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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2019

* Genome-editing record smashed with 13,000 edits made in one cell >>
* Down under, over and all around: Sydney in 3D on Google Earth >>
* Blockchain-powered marketplaces will be like steroids for crowd investing >>

* Deep Science AI joins Defendry to automatically detect crimes on camera >>
* Can AI Be a Fair Judge in Court? Estonia Thinks So >>
* The pigment in our skin could be used to make electrical body implants >>

* National Space Council Seeks Urgency in NASA Exploration Plans >>
* World’s Largest Atom Smasher May Have Just Found Evidence for Why Our Universe Exists >>
* This ‘mind-reading’ algorithm can decode the pictures in your head >>

* SpaceX Raptor Engine SpaceHopper Test Today >>
* Huawei announces smart glasses in partnership with Gentle Monster >>
* A.I. Is Flying Drones (Very, Very Slowly) >>

* Disposable Delivery Drones Undergo Successful Tests With U.S. Marines >>
* NASA Wants to Place Calls to Deep Space With X-Rays >>
* 7 Key Challenges Impacting the Mass Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles >>

* European parliament votes for controversial copyright reform (yes, again) >>
* Software Stack, Gig Economy, Simple Over Flexible, and Packet Radio >>
* Health care: Information tech must catch up to medical marvels >>

* Hello Alfred launches new platform to reach more buildings and improve accessibility >>
* New 3-D printing approach makes cell-scale lattice structures >>
* Sparking new ideas in news with global Innovation Challenges >>

* Apple TV Plus and the new Apple TV app, explained >>
* All the things Apple didn’t tell us about its streaming TV service >>
* The Apple Card is Apple’s thinnest and lightest status symbol ever >>

* What Would It Mean for AI to Become Conscious? >>

* AI for Good: Balancing the Risks and Rewards #emTechDigital >>
* AI in Logistics and Transportation #emtechdigital >>
* Affectiva Redefining Human-Machine Partnership through Emotion AI #emtechdigital >>
* AI and Robotics in the Lab: Accelerating Materials Discovery #emtechdigital >>
* Construction Sites Will Become Like Automated Manufacturing Factories #emtechdigital >>
* Enhancing Human Potential with AI #emtechdigital >>
* Future of AI and Security #emTechDigital >>
* Microsoft AI Breakthroughs – AI Amplified Content and Creativity #emtechdigital >>

* Microscopic Quantum Heat Engine That Outperforms Classical Engines >>
* Growing Drone Industry Spawns a Growing Antidrone Industry >>
* Climate change melts Mount Everest’s ice, exposing dead bodies of past climbers >>

* Digital money is here: Will it make us more free–or less? >>
* The future of aviation? Even more automation >>
* A Clever New Strategy for Treating Cancer, Thanks to Darwin >>

* Adobe launches its Commerce Cloud, based on its Magento acquisition >>
* Behold, the AI model that turns rough sketches to photorealistic landscapes >>

* How to Get Through an Extremely Busy Time at Work >>
* How Leaders Are Navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution >>
* How to Organize a Networking Dinner >>

* Huawei unveils the P30 and P30 Pro >>
* NBA’s Magic Leap app lets you watch basketball in augmented reality >>
* On the ground with TechCrunch at GDC 2019 >>

* Lunar Module Makes Landing in Revamp of Apollo/Saturn V Center >>
* First All-Female Spacewalk Canceled Because NASA Doesn’t Have Two Suits That Fit >>
* The Universe’s Dark Secret: Where Did All the Antimatter Go? >>

* Why Would an Animal Trade One Body for Another? >>
* Robot ‘eyes’ Aid People With Profound Motor Impairments >>
* Gene Editing Tools Like CRISPR May Help Us Cure Herpes One Day >>

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