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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 April 2019

* New trend report: The Anxiety Economy >>
* Samsung Galaxy Fold review units are already broken >>
* AI that spots inequality could monitor living conditions in cities >>
* Boston Dynamics debuts the production version of SpotMini >>

* Pig experiment challenges assumptions around brain damage in people >>
* Scientists build a machine to see all possible futures >>
* Google’s Photobooth brings automated selfie-shooting to the Pixel 3 >>

* Highlights from the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York 2019 >>
* AI and the robotics revolution >>
* Automated ML: A journey from CRISPR.ML to Azure ML >>
* Checking in on AI tools >>
* Toward ethical AI: Inclusivity as a messy, difficult, but promising answer >>

* ‘Child’s Play’ trailer gives a smart home makeover, giving Chucky control over connected devices >>
* Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ has Karl Urban fighting superheroes gone bad >>
* Game of Thrones Breaks Viewership Records >>
* Duolingo’s Course Learn High Valyrian From ‘Game of Thrones’ >>

* Crispr Gene Editing Is Coming for the Womb >>
* Facebook is working on a voice AI rival to Siri and Alexa >>
* First Japan-Built Airliner In 50 Years Takes On Boeing and Airbus >>

* Scientists create programmable circuits in HUMAN CELLS, in gene-editing breakthrough they claim could lead to powerful ‘biocomputers’ >>
* Scientists created a CRISPR tool that can wipe out longer pieces of DNA >>
* Offshore Wind Farms Are Spinning Up in the US—At Last >>
* IBM Halting Sales of Watson AI Tool For Drug Discovery Amid Sluggish Growth >>

* Big Data Has Transformed Agriculture–In Some Places, Anyway >>
* A virus we thought was harmless to humans may worsen cystic fibrosis >>
* Google is taking on Amazon with ‘Google Express’—is it worth shopping there? >>

* Cloud Atlas: Huawei’s homegrown AI hardware hits shelves >>
* CloudBees acquires Electric Cloud to build out its software delivery management platform >>

* AI: Two-way Recommendation Systems #TCRobotics >>
* What It Was Like to Fly the ‘Roc’ — Stratolaunch’s Massive Rocket-Carrier Airplane >>
* Can’t We All Just Get Along? With Robots #TCRobotics >>

* Trexo Robotics Building Robots to Help People Walk >>
* What happens after the Industrial Robot-lution? #TCRobotics >>
* Wireless Industry’s Newest Gambit: Terahertz Communication Bands >>

* A Rocket Launch to the Space Station Today Could Be Visible Along US East Coast! >>
* Air-Breathing Rocket Engine Gets Green Light for Major Tests >>
* Asteroid Hunting Mission Releases 5th Year of Data >>

* Gene Therapy Restores Immunity for ‘Bubble Boys’ >>
* Is the IT Revolution Over? An Asset Pricing View >>

* Want to speak at TED2020? Enter our worldwide Idea Search >>
* In Case You Missed It: Highlights from day 3 of TED2019 >>
* Mindshift: Notes from Session 5 of TED2019 >>
* Jonny Sun: Making the internet a bit less lonely >>
* Life in the Tech Playground at TED2019 >>
* Vulcan Holodome at TED2019: An immersive 360-degree world… without a headset? >>

* China Finds Phone-Wielding Tourists and Telescopes Don’t Mesh >>
* How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer >>
* Better Ultrasound Imaging and Sonar Through Samarium >>

* U.S. Congress Finally Gets Some Good Ideas About IoT Security >>
* Prehistoric URINE reveals Neolithic people made the switch from hunting to herding 10,000 years ago >>
* How robots helped the French save Notre Dame Cathedral >>

* Here’s How Scientists Turned the World Into a Telescope (to See a Black Hole) >>
* Manual Command Likely Caused Israeli Moon Lander’s Crash >>
* NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Will Spend Nearly a Year in Space >>

* Becoming Warren Buffett >>
* Stopping an Earth-Bound Asteroid in its Tracks (Op-Ed) >>
* Deep Fakes With Synthetic Media #TCRobotics >>

* Elon Musk Interviewed on AI and Self-driving Cars >>
* First US Hypersonic Interceptor Defense Test Scheduled for 2020 >>
* Ray Kurzweil — Biotechnology and AI >>

* Amazon’s one-two punch: How traditional retailers can fight back >>
* Breeze Automation is building soft robots for the Navy and NASA >>
* Industrial robotics giant Fanuc is using AI to make automation even more automated >>

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