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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 April 2019

* Alphabet’s Wing launches drone delivery service in Australia >>
* Self-Driving Cars Battle Fake Monsoons >>
* Autopilot Will Soon Be Able to Avoid Potholes Says Musk >>

* Netlify Dev; The one dev server that powers it all >>
* Announcing Cloud Run, the newest member of our serverless compute stack >>
* Blue the robot could be the AI-powered workhorse of the future >>

* 20 Top Software Outsourcing Companies in India >>
* Two rival AI approaches combine to let machines learn about the world like a child >>
* SpaceX Delays 1st Commercial Launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket to Wednesday >>

* Why Car Manufacturers Spend Millions On Concept Cars They Often Don’t End Up Making >>
* LIGO has spotted another gravitational wave just after turning back on >>
* AI could monitor farms from space to look for illegal pollution >>

* Microsoft releases first test builds of its Chromium-based Edge browser >>
* One-hour terrorist takedowns backed by EU parliament’s civil liberties committee >>
* Breakthrough for spaceplane that can get you from New Zealand to London in four hours >>

* Facebook’s AI team maps the whole population of Africa >>
* Facebook creates an AI-based map of Africa to help with crisis relief >>
* Rocket Lab is now building customizable satellites >>

* This Is The First Computer-generated Genome >>
* This Neural Implant Accesses Your Brain Through the Jugular Vein >>
* See SpaceX Assemble Falcon Heavy Rocket for Arabsat 6A Satellite Launch (Time-Lapse Video) >>

* YouTube expands Coachella 2019 coverage to both weekends, including Kanye’s Easter service >>
* Winning in a world of ecosystems >>
* Good-bye glaciers: 390 billion tons of snow and ice melts each year as globe warms >>

* Portable 3D X-ray machine based on stargazing technology could soon also be used to detect cancer >>
* Promising treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome fails large trial >>
* NASA’s method of paying for its giant rocket belongs in the Apollo era >>

* Flying cars could be greener than electric ones in some circumstances >>
* Hot rubble from volcanoes races over land on a carpet of air bubbles >>
* IBM’s AI-backed ’employee retention’ software can predict when you’re going to quit with up to 95% accuracy >>

* Climate change means nearly all glaciers in the Alps may disappear >>
* Algorithms For Parole Can Have Serious Bias Problems >>
* Why a data scientist is not a data engineer >>

* Why People — and Companies — Need Purpose >>
* When Employees Feel Grateful, They’re Less Likely to Be Dishonest >>
* Self-Driving Spacecraft Could Save Earth From Asteroid Impacts >>

* Google Cloud challenges AWS with new open-source integrations >>
* Rocket Lab adds satellite manufacturing to its offerings >>
* Research: Why Managers Ignore Employees’ Ideas >>

* MIT team places first in U.S. Air Force virtual reality competition >>
* From Chrome to Edge, Old Web, Public Sans, and The Feedback Fallacy >>
* Engineers develop concept for hybrid heavy-duty trucks >>

* Deep stimulation improves cognitive control by augmenting brain rhythms >>
* Andrew Yang wants to tax Silicon Valley to fund universal basic income plan >>
* Amazon Alexa provides more detailed news briefings in the US >>

* A Fight Over Specialized Chips Threatens an Ethereum Split >>
* A value-based payment system could revolutionize health care as we know it >>
* 5 Questions to Ask When Starting a New Job >>

* The world is racing to build on the moon again >>
* Plastic bottles have surpassed plastic bags as the biggest threat to oceans and rivers >>
* Juniper Networks liberates Contrail SD-WAN from its boxen to frolic among the clouds >>

* Hayabusa2 Fires an Anti-Tank Warhead at Asteroid Ryugu >>
* Wearable Device Scrubs Cancer Cells from Blood >>
* The US Should Follow India and Have a Process for Opening Key Medical Patents >>

* Reaction Engines Tests Critical Pre-Cooler at Mach 3.3 Conditions >>
* Tesla Upgraded the Autopilot and Model S and Model X Engines Will Soon Be >>
* SpaceX Ramping Up to Production of Starlink Satellites >>

* Gentle Brain Stimulation Improves Short-Term Memory >>
* Blue Is a New Low-Cost Force-Controlled Robot Arm from UC Berkeley >>
* Spacewalking Astronauts Battle Stuck Panel, Wrangle Cables on Space Station >>

* A Major Hubble Survey of the Kuiper Belt >>
* The White House is using fuzzy math to justify net neutrality veto >>
* Glaciers crumble and sea levels rise in this frightening new immersive mixed reality clip >>

* Wi-Fi 6 routers are starting to get cheaper >>
* Boeing records zero new 737 MAX orders following worldwide groundings >>
* What the US will lose in a trade agreement with China, thanks to Donald Trump >>

* China’s satellite TV project for 10,000 African villages benefits Africa >>
* Transparent café 99 meters off ground in scenic area >>
* Sri Lanka opens China-funded railway line >>

* TED An AI smartwatch that detects seizures >>
* Linear Regression: A Technical Overview >>
* Is a Human Life Worth as Much as a Robotic Life? >>

* AI and IoT, Part 3: How to Apply AI Techniques to IoT Solutions — a Smart Care Example >>
* Google Cloud Run: Serverless, Meet Containers >>
* AIOps Your DevOps Co Pilot >>

* Alison Gopnik on the Long-term Future of AI >>
* Editorial: Why Catching Pokemon In Skyrim Could Be The Future Of VR And AR >>
* Sony Patents Prescription Glasses With Eye-Tracking To Use With VR Headset >>

* In a world of Google and Amazon, libraries rethink their role >>
* Can the law be copyrighted? >>
* If Conversational Chatbots Want to Take Off, They Need to Act Like Robots >>

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