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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 April 2019

* Falcon Heavy’s first real launch on Sunday is the dawn of a new heavy-lift era in space >>
* Tricky Ethics of Google’s Cloud Ambitions >>
* On balance, the cloud has been a huge boon to startups >>

* Futuristic Amazon Drone Delivery Concept >>
* Amazon doesn’t want 8 South American countries to use the “.amazon” domain >>
* The Nations of the Amazon Want the Name Back >>

* Japan’s Hayabusa 2 spacecraft just bombed an asteroid >>
* Machines That Read Your Brain Waves >>

* The evolving definition of a gene >>
* ‘Alexa, find me a doctor’: Amazon’s digital assistant can now schedule doctor’s appointments, give prescription refill updates and even handle your private healthcare data >>
* Google dissolves newly formed AI ethics board >>

* Extending Amazon SageMaker factorization machines algorithm to predict top x recommendations >>
* Amazon Planning 3,236-Satellite Constellation for Internet Connectivity >>

* Pow! Japan’s Hayabusa2 Bombs Asteroid Ryugu to Make a Crater (Photo) >>
* Israeli Lunar Lander Snaps Amazing Photos of the Far Side of the Moon >>
* NASA Will Test 5 Habitat Designs for Its Lunar Gateway Space Station >>

* Light Pulse at 30 Times the Speed of Light >>
* Why Smart Manufacturing? >>
* Azure support arrives in Spinnaker, Azure DevOps rocks up in the UK >>

* Parents, you can now rent children’s clothing from Rent the Runway >>
* Avengers: Endgame Will Rule the Box Office—but Not For Long >>
* Ask Slashdot: What Would Your TED Talk Be About? >>

* How Google Is Cramming More Data Into Its New Atlantic Cable >>
* CMU’s robotic arm attaches to a backpack to lend a helping hand >>
* How open source powers nuclear fusion research at JET >>

* Samsung Begins Mass Production of Its Own 5G Chips >>
* Microsoft Employees Revolt, Beheaded Mosquitos, and More News >>
* New livestreaming legislation fails to take into account how the internet actually works >>

* Stanford’s automated car learns to handle curveballs like a pro >>
* The world’s first gene-edited lizards >>
* When robots commit wrongdoing, people may incorrectly assign the blame >>

* There’s a chance your GPS system could go haywire this weekend >>
* Mars Express Saw the Same Methane Spike that Curiosity Detected from the Surface of Mars >>
* NASA Test-Fires Megarocket Engine That May Take Astronauts to the Moon (Video) >>

* Maiden Flight of Sikorsky-Boeing’s Defiant Helicopter >>
* SpaceX Starhopper Performs a Tethered Hop With a Raptor Engine Firing >>
* Video Friday: Toyota’s Basketball Robot, and More >>

* Amazon Alexa Launches HIPAA-Compliant Medical Skills >>
* Democratizing Data Science in Your Organization >>
* EU goes after Valve for ‘geo-blocking’ Steam activation codes >>

* Elon Musk is still Tesla CEO — for now >>
* Facebook’s ad-serving algorithm discriminates by gender and race >>
* Hacker Group Has Been Hijacking DNS Traffic On D-Link Routers For Three Months [Update] >>

* Microsoft is giving Windows 10 users more control over updates >>
* Microsoft and Canonical Launch Visual Studio Code Snap For Linux >>
* Research: When Companies Cozy Up to Politicians, the Economy Suffers >>

* Cancer’s Trick for Dodging the Immune System >>
* A dead planet is orbiting a dead sun in a distant dead solar system >>
* The “Two Weeks’ Notice” Approach to Changing Jobs Is Bad for Companies and Employees >>

* DeepMind created a maths AI that can add up to 6 but gets 7 wrong >>
* Egypt’s oldest pyramid saved from collapse after engineers use giant airbags to support the structure >>
* Scotland’s HPV vaccine linked to ‘near elimination’ of cervical cancer >>

* How to Interact With a Database Using Async Functions in Node.js >>
* Telling us to stop washing our hands is dangerous and unacceptable >>
* Zapping Lead Pipes with Electricity Could Make Them Safer for Drinking Water >>

* What temperature should your refrigerator be? >>
* Shark’s-eye view of a great white hunting >>
* Bias busters: Premortems: Being smart at the start >>

* Global life expectancy up 5.5 years since 2000: WHO >>
* China Is Taking the Worldwide Lead in Wind Power >>
* Take a walk through Kakadu on Google Street View >>

* Gas sensing threads can be woven into clothing >>
* Magnetic nanoparticles can ‘burn’ cancer cells >>
* Better Together: The strategy behind IT transformation >>

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