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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 May 2019

* Space Debris Tracking Will Be Getting 5 Times Better This Year >>
* Spacexs Starlink Could Cause Cascades Of Space Junk >>

* Microphone in noise-cancelling headsets will send location of enemy sniper to smartphones of troops in real-time >>
* Swarms of automated drones controlled by AI set to patrol Europe’s borders using powerful sensors to detect threats >>
* A photo storage app used customers’ private snaps to train facial recognition AI >>

* Scientists in China develop ultra-long range AI camera that can photograph subjects from 28 MILES away >>
* Here’s who’s aiming to land on the moon within the next decade >>
* Jeff Bezos Has Plans to Extract the Moon’s Water >>

* AI doesn’t see the world like us which is why it is so easily confused >>
* Apollo-era moonquakes suggest lunar colonies must be shake-proof >>
* Climate change is an emergency we can solve >>

* Titan’s seas may be coated in organic goop that stops waves forming >>
* Bike to Work Week: Are e-bikes the answer to health, traffic and environmental issues? >>
* The moon is shrinking and quaking. Is this something to worry about? >>

* The race against deepfakes and dangers of manipulated recordings >>
* Virgin Galactic moves to New Mexico, entering ‘home stretch’ toward commercial flight >>
* Ending Age-Related Diseases: 2019 >>

* Uber offers shareable video of drivers’ ‘journey’ >>
* This Bird Came Back From the Dead—Twice >>
* NASA wants your memories of the Apollo 11 Moon landing >>

* Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs >>
* Amazon offers employees $10K and 3 months’ pay to start their own delivery businesses >>
* Amazon might start using robots to box your orders >>

* Git-rebase, Swift on the Web, Deepfake Dalí, and ML Style Guide >>
* Addressing the Biases Plaguing Algorithms >>
* AI SpaceFactory Wins NASA’s Mars 3D-Printed Habitat Competition >>

* Botched update crashes hundreds of Netherlands police ankle monitors >>
* U.S.-China Trade Talks Stumble on Beijing’s Spending at Home >>

* ServiceNow acqui-hires mobile analytics startup Appsee >>
* Hotstar, Disney’s Indian streaming service, sets new global record for live viewership >>

* A Bizarre Form of Water May Exist All Over the Universe >>
* Sofa Designs So Good, They’re Impossible To Resist >>
* Alternate Histories >>

* Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise. >>
* How Electric Cars Will Affect Oil Company Investors >>
* New Zealand Seeks Global Support for Tougher Measures on Online Violence >>

* HPE’s CEO lays out his technology vision >>
* Google updates Android Jetpack, unveils Jetpack Compose >>
* Building a Better Globalization >>

* Is Big Tech Needlessly Ruining Entire Industries? >>
* Boeing’s New Plan: Replace Human Inspectors With Technology >>
* ULA Awarded $149 Million Delta IV Heavy Launch Contract for NRO Mission >>

* Algorithm similar to the ones used by Netflix and Spotify to recommend content can predict who will DIE or have a heart attack with 90% accuracy >>
* Tech-savvy people more likely to trust digital doctors >>
* Use of robots and artificial intelligence to understand the deep sea >>

* The Future of Work & Automation >>
* Human Rights Watch reverse-engineered the app that Chinese state uses to spy on people in Xinjiang >>
* Forget the Anthropocene: We’ve Entered the Synthetic Age >>

* EXOLAUNCH Will Launch UAE Cubesat to Monitor CO2 and Methane >>
* Elon Musk shows off SpaceX’s 60 internet-beaming satellites packed together for launch >>
* Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping is already rolling out >>

* NASA is developing 3D printed soft robots that look like inflatable aliens and move like living organisms to explore the moon and nearby planets >>
* Keep your whole team’s passwords secure with RoboForm Everywhere >>
* SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is having trouble — and that’s okay >>

* Chinese guided missile destroyer suitable for mass production: experts >>
* China’s lunar rover travels over 190 meters on moon’s far side >>
* The Case for having Kids >>

* Nike’s iPhone App Will Use AR To Fit Shoes With Sub-2mm Accuracy >>
* LightSail 2 set to launch next month aboard SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket >>
* To Message Bus or Not: Distributed Systems Design >>

* 10 Amazing Articles On Python Programming And Machine Learning [Week 3] >>
* CI/CD Ingredients for Success >>
* When Not to Use Machine Learning >>

* DevOps Tools: DevSecOps Tools Worth Knowing >>
* Vodafone NZ sold for $3.4b >>

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