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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 May 2019

* Human Reflexes Help MIT’s HERMES Rescue Robot Keep Its Footing >>
* If DARPA Has Its Way, AI Will Rule the Wireless Spectrum >>
* A Wearable That Helps Women Get / Not Get Pregnant >>

* The all-electric Honda e is bringing its side view mirrors inside >>
* Media & Telecoms Companies Reveal “Self-Learning” Anti-Piracy System >>
* Meet your robotic golf caddie, ‘Tempo Walk’ >>

* Why astronomers are worried that SpaceX’s satellite network will pollute the night sky >>
* iRobot’s new cleaning robots can team up to vacuum and mop your house >>
* AutoX’s Professor X on the State of Automotive Autonomy – Ep. 87 o >>

* Microsoft teases a ‘modern OS’ with ‘seamless updates’ >>
* Microsoft brings ability to turn photos of table data into Excel spreadsheets to iOS >>
* Brain scans reveal magic mushroom drug enhances mindfulness meditation >>

* Fitbit devices can pay for your NYC bus or subway ride >>
* Exploding Stars Led To Humans Walking On Two Legs, Radical Study Suggests >>
* Amazon unveils the $90 Echo Show 5 >>

* AI Will Conquer Humor and Creativity >>
* Buddy the Social Robot is Somehow Not Dead Yet >>
* Seaborg Molten Salt Reactor Will Fit on A Truck and Cost Less Than Coal Power >>

* Banks find that investing in Android pays off >>
* Drugs That Boost Our Circadian Rhythms Could Save Our Lives >>
* Tanzania Builds a Drone Industry From Local Know-How and Bamboo >>

* Why Women Are Called ‘Influencers’ and Men ‘Creators’ >>
* Breast cancer spreads through the body in just two or three waves >>

* Huawei asks court to declare US government ban unconstitutional >>
* Huawei’s Ace In the Hole: Undersea Cables >>
* US Sanctions on Huawei May Fuel China’s Plan for Its Own Tech >>
* Life at Huawei: Trains, European Design, and Lunch Naps >>

* Titanic Galactic Collision Left One Galaxy Twisted and Warped, Hubble Reveals >>
* Parts of the Navajo Nation Are Still Off the Grid—but That’s Changing >>
* Yes, You Can Write an Awesome Game in Just 10 Lines of Basic >>

* SpaceX, NASA Finish Cleaning Up Site of Crew Dragon Spacecraft Explosion >>
* Scientists Cook Up a New Way to Make Breathable Oxygen on Mars >>
* Momentum Grows for Nuclear Thermal Space Propulsion >>

* This AI Uses Echolocation to Identify What You’re Doing >>
* To Fight Deepfakes, Researchers Built a Smarter Camera >>
* Uber could give you the option to ‘favorite’ drivers >>

* A Study of More Than 250 Platforms Reveals Why Most Fail >>
* Hypersonic passenger jet aims to fly from New York to London in 90 minutes >>
* Pivotal adds OpenJDK support to Spring in response to ‘concerns’ around Oracle’s Java >>

* The challenges of truly embracing cloud native >>
* The end of mobile; Mobile Eats The World >>
* Robustness Principle, End of Mobile, Beautiful Hack, and Autonomous Radios >>

* SpaceX Raptor Engine Will Be Best on Cost and Nearly Best on ISP >>
* A challenge to stimulate local news in North America >>
* The Biggest Announcements From Computex 2019 (So Far) >>

* Astronauts Are Heading Under the Sea to Test Moon Mission Tech >>
* Astronomers Catch Distant Star Producing Massive Flare and Plasma Blob >>
* Men, Women … and Mars: How Gender Diversity Is Key for Success on the Red Planet >>

* Mediatek’s 5G chipsets are ready for cheaper next-gen phones >>
* Logitech’s new stylus is built for VR >>
* Google Marketing Platform Partners now available globally >>

* The World Economic Forum Wants To Develop Global Rules for AI >>
* We Need to Build Up ‘Digital Trust’ in Tech >>
* You can now ask Alexa to delete your voice history >>

* First Look At Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland’s $1b New Attraction >>
* ‘Pasta’-Like Rocks Could Be Signs of Life on Mars, Study Says >>
* African elephant poaching is falling at last – but it’s still too high >>

* Couple hire Robot AI powered automated photographer >>
* Chinese startup begins mass-producing self-driving delivery vans in world’s first, and could roll out as many as 30,000 per year >>
* No one can be truly anonymous ever again thanks to genetic sequencing >>

* Should you give your data to a period tracker or smart breast bump? >>
* Smart glove works out what you’re holding from its weight and shape >>
* SpaceX’s bright Starlink satellites are upsetting astronomers >>

* Chemists build a better cancer-killing drill >>
* Google ‘shadowforce’ temps now outnumber full-time workers >>
* Traders have a $1.5 billion bet riding against Uber >>

* What’s Telling About Telomeres (and the Aging Process) >>
* Edge AI Going Beyond Voice and Vision >>
* The Making of the 5G Standard >>

* The Military Is Locked in a Power Struggle With Wind Farms >>
* New Zealand’s New Visa Program Requires Positive Energy and a Business Plan >>
* Optimization Smackdown: Hustle Porn vs. Zen Porn >>

* The town that online shopping built — and women are trying to save >>
* Is it time to revive the rumors that Apple will buy Tesla? Here’s why one expert thinks so >>
* Logitech made a VR stylus you can use on a table or in the air >>

* US-China trade war energy deal may not be the easy win it appears to be >>
* Building China’s own chip industry will be a costly 10-year marathon, former Intel China MD says >>
* Serverless: A Modern Infrastructure >>

* Are Self-Service Machine Learning Models the Future of AI Integration? >>
* The Rise of Service Mesh Architecture >>
* Data: the New Currency That Accelerates Business >>

* Value Streams – Accelerate your DevOps Journey! >>
* Deploying Secure Modern Apps in Evolving Infrastructures >>
* Serverless Ruby on AWS Lambda with the Jets framework >>

* Volvo Invests In Varjo After Testing XR-1 Prototypes On The Road >>
* Docker Bug Allows Root Access To Host File System >>
* Top DevOps Skills Developers and Managers Need for Success >>

* Ferrari SF90 Stradale brings new hybrid tech to hypercar heights >>
* 0x Launch Kit Launch your own exchange or marketplace in minutes >>
* Elon Musk’s $49 Million Las Vegas Loop Makes Perfect Sense—for Las Vegas >>

* HP to install Israeli cybersecurity software in next-generation computers >>
* The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet >>
* Decentralized AI for the Rest of US >>

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