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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 May 2019

* Cambridge scientists create world’s first living organism with fully redesigned DNA >>
* Oculus Quest Livestream: Wireless Roomscale VR Games >>
* Google’s Translatotron converts one spoken language to another, no text involved >>

* SpaceX is building another Starship in Florida >>
* SpaceX Building Two Starship Designs and is Ramping Up Raptor Engine Production >>
* SpaceX explains how its internet satellites will survive in orbit >>
* SpaceX Is Launching 60 Starlink Internet Satellites Tonight: How to Watch Live >>

* How Hackers Broke WhatsApp With Just a Phone Call >>
* How Voice Assistants Could Change the Way We Shop >>
* Huawei launches AI-backed database to target enterprise customers >>

* Facebook rolls out ‘one strike’ policy for live-streaming >>
* Facebook, Google and others join Christchurch Call to curb extremism >>
* Free speech: The history every American should know >>
* San Francisco passes city government ban on facial recognition tech >>

* Free-floating DNA to reveal the health of river and lake ecosystems >>
* How Plastic Became a Plague >>
* Scientists Created Bacteria With a Synthetic Genome. Is This Artificial Life? >>

* IBM Sets New Transcription Performance Milestone on Automatic Broadcast News Captioning >>
* Microsoft open-sources a crucial algorithm behind its Bing Search services >>
* Microsoft wants its Azure servers to be as durable as tardigrades >>

* New Relic takes a measured approach to platform overhaul >>
* Researchers Solve Scientific Puzzle That Could Improve Solar Panel Efficiency >>
* The ultra-fast WD Black NVMe SSD was already a fantastic bargain >>

* A.I. Translation Increases Global Ebay Trade >>
* China’s rover peeks under the crust of the far side of the moon >>
* Exxon and Energy Department Team Up on Biofuels, Plastics Research >>

* Tesla Shanghai Factory Building is Nearly Complete >>
* The Galaxy S10 5G goes on sale in the UK June 7th >>
* 5G Networks Will Likely Interfere With US Weather Satellites, Navy Warns >>

* Robocalls could be blocked by phone companies under proposed rules, FCC chairman says >>
* Uber offers ‘Quiet Mode’ so you don’t have to talk to the driver >>

* The Global Economy Was Improving. Then the Fighting Resumed. >>
* Why the U.S.-China Trade War Could Be Long and Painful: No Offramps >>
* Work in America Is Greedy. But It Doesn’t Have to Be. >>

* Augmented reality can change your behavior in the real world >>
* Boosted’s next electric ride is the Rev scooter >>
* Deepfake your pet with a fun, not-at-all terrifying algorithm >>

* This fully biodegradable “leather” is welded together from waste >>
* Engagement Around The World, Charted >>
* A laser system built on principles of supersymmetry >>

* Artificial intelligence is helping old video games look like new >>
* Can faster-than-light particles explain dark matter, dark energy, and the Big Bang? >>
* Coming of Age in the Age of AI: The First Fully Digital Generation >>

* For The First Time, Scientists Turn Human Stem Cells Into Insulin-Producing Cells >>
* Researchers successfully sent a simulated elementary particle back in time >>
* The need for speed >>

* Why sexuality and spirituality belong together >>
* Advice for Women, From Women, on Dealing With Difficult Workplace Situations >>
* Robot therapists need rules >>

* Tesla Car Component Stress Monitoring With Automically Triggered Repair Service >>
* Latin America’s missing middle of midsize firms and middle-class spending power >>
* Disease Risk Prediction from AI and Advanced Genomic Analysis >>

* Atmosphere Is Venting All Its Water into Space >>
* Accelerating Moon Landing to 2024 May Make It More Achievable >>
* How Earth Life Could Come Back from a Sterilizing Asteroid Impact >>

* This NASA Spacecraft Will Crash into an Asteroid to Test Earth’s Defenses Against Space Rocks >>
* The Universe Probably ‘Remembers’ Every Single Gravitational Wave >>
* If There Were a Time Warp, How Would Physicists Find It? >>

* Wearable Cancer Detection Tests 1-2% of Blood Over 2 Hours >>
* NASA Names New Moon Landing Program Artemis After Apollo’s Sister >>
* XKeyboarCD >>

* Falsehoods programmers believe about Unix time >>
* Facebook isn’t secretly listening in on your phone conversations. Really >>
* Sony Licenses ‘Advanced Haptics Patent Portfolio’ For ‘VR Controllers’ >>

* Jeff Bezos personally dumps a truckload of dirt on FedEx’s future >>
* AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: Which Is the Best for Cloud Computing? >>
* How Networks Work >>

* IoT: Leading Edge for Businesses in 2019 >>
* How Exercise Affects Our Memory >>

* TED sabine_doebel_how_your_brain_s_executive_function_works_and_how_to_improve_it >>
* TED Doug_roble_digital_humans_that_look_just_like_us >>
* China’s satellite navigation industry sees rapid development >>
* Innovation serves as new growth engine of Chinese economy >>

* China advocates dialogue, rebuts “clash of civilizations” as conference opens >>
* Chinese President Xi Jinping warns of disaster if one civilisation imposes its will on another >>

* How 9/11 and China’s plan for blanket surveillance created a wave that CCTV camera makers Hikvision and Dahua rode to huge success >>
* Boosted’s First Electric Scooter Is A $1,599 Vehicle Built To Conquer City Streets >>
* Donald Trump is short-circuiting the electronics industry >>

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