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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 May 2019

* Ford Self-Driving Vans Will Use Legged Robots to Make Deliveries >>
* Scientists recreate a microscopic Mona Lisa using quantum paint on a canvas smaller than the width of a human HAIR >>
* Ultra-private Tor browser officially arrives on Android >>

* London Underground will track everyone’s Tube trip via WiFi >>
* Police-created smartphone app adds anti-groping feature to scare off molesters >>
* A world run with code >>

* ABB & Siemens Test Subsea Power Grids for Underwater Factories >>
* New Optimization Chip Tackles Machine Learning, 5G Routing >>
* Lunar tunnel engineers excited by boring Moon colonies >>

* SpaceX Preps Self-Driving Starlink Satellites for Launch >>
* DJI will add airplane and helicopter detectors to new drones in 2020 >>
* SpaceX’s Starhopper moves closer to its first flight >>

* Fabrics poised to become the new software >>
* A-High: How Grownetics Automates Cannabis Cultivation with Deep Learning – Ep. 85 >>

* Trade war: will China use ‘nuclear option’ of banning rare earth exports to US? >>
* High-stakes US-China showdown is hardly a game, but strategists see ‘game theory’ at work >>
* What Amazon, Facebook, Google and other US tech companies are really after in China – data, not just market access >>
* China offers five-year tax breaks to chip makers, software developers to bolster industry as trade war stretches to tech >>
* The case against Huawei, explained >>

* MIT’s ‘RoboRaise’ helps you lift things by studying your muscles >>
* Uber Eats may soon offer an unlimited delivery subscription >>
* In 2020, NASA Will Send Living Things to Deep Space for First Time Since Apollo >>

* The Dobox Mini Can Turn Your Ipad/Iphone Into A Full-feature Computer… With Ports! >>
* Car Owners Should Control Data Collected By Cars >>
* A new look for Google Search >>

* Drones may soon come with ‘spidey-senses’ to avoid dangerous obstacles as tiny detectors inspired by arachnid legs pick up on vibrations >>
* Drone can transform into a tiny car to slide under small gaps >>
* China confirmed as source of illegal ozone-destroying chemicals >>

* Continuous-Flow Reactor Could Potentially Help Speed Drug Discovery >>
* Tiny robot inspired by a bush baby can bounce THREE times higher than its own height >>
* App that allows passengers to silently raise alarm over train groping becomes big hit in Japan >>

* Research Using IBM Cloud and AI Sheds Light on Huntington’s Disease (HD) >>
* 3 Types of 3D Sensing for Smartphones and Self-Driving Cars >>

* Amazon prevails in battle with South American countries for ‘.amazon’ domain name >>
* Amazon’s system for tracking its warehouse workers can automatically fire them >>
* Amazon made social mini-games to make warehouse work less bland >>

* New Optimization Chip Tackles Machine Learning, 5G Routing >>
* UC Berkeley’s “Hyper-Aggressive Pogo-Stick” Robot Now Works Outdoors >>
* Unmanned Commercial Ships >>

* Can electric shocks to your brain give you the memory of a 20-year-old? >>
* Artificial intelligence becomes life-long learner with new framework >>
* Primordial Contact Binary 2014 MU69 >>

* All aboard the Windows Server container train as Google punts out Rapid Release GKE channel >>
* Mirantis teases Kubernetes-as-a-Service to terrorise bare metal, public clouds, everything in between >>
* A sixth of ridesharing cars have unfixed safety recalls >>

* ARM halts Huawei relationship following US ban >>
* California’s Senate may ban facial recognition tech in police body cameras >>
* Embedding AI in Business >>

* Software-Defined Memory, SQL Analyzer, Wolfram Engine, and Victims of Passion >>
* Generation Z is just entering the workforce. Here’s how to work with them. >>
* In Sweden you can roam anywhere you like, without the landowner’s permission >>

* Keanu Reeves Is ‘Canada’s Greatest Stuntman’ in New ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer >>
* Udacity, Mercedes-Benz create sensor fusion nanodegree as demand for self-driving car engineers rises >>
* A Giant Hole in the Martian Atmosphere Is Venting All Its Water into Space >>

* First-Ever Image of a Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Burst Shows Light Exploding Out of a Thundercloud in Asia >>
* NASA Puts Mars 2020 Rover’s Space Ride to the Test (Photo) >>
* Planetary Society’s Light Sail 2 is Set to Launch on a Falcon Heavy Rocket Next Month >>

* There’s a Brand-New Kilogram, And It’s Based on Quantum Physics >>
* China Navy Versus the US Navy Now and Through 2030 >>
* DARPA Funds Ambitious Brain-Machine Interface Program >>

* Indonesian President Might Start Revolutionary ThorCon Reactor Project This Year >>
* IoT Can Make Construction Less of a Headache >>
* We Can’t Believe It’s A Robot That’s Making This Omelette >>

* MachineX: Artificial Neural Networks (Part 2) >>
* Mind Maps: A Visual Tool to Boost Your Time Management >>
* Automation Processes for a Distributed Workforce >>

* TED; Brittany Packnett How To Build Your Confidence And Spark It In Other >>
* TED: Bruce Friedrich The Next Global Agricultural Revolution >>
* TED: Hamdi Ulukaya The Anti Ceo Playbook >>

* China-Laos railway’s 1st bridge span completed over Mekong River >>
* Blue Origin and ULA are trying to intervene in SpaceX’s lawsuit against the government >>
* AI Engineers Have Recreated Joe Rogan’s Voice To A Tee, And We’re Terrified For The Future >>

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