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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2019

* This Drone ‘Breathes’ Air To Propel Itself and Has Unlimited Range >>
* Blue Origin’s cryptic tweet hints at a new adventure >>
* Amazon raises the stakes again with Prime one-day shipping >>

* NASA Preps Mission to Most Interesting Asteroid in Our Solar System >>
* 5 AI Breakthroughs We’ll Likely See in the Next 5 Years >>
* Fusion power start-ups go small in effort to bring commercial reactors to life >>

* The highlights of the “debate of the century” between Žižek and Peterson >>
* New trailers: Knock Down the House, Men in Black: International, and more >>

* ‘Creativity peaks in your 20s and 50s’ >>
* The Glass Age, Part 1: Flexible, Bendable Glass >>
* Karlmann King is a $2 million enormous ultra-luxury SUV built upon a Ford F-550 >>

* Researchers use 3D printer to print glass >>
* New Research: The World Is Sadder, Angrier Than Ever Before >>
* Amazon’s Algorithm Automatically Fires Inefficient Warehouse Workers >>
* Google staff share claims of company retaliation in town hall meeting >>

* Confronting the risks of artificial intelligence >>
* Five moves to make during a digital transformation >>
* From third world to first in class >>

* Growth leadership is about empowering your team >>
* Transforming risk efficiency and effectiveness >>
* Why you should apply analytics to your people strategy >>

* China Plans to Build a Moon Base Near the Lunar South Pole >>
* Safety Panel Urges Patience in SpaceX Crew Dragon Investigation >>
* The World’s Largest Atom Smasher Could Be Tweaked to Hunt ‘Dark World’ Particles >>

* With FAA’s blessing, that drone over your house may be Google’s Wing, not Amazon’s >>
* United covers over the cameras on its in-flight entertainment systems >>
* Recommended Reading: The cost of Fortnite’s success >>

* 24 hours away from what’s widely expected to be the most spectacular and devastating “Game of Thrones” battle >>
* Avengers: Endgame Crushes Multiple Box Office Records 1 Day After Release >>
* Here’s What’s New on (and Leaving) Netflix in May 2019 >>
* Here’s What’s New on Amazon Prime in May 2019 >>

* Best Automation Testing Tools for 2019 (Top 10 reviews) >>
* How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization >>
* Why Companies are in Need of Data Lineage Solutions >>

* Aerobic exercise is an effective treatment for depression >>
* Wolves In The Walls: It’s All Over Made Me Truly Care About A Virtual Being >>
* A Theory of Type Polymorphism in Programming >>

* Clippy: The Unauthorized Biography >>
* Amazon Has Gone From Neutral Platform to Cutthroat Competitor, Say Open Source Developers >>
* Breaking Up Amazon Won’t Solve Its Climate Problem >>

* How can my work impact the community? | Foundation S2 EP1 >>
* Reverse Proxy using Express Server >>

* What Can Automation Learn From DevOps? >>
* DevOps: The Journey So Far and What Lies Ahead! >>
* Serverless Web Apps With Knative Compared to AWS Lambda >>

* Text-Mined Knowledge Graphs — Beyond Text Mining >>
* Quick Introduction to Software Architecture >>
* China launches first detectors aiming to decode cosmic ray origins >>

* Game of Thrones Hope Chest: which character do you most need to see survive? >>
* This Ape Figuring Out How To Use A Smartphone Is Mind-Blowing >>
* Sony Accidentally Releases ‘Men in Black: International’ Trailer Without Music Or Sound Effects, Creates Art >>

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