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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 April 2019

* Tesla Posts Video That Appears To Show Full Self-Driving Functionality >>
* Tesla promises ‘one million robo-taxis’ in 2020 >>
* Tesla vs. world on self driving tech >>

* Breakthrough in boiling >>
* Sewing machine robot paves the way for brain computers >>
* First 6G Conference Is Coming Up >>

* Amazon launches in-garage delivery service >>
* The three challenges keeping cars from being fully autonomous >>
* “Machine teaching” is a thing, and Microsoft wants to own it >>

* Robert Scoble and Irena Cronin on Spatial Computing >>
* Spatial Computing startup helps autism therapists, potentially improving my son’s life >>
* OpenAI’s ‘Dota 2’ bot won 7,215 games against humans in three days >>

* Elon Predicts that in the Future People Will Demand No Human Drivers >>
* Like Magic, Land Rover Makes its SUV’s Hood Disappear >>
* For Better AI, Turn Up the Contrast on Reality >>

* Artificial intelligence can diagnose PTSD by analyzing voices >>
* Engineered virus to be tested as treatment for incurable cancers >>
* Battery-free pacemaker harvests energy from pig hearts in first tests >>

* Astronomers just found a second galaxy containing no dark matter – and it may change everything we knew about how galaxies are formed >>
* Mortal Kombat 11 is a game nearly 30 years in the making >>
* NASA’s InSight spacecraft detects its first possible ‘marsquake’ on the Red Planet >>

* Alphabet’s Wing drones get FAA approval to make deliveries in the US >>
* A peek inside the Huawei P30 Pro’s periscope lens shows off its clever zoom >>
* Chinese smartphone makers gain an edge in foldable handsets as delays beset Samsung’s Galaxy Fold >>

* How China’s scavenger satellites are being used to develop AI weapons, drones and robots >>
* DevOps Teams Are Stressed and Dissatisfied With Their Processes >>
* Top 5 Courses to Learn Spring Cloud for Java Programmers in 2019 >>

* Serverless AppSync Plugin: Top 10 New Features >>
* AWS Lambda Best Practices >>
* Developer Challenges of Serverless and AWS Lambda >>

* The robot-recruiter is coming — VCV’s AI will read your face in a job interview >>
* Teenager sues Apple for $1bn, claiming facial recognition led to false arrest >>
* Locus Robotics raises $26 million for warehouse automation >>

* BRI explainer: What is the Belt and Road >>
* China’s belt and road may accelerate exit of manufacturing to Vietnam and India, researchers warn >>
* Facial Recognition Creeps Up on a JetBlue Passenger >>

* Google I/O: Smart home announcements we expect from the conference >>
* I Sell Onions on the Internet >>
* Relearning Matrices as Linear Functions >>

* Google built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world’s largest model cities >>
* Robot redundancy: four future scenarios for jobs >>

* Watch NASA release a swarm of 100 tiny cicada drones >>
* Former Google car project Waymo to build self-driving cars at Detroit factory >>

* Tesla Will Allow Aggressive Autopilot Mode With ‘Slight Chance of a Fender Bender’ >>
* Microsoft Paint has been given another reprieve >>
* Designing water infrastructure for climate uncertainty >>

* China is reportedly using US satellite technologies to bolster its surveillance capabilities >>
* Avoiding Disruption Requires Rapid Decision Making >>
* The Morning After: The Galaxy Fold verdict >>

* The Robots Want to Steal (the Boring Parts of) Your Job >>
* Six ways your Google Assistant can help you spruce up for spring >>

* Sony’s 98-inch 8K TV will cost a staggering $70,000 >>
* Oracle turns to innovation hubs to drive cultural and business shift to cloud >>
* MIT scientists ‘work out’ synthetic hydrogels to make them stronger >>

* Intel’s 9th-gen laptop CPUs also reach up to 5GHz >>
* Google Walkout leaders accuse company of retaliation culture >>

* Finding a place to charge your EV is easy with Google Maps >>
* Digging into key takeaways from our 2019 Robotics + AI Sessions event >>

* ‘Computer, Enhance’: Inside Samsung’s Smart New 8K TV >>
* Game of Thrones Recap: That’s What Death Is >>
* The single most important skill for successful business leaders >>

* Is there an optimal time of day to exercise? >>
* Tips for EE Students on Getting Skills They Need for the Workplace >>

* Optimizing the engineering life cycle requires digital transformation >>
* Algorithms and Autonomous Discovery >>
* NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Will Capture a Galactic ‘Jellyfish’ >>

* Tesla’s full self-driving computer is now in all new cars and a next-gen chip is already ‘halfway done’ >>
* Tesla Investor Autonomy Day Live Neural Net Vision System and Fleet Data >>
* Tesla Autonomy Investor Day Live and the Full Self Driving Computer >>
* Elon Musk calls self-driving laser sensors ‘lame’ >>

* A SpaceX Crew Dragon Safety Test Went Very Wrong. Here’s Why That Matters >>
* SpaceX Crew Dragon Accident May Impact NASA Plans to Launch Astronauts from US Soil >>

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