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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 June 2019

* Deep Space Shielding >>
* Cringely Predicts The End Of Broadcast TV Within A Decade >>
* Apple’s ‘Noise’ App Is Designed to Save You From Yourself >>

* Acoustic cameras could be brought in to fine drivers with noisy cars >>
* Will Car-Sharing Apps Revolutionize Transportation? >>
* Next Month Uber Will Start Offering Helicopter Rides in New York City >>

* What to expect from E3 2019 >>
* E3 2019: E3 is changing because video games are changing >>
* E3 2019: Microsoft Xbox E3 conference, start time, how to watch, livestream, full schedule and more >>
* VR Multiplayer Shooter Onward Is Coming To The Oculus Quest >>
* E3 2019: E3 Nintendo Direct, start time, how to watch, livestream, full schedule and more >>
* EA announces a trio of intriguing new indie games at E3 2019 >>
* Microsoft launches Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with PC and Xbox games for $14.99 per month >>
* Microsoft hints at next-generation Xbox ‘Scarlet’ in E3 teasers >>
* Microsoft’s Xbox E3; Halo Infinite, xCloud, Xbox Game Pass, and maybe even all-new xbox >>
* How to watch Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference >>
* Watch 14 minutes of ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ gameplay >>

* Fake news generating AIs could be the best weapons to fight fake news >>
* A 3-D printer powered by machine vision and artificial intelligence >>

* a16z Podcast: Deep Learning for the Life Sciences >>
* Bringing Scalable Real-time Analytics to the Enterprise >>
* New trailers: Jessica Jones, Ad Astra, The Lion King, and more >>

* US national security under threat; Huawei Ban may slow research and development and harm US military technology >>
* Why is it that United States is so far behind in AI technology implementation compared to China? >>
* The Threat of Google’s DeepMind >>

* Five Emerging Trends for the Future of the Software Development >>
* Understanding the New Enterprise Cloud Backbone for DevOps Engineers >>
* Tom’s Tech Notes: Microservices Use Cases [Podcast] >>
* The State of Databases 2019 >>
* Cloud-Native Everything >>
* Agile Is Like a Box of Chocolate Covered Frogs >>
* Hybrid Development: The Value at the Intersection of TDD, DDD, and BDD >>
* Practical Deep Learning for Coders, v3 >>
* Agile: The new active ingredient in pharma development >>

* Why the chatbot working next to you needs sick days too >>
* Inside the Amazon Warehouse Where Humans and Machines Become One >>
* Traders pig out on China pork stocks as deadly African swine fever roils world’s biggest pig market >>

* 3D-printed replica heads are being used to help treat cancer patients >>
* The Corrupting Influence of Big Money on Politics >>
* I’m not the Queen, so I don’t have to be polite to Donald Trump >>

* Synopsis: Scanning Earth’s Interior with Neutrinos >>
* Scientists Solved Bizarre Mystery Of ‘The Galaxy Without Dark Matter’ >>
* Regenerative medicine breakthrough: Can a small chip ‘heal’ entire organs? >>

* Robotic furniture, rainbow families and communal living: Inside Ikea’s hi-tech tiny home of the future >>
* Could lasers guide and control the path of lightning? >>
* $180 million DNA ‘barcode’ project aims to discover 2 million new species >>

* Security News: Cryptocurrency Company Hacks Itself Before Hackers can hack it >>
* One Amazon Copyright Complaint Costs Torrent Site its Domain >>
* Amazon’s Quest to Be Fashionable Continues >>

* Tesla will soon downgrade software on the entry-level Model 3 >>
* Bezos HQ2: Amazon CEO Pays $80 Million For Three NYC Apartments >>
* A16Z interview, 5G, Peloton, handling Big Tech issues, and offering better benefits >>

* We Will Build Cruise Ships in Space So Radiation Problems of Life Rafts Go Away >>
* Black hole simulation solves a mystery about their accretion disks >>
* NASA Posts Prices for Space With Separate Pricing for Toilet and Food >>

* How fast is Earth traveling through space? >>
* Bigelow Aerospace Has Deposits for 16 People to Fly to ISS on SpaceX Crew Dragon Flights >>
* Crab Robot Designed to Search for Ocean Litter Makes First Dive Off Italian Coast >>

* This Asteroid Has a 1-in-7,000 Chance of Hitting Earth This Fall >>
* Toyota pulls forward electrification plan, eyes solid-state battery next year >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through June 8) >>

* New Photonic Chip Will Push to Limits of Computational Energy Efficiency Ten Million Times Beyond Conventional Chips >>
* Nanotechnology treatment reverses multiple sclerosis in mice >>
* Human body is a mosaic pattern of DNA mutations, say researchers >>

* At Disneyland’s new ‘Star Wars’ attraction, brace yourself for $200 lightsabers, $42 cocktails and 4 a.m. lines >>
* 1 in 4 cancer survivors is going broke fighting to stay alive >>
* What happens if there’s no Vision Fund II? >>

* Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’ is a surprisingly sweet romantic comedy >>
* Two Antiaging Treatments in Phase 3 Clinical Trials >>

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