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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 March 2019

* Here’s What the Speed of Light Looks Like in Slow Motion >>
* Meet SpaceX’s Starship Hopper >>
* CMU team develops a robot and drone system for mine rescues >>

* Crispr Gene Editing Could One Day Cut Away Human Pain >>
* Why Congestion Pricing Can Save Cities From Their Worst Possible Future >>
* Scientists discover the chemicals behind the unique Parkinson’s smell >>

* Mobile barbering: ‘It’s like Uber, but for haircuts’ >>
* ‘Google brain’ implants could end school as anyone can learn anything instantly >>

* Robots reproduce?: Scientists teach AI-powered bots to ‘mate’ by combining pieces of their code >>
* POD: How the SETI Institute Harnessed AI in the Search for Aliens – Ep. 81 >>

* DevOps and Digital Transformation – Joined at the Hip with Alan Shimel >>
* POD: Health Checks for Services, Containers and Daemons >>
* POD: It’s Time for Data Scientists to Collaborate With Researchers in Other Disciplines >>
* a16z Podcast: How Many Taps in the Apple (Plus) Tree? >>

* Network Effects: So, Is It a Network Effect? (1 of 3) >>
* Network Effects: Categories & Debates (2 of 3) >>
* Network Effects: Measure Them, Nurture Them (3 of 3) >>

* This Russian Shotgun Drone Is Beyond Terrifying >>
* On Flooding: Drowning the Culture in Sameness >>
* Brexit: The bigger picture—Revitalizing UK exports in the new world of trade >>

* We Can Live Forever Thanks to Technology Says Leading Anti-Aging Scientist >>
* The Case of a Woman Who Feels Almost No Pain Leads Scientists to a New Gene Mutation >>
* Giant viruses have weaponised CRISPR against their bacterial hosts >>

* The internet made us weird – just not in the right way >>
* YouTube’s Product Chief on Online Radicalization and Algorithmic >>
* 2020 Tokyo Olympics will use robots to make it the most innovative games ever >>

* Massive Clock-Like Particles Could Reveal What Happened Before the Big Bang >>
* India’s Anti-Satellite Missile Test Is a Big Deal. Here’s Why. >>

* VR and AR will expand the limits of human perception >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 30) >>
* These 3D-Printed Mars Habitats Just Won a NASA Award >>

* There’s this new 4K Falcon 9 video you probably want to watch >>
* Physicists predict a way to squeeze light from the vacuum of empty space >>
* Neural networks stop autonomous cars spinning out >>

* Inside Google’s Rebooted Robotics Program >>
* Day 2 of Undoing Aging 2019 was all about Restoring Cellular Youth and Senolysis >>
* The great sex recession: celibate Americans at record high >>

* Facebook to restrict Facebook Live after New Zealand mosque shootings, Sheryl Sandberg says >>
* Spark looking for partner to grow Lightbox >>
* ServiceNow teams with Workplace by Facebook on service chatbot >>

* Remote workers and nomads represent the next tech hub >>
* How to Protect Your Smart Home From Hackers >>
* How scientists are working to prevent your body from being ‘hacked’ >>

* DOE Funds 2022 First Demo for Factory Mass Producible Nuclear Power >>
* Celebrating passionate teachers and enthusiastic learners >>
* Video Friday: NASA’s Mars Helicopter, and More >>

* Energy Lies Believed By Intelligent People >>
* Blue Origin Studying Repurposing of New Glenn Upper Stages >>
* Spacewalking Astronauts Replace Old Batteries on Space Station >>

* Tiny Cubesats Could Do Big Science at the Moon and Venus >>
* Mixed Reactions to NASA’s Accelerated Moon Plan >>
* Two astronauts complete another 6.5-hour spacewalk this year to swap batteries >>

* From Zero To Hero Continuous Container Security In 4 Simple Steps >>
* Top 17 Resources To Learn Test Automation In 2019 >>

* Practical Deep Learning Examples with MATLAB >>
* How the Tech Giants Make Their Billions >>
* US Military Was Immediately Aware of India’s Anti-Satellite Missile Test >>

* These Seamless Metal Cuts Are Mind-Boggling >>
* New trailers: The Twilight Zone, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and more >>
* To understand the impact of digital disruption on business, take German lessons >>

* ‘Internet plus nursing’ program off to a good start, with a long way to go >>
* The 4 Aspects of Enterprise Computing >>

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