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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 April 2019

* Watch SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch and triple booster landing Thursday (updated) >>
* Self-healing space suits among 18 ideas to receive NASA funding >>
* Chinese Scientists Have Put Human Brain Genes In Monkeys — And Yes, They May Be Smarter >>
* Watch as a small Israeli spacecraft tries to land on the Moon today >>

* First 3-parent baby born in clinical trial to treat infertility >>
* All your e-scooter options show up in one place with this map >>
* New human species discovered in a cave in the Philippines >>

* Amazon workers listen in on Alexa – but can’t act on any crimes they hear >>
* Recycling robot can sort paper and plastic by touch >>
* Scientists Have Found 600 New Cancer Vulnerabilities, Each Could Be the Target of a Drug >>
* Virgin Orbit will launch satellites from Guam >>

* What Data Scientists and Data Engineers Can Do with Current Generation Serverless Technologies >>
* Google Cloud makes some strong moves to differentiate itself from AWS and Microsoft >>
* The cloud skills shortage and the unemployed army of the certified >>

* A gene linked to alcohol habits may influence who you choose to marry >>
* First black hole picture: The big mysteries we still need to solve >>
* Pollinators may have evolved 40 million years before flowers existed >>

* Scientists Have Created A Star Trek-Like Plane That Flies Using ‘Ion Thrusters’ And No Fuel >>
* LUCAS CPR device may save your life >>
* Google’s AutoML will change how businesses use Machine Learning >>

* Cisco taps into AWS for data centre, cloud applications >>
* NVIDIA shows how much ray-tracing sucks on older GPUs >>
* Magnetic Field Reversals Unlikely To Be a Problem For Life, Says Astronomer >>

* Brexit: What happens now? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46393399 >>
* Julian Assange arrested in London after Ecuador withdraws asylum >>
* Breaking Down the Hacking Case Against Julian Assange >>

* Building a Higgs boson factory: China’s race to the frontier of physics >>
* Infiniti shows off its electric Qs concept sedan >>
* Google’s Cloud Code Extends IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code To Kubernetes Apps >>

* Ford CEO says the company ‘overestimated’ self-driving cars >>
* Amazon and Microsoft Are 2 Finalists for $10 Billion Pentagon Contract >>
* Amazon acquires autonomous warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology >>

* This robotic arm could pave the way for towel-folding, coffee-making home robots >>
* Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos challenges rival retailers to raise their minimum wages, too >>
* Amazon’s wild 24-year ride, from 11 employees to 600,000-plus >>

* Debate: physicist says black holes are math impossibility >>
* Help Name the Largest Unnamed World in the Solar System >>
* Black Hole Quiz: How Well Do You Know Nature’s Weirdest Creations? >>

* ‘Fortnite’ adds reboot vans to let you revive fallen teammates >>
* NASA to Fund ‘Innovative’ Self-Healing Spacesuits, Venus Landers >>
* Are we living in a simulation? MIT professor claims the scenario is ‘more likely than not’ >>

* Samsung’s nearly $2,000 Galaxy Fold reservations start this Friday, S10 5G arrives in May >>
* What is Google Fi and how does it work? >>
* The Engineer Using A.I. to Read Your Feelings >>

* The AI-Art Gold Rush Is Here >>
* How Should Self-Driving Cars Choose Who Not to Kill? >>

* 737 Max Won’t Fly Until F.A.A. Is ‘Satisfied,’ Elaine Chao Says, Defending Agency >>
* Sensors Linked to Boeing 737 Crashes Vulnerable to Failure >>
* The Future of A.I. Isn’t Quite Human >>

* How automation could affect employment for women and minorities >>
* Nuclear fusion breakthrough breathes life into the overlooked Z-pinch approach >>
* New algorithm optimizes quantum computing problem-solving >>

* Lasers Highlight Ketamine’s Depression-Fighting Secrets >>
* How companies can help midlevel managers navigate agile transformations >>
* Brainwave-tracking start-up BrainCo in controversy over tests on Chinese schoolchildren >>

* How to Scale Up QA in A DevOps Environment >>
* How to Infect Your Organization With Humane Ops >>
* How to Infect Your Organization With Humane Ops >>

* Things No-one Tells You About Cloud Migration Projects >>
* Using AI powered Automation for High Performance Data Pipelines in the Cloud >>
* Estimation — how can we estimate with confidence in software development? >>

* PagerDuty >>
* Random Forests for Complete Beginners >>
* Cambridge’s New Bike Lane Law is ‘Bikelash’-Proof >>

* A New Device Can Hear Your Thoughts >>
* The Rise of “No Code” >>

* 4 Major Announcements from Google Cloud Next 2019 >>
* Google Cloud Platform Videos >>
* Google Cloud Next ’19: Day 3 Next Live Show >>
* Google Cloud Next ’19: Day 3 Run Channel >>
* Google Cloud Next ’19: Day 3 Build Channel >>
* Google Cloud Next ’19: Day 3 Secure Channel >>
* Google Cloud Next ’19: Day 2 Next Live Show >>

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