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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 June 2019

* Futuristic rifle with ‘Google Maps Drones’ software can hack into remote controlled aircraft and force them to fly back to their owners >>
* New AI Tool Can Help Doctors Detect Brain Aneurysms >>
* How your body processes food is only partially down to your genes >>

* Eye transplants? Researchers 3D-print first human cornea >>
* Underwater ‘motorbike’ is now on sale in Britain for up to £17,000 >>
* The Mysterious And Potentially Revolutionary Celera 500L Aircraft May Fly Soon >>

* Microsoft’s ‘Project Scarlett’ Xbox; Holiday 2020; 8K, 120Fps, 40x Performance >>
* Trailers from Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference >>
* Trailers from Bethesda’s E3 press confecrence >>
* The 14 biggest announcements for Microsoft Xbox at E3 2019 >>
* The 5 biggest announcements from UploadVR’s 2019 E3 VR showcase >>
* Watch the Xbox E3 2019 press conference in under 15 minutes >>
* Watch Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019 Right Here >>
* Keanu Reeves Appeared At Xbox’s E3 Event And Got Heckled In The Most Delightful Way >>
* Cyberpunk 2077 comes out next April, and Keanu Reeves is in it >>
* DOOM Eternal lands November 22nd with a new take on multiplayer >>
* Fallout 76 is getting a 52-player battle royale mode >>
* Microsoft’s new ‘Flight Simulator’ looks like a wild 4K ride >>
* George R.R. Martin’s Elden Ring RPG is official >>
* Doom’ will be streaming on iOS later this year >>
* Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming begins in October (updated), stream games from your own Xbox One. >>

* Giant cargo drones will deliver packages farther and faster >>
* Facial recognition smart glasses could make public surveillance discreet and ubiquitous >>
* Listen to this AI voice clone of Bill Gates created by Facebook’s engineers >>

* Gmail’s ‘dynamic email’ will be available to everyone July 2nd. >>
* Raytheon, United Technologies Merger Will Create A New Aerospace Giant >>
* New Radiotracer Can Identify Nearly 30 Types of Cancer >>
* Amazon Store Card Credit Builder; Build credit with no annual fee >>

* Humans have driven nearly 600 plant species to extinction since 1750s >>
* Hydrogen has a dirty secret – let’s not think it’s always a green fuel >>
* Premium Firefox Is Coming This Fall >>

* How to get started with site reliability engineering (SRE) >>
* Mazda will offer an EV in 2020 >>
* What are “soft skills,” and how can employers identify them? >>

* Scotland will build a massive battery to store excess wind power >>
* Will AI Reduce Gender Bias in Hiring? >>
* NASA’s Webb Telescope One Step Closer to Completion >>

* Laser-driven Particle Accelerator Made Ten Thousand Times Smaller >>
* Amazon’s new credit card helps you get into debt with your own money >>
* Ep. 533: Indigenous South African Astronomy >>

* Big Tech Can Stay Ahead of Regulators by Breaking Itself Up >>
* Apple puts accessibility features front and center >>
* Boeing Wanted To Wait Three Years To Fix Safety Alert on 737 Max >>

* Remote Code Development, PWA Builder, Why Platforms Fail, and Designing Rituals >>
* Google Assistant comes to Waze navigation app >>
* Indian streaming giant broke Safari support to deal with security hole >>

* White House Reiterates Human Moon Missions on the Path to Mars >>
* Here’s Where Commercial Landers Will Land on the Moon for NASA >>
* Einstein’s Quest to ‘Know God’s Thoughts’ Could Take Millennia >>

* Epix is the latest streaming channel to launch on Amazon Prime >>
* Europe’s Space Agency opens its doors to commercial spaceflights >>
* Kim Dotcom Begins Final Supreme Court Battle to Avoid US Extradition >>

* A Wave of SIM Swapping Attacks Targets Cryptocurrency Users >>
* People Agree It’s Harder To Conjure A Frog With Magic Than Change Its Colour >>
* xkcd: An Apple a Day >>

* Amber Lump Holds Surprising 100m-year-old Creature >>
* Empathy Is A Skill. Here’s How To Cultivate It >>
* Why do 3 million students struggle to keep up with homework? They don’t have internet >>

* These are the top 8 China technology & electronics trends to watch >>
* Berkeley lab builds world record tabletop-size particle accelerator >>
* Whale intelligence continues to amaze and dumbfound scientists >>

* Skateboarder Lands ‘The Hardest Trick I’ve Ever Done,’ Not Kidding About That >>
* China’s massive military spending is creating a ripple effect across the Asia-Pacific region >>
* 2020 McLaren 720S Spider review >>

* The Evolution of Sex Could Have Provided a Defense Against Cancer Cells >>
* In the Bronze Age, People Labored Over Cereal That No One Ate >>
* NASA details Deep Space Atomic Clock and other tests launching on SpaceX Falcon Heavy >>

* How to Get Started With Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) >>
* a16z Podcast: Deep Learning for the Life Sciences >>

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