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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 April 2019

* Using AI to Make Better AI >>
* Boston Dynamics Enters Warehouse Robots Market, Acquires Kinema Systems >>
* Verizon flips on 5G for phones in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis >>

* Adobe Dimension CC can now render images in the cloud >>
* Adobe’s After Effects Can Now Automatically Erase Objects In Video Clips >>
* Adobe brings content-aware fill for videos to After Effects >>

* How US went from telecoms leader to 5G also-ran without challenger to China’s Huawei >>
* Animal-AI Olympics is going to treat AI like a lab rat >>
* Can Marc Andreessen Stop Technology From Eating Our Jobs? >>

* AI-powered booking service Google Duplex rolls out to iOS & Android 5.0+ devices >>
* Wayve claims ‘world first’ in driving a car autonomously with only its AI and a SatNav >>
* a16z Podcast: A Podcast About Podcasting >>

* Albino lizards are the world’s first genetically modified reptiles >>
* Disrupting the Single-Use Plastic Economy >>
* Doctors warn that Fortnite has caused children to smash up cars, stop eating and pushed parents to divorce >>

* Tesla’s autopilot tricked into driving on the wrong side of the road >>
* Dozens of Modified SpaceX Starlink Satellites Could Be Sent Around Space >>
* Untold History of AI: Why Alan Turing Wanted AI Agents to Make Mistakes >>

* Google and Walmart team up to let users shop for groceries using voice commands >>
* Nose jobs could soon be done WITHOUT surgery: Five-minute technique reshapes tissues with needles, electric zaps, and 3D-printed molds >>
* Windows made of transparent wood could help keep buildings warm >>

* Claims 2030: Dream or reality? >>
* Machine learning moves popular data elements into a bucket of their own >>
* The future of agriculture is computerized >>

* A Biologically Plausible Learning Algorithm for Neural Networks >>
* AI achieves its best ever mark on a set of English exam questions >>
* Alexa Scientists Claim Audio Watermarking Technique Nearing 100% Accuracy >>

* Andrew Yang’s Audacious Plan to Save Us from Automation >>
* 5 Ways to Help Your Team Be Open to Change >>
* Andreessen Horowitz isn’t alone in leaving behind VC as we know it — and more company is coming >>

* Apple’s Big Event, Plus Is Corporate Debt at a Crisis Level? >>
* Can we stop AI outsmarting humanity? >>
* Fleksy’s AI keyboard is getting a store to put mini apps at chatters’ fingertips >>

* Google Employees Are Lining Up To Trash Google’s AI Ethics Council >>
* Microsoft partners with BMW to build car systems in ‘smart factories’ >>

* Watch a self-driving car navigate with just cameras and basic GPS >>
* Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 is ready for download >>
* 3-D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain >>

* Create high-quality instructions for Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth labeling jobs >>
* AWS DeepRacer League hits the road for more fun and excitement for developers! >>
* ‘Captain Marvel’ Nears $1 Billion >>

* Here’s What Elon Musk Had to Say to NASA’s Chief >>
* Mars 2020 Rover Instrument Survives Termination Review >>
* NASA Chief Says ‘Nothing Off the Table’ as Agency Develops New Moon Plan >>

* Oculus Expressive Avatars Arrive With Simulated Eye Movement And Better Lipsync >>
* NASA Won’t Have 2 Medium-Size Spacesuits Ready Any Time Soon >>
* Why Next-Generation Astronauts Will Need the ‘New Right Stuff’ for Space Travel >>

* China Barely Slowed Coal Power Construction >>
* UPS Drones Are Now Moving Blood Samples Over North Carolina >>
* Bitcoin surges, hitting $5,000 for the first time this year >>

* China’s grocery delivery battle heats up with Meituan’s entry >>
* 60 Percent Of Bird Species Came From Australia >>
* The internet made us weird – just not in the right way >>

* What every CEO needs to know about ‘superstar’ companies >>
* 150+ live online training courses opened for April and May >>
* Spark chief executive Simon Moutter resigned, replaced in same evening >>

* The Problem With Ai Ethics >>
* Porn companies are embracing crowdfunding >>
* Everything coming to Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in April 2019 >>

* Elizabeth Warren introduces bill that could hold tech execs responsible for data breaches >>
* Tencent-backed hackers who drew praise from Elon Musk once revealed flaws in Apple’s iOS >>
* China builds 14,000 kilometers of greenway in 2018 >>

* 5G technology turns operating room into surgery demonstration area >>
* Creating an Affordable Kubernetes Cluster >>
* Airflow to Orchestrate Machine Learning Algorithms >>

* The Third Phase of Clean Energy Will Be the Most Disruptive Yet >>
* Deepfakes may ruin the world. And they can come for you, too >>
* Why-theres-so-little-left-of-the-early-internet >>

* Privacy Is Just the First Step, the Goal Is Data Ownership / >>
* Zuckerberg’s Rules Would Hurt Everyone But Facebook >>
* ‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke describes what it’s like to survive a brain haemorrhage >>

* What seven years at Airbnb taught me about building a company >>

* This Week in MediaOps Episode 1 >>
* DevOps Webinars 2019 >>
* Container Security Securing from Within >>

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