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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 01 May 2019

* Ford to offer Amazon on-demand car washes >>
* Amazon will deliver packages to the trunk of your Ford or Lincoln >>
* Bird’s monthly scooter rentals let you ride as much as you like >>

* For better deep neural network vision, just add feedback (loops) >>
* Watch live Western Digital: How to build an infrastructure that’s fit for the future >>
* OpenStack wants Airship 1.0 to take flight and move devs up to the cloud without tears >>

* SpaceX Satellites Will Fly Low to Prevent Space Junk >>
* F8 2019 highlights: All the important stuff announced >>
* Facebook F8 2019 Day 1 >>
* Facebook F8 Conference Livestream! – Oculus Quest & Oculus Rift S Launch >>
* What to Expect From F8 After Facebook’s Very Bad Year >>
* Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says the ‘Future is Private’ >>
* Facebook Dating opens to friends with Secret Crush >>
* Facebook Messenger will get desktop apps, co-watching, emoji status >>
* Facebook Portal will be available outside the US this fall >>
* Facebook helps you grow your social circle with ‘Meet New Friends’ >>
* Review: Facebook’s Oculus Rift S is barely an upgrade >>
* Oculus’ next-gen Quest and Rift S headsets go on sale May 21st >>
* Facebook is redesigning its core app around the two parts people actually like to use >>

* How China Is Upending Western Marketing Practices >>
* AI Engines, Self-Grading Labs, Software Project Heroes, and Embedded Rust >>
* How Wearable AI Will Amplify Human Intelligence >>

* Performance management in agile organizations >>
* Building a habit of disruption in marketing >>

* New trend report: The Gaming Universe >>
* The World’s First Flying Car Skyport Is Under Construction in Miami >>
* How Tactical Drivers Learn Crazy-Ass Maneuvers >>

* Huawei, Huawei. Huawei, Huawei. Feeling hot, hot, hot: US threatens to cut UK from intel sharing over Chinese tech giant >>
* Vodafone Italy found “hidden backdoors” in Huawei equipment years ago >>
* Vodafone Denies Bloomberg Report on Security Flaws in Huawei Equipment >>
* How US went from telecoms leader to 5G also-ran without challenger to China’s Huawei >>
* Huawei outpaces Apple, Samsung in R&D increase >>

* Alexa will speak Spanish in the US later this year >>
* Across the world, women outlive men. This is why. >>
* Alphabet teases I/O hardware announcement >>

* Docker updates focus on simplifying containerization for developers >>
* Ford’s Self-braking Trolley Is Perfect For Supermarkets And Airports! >>
* Breakthrough finding discovers cause of insomnia >>

* Implementing DevSecOps With 1,162 Apps >>
* Someone left 24GB of personal info on 80m US households exposed to the public internet >>
* Cloud Database Removed After Exposing Details on 80 Million US Households >>

* Say hi to pay-as-you-go on-prem IT: Dell, VMware tout private cloud-as-a-service, or rentable tech >>
* Bird’s new monthly e-scooter rentals skirt city scooter restrictions >>

* Looking Back on the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference >>
* Toyota unveils latest heavy-duty electric fuel-cell truck to haul cargo around LA >>
* SpaceX-Like Startups Think They Can Solve Fusion For Cheap >>

* Social architecture and the house of tomorrow >>
* ‘Next rising platform’: 2 promising technologies could transform human body into a disease-destroying machine >>
* We survive because reality may be nothing like we think it is >>

* The first-ever biodegradable cooler is here just in time for a greener summer >>
* Anti-ageing has often been seen as quack science. Not any more >>
* Business leaders don’t care about the cost of downtime >>

* It’s the age of automation and the robots are coming. But for what? >>
* Big Cloud gets bigger >>
* Will Self-Driving Vehicles Make Uber A Dangerous Choice? >>

* Is There a Future for Laundry-Folding Robots? >>
* This Black Hole’s Jets Wobble Like Crazy Because It’s Warping Space-Time >>
* There’s Basically ‘No Chance’ for Earth-Like Planets to Form an Atmosphere Around Hot Young Stars >>

* SpaceX Test Fires Falcon Heavy Megarocket Core for June Mission >>
* One of Stephen Hawking’s Most Famous Theories About Black Holes Just Suffered a Huge Blow >>
* New Committee to Review NASA Planetary Protection Policies >>

* It’s Time to Get Serious About Asteroid Threats, NASA Chief Says >>
* ‘Deep Learning’ Algorithm Reveals Huge Saturn Storm in New Light >>
* Running Java-based deep learning with MXNet and Amazon Elastic Inference >>

* Trump’s ‘Record Economy’ Is Making Americans Miserable >>
* Mini-program of stem cell research starts trial operation >>
* Monitoring Containerized Application Environments with eBPF >>

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