural-Net Based on Light Could Best Digital Computers >>
* How Martian Microbes Could Survive in the Salty Puddles of the Red Planet >>
* All Aboard the U.K.’s First Hydrogen Train >>

* Cosmic Ray Failures of Power Semiconductor Devices >>
* Ares 3 Landing Site: The Martian Revisited >>
* Universe is 14 Billion Years Old But Visible Universe is 92 Billion Light Years Wide >>

* Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal app is now live in preview >>
* Emergent Tech > Artificial Intelligence >>
* Arizona man builds pyramid from 1,030,315 pennies >>

* IEEE Expands Journal Offerings; 4 new journals >>
* Meet the Companies Trying to Put Humans Back on the Moon >>
* Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut >>

* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web >>
* Ultra-thin “e-tattoo” uses two sensors for better monitoring of the heart >>
* ‘Living drug’ offers hope to terminal blood cancer patients >>

* China Has Almost Half of The World’s Supercomputers, Explores RISC-V and ARM >>
* Japan will send a rover to Martian moons with help from Germany and France >>
* NASA gives the Mars 2020 rover its legs and wheels >>

* NASA will study solar weather in two new missions >>
* Planet Zoo was quietly one of the best demos at E3 2019 >>
* Waymo’s autonomous cars will drive outside the US for the first time >>

* When Tech Companies Compete on Their Own Platforms >>
* Artificial intelligence could spot early signs of schizophrenia >>
* DNA Microscope Sees ‘Through the Eyes of the Cell’ >>

* We are more likely to return a lost wallet if it is full of cash >>
* Why Having Too Many Choices Makes Decisions Harder >>
* Yoga day: The inspiration behind eight famous poses >>

* Confronting overconfidence in talent strategy, management, and development >>
* The 3D-Printed Gun Threat Is Getting Weird And Scary >>
* A Triple-Threat ‘Comet Interceptor’ Could Explore an Undiscovered Space Object >>

* In Hawaii, Construction to Begin on Disputed Telescope Project >>
* When Innovation and Ethics Collide >>
* Decades-Long Surveys Suggest The “Deleterious Effects of Smoking May Extend to Detrimental Personality Changes” >>

* Argentina’s Blackout and the Storm-Battered Future of the Grid >>
* Death by algorithm: the age of killer robots is closer than you think >>
* Why The Internet’s Most Important Law Exists And How People Are Still Getting It Wrong >>

* After Math: The price of technological progress >>
* China’s top talent now wants to work for rising domestic tech stars, not brand multinationals >>
* Diamonds and Ion Qubits >>

* Who’s going to use the big bad Libra? >>
* A TV adaptation of Chinese sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem is in development >>
* New trailers: Stranger Things, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and more >>

* Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal now available to download for Windows 10 >>
* Employers Beware: The War for Talent is Back >>
* Why Machines Need to Dream >>

* Never miss an Amazon Prime Day deal in 2019 >>
* AT&T 5G speed test yields the craziest speeds yet 1.782Gbps >>
* The Peculiar Blindness of Experts >>

* Big Data Advice for Devs >>
* Startup idea checklist >>
* PsyToolkit’s run cognitive psychological experiments in your browser >>

* Doctors Learn The Nuts And Bolts Of Robotic Surgery >>
* How to land on the Moon >>
* Visualizing the Istio Service Mesh Using Kiali >>

* Meet the A.I. Landlord That’s Building a Single-Family-Home Empire >>

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