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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 March 2019

* How to watch SpaceX test fire its Starship ‘hopper’ >>
* Volvo will use cameras to fight drunk and distracted driving >>
* Windows Virtual Desktop is now in public preview >>

* Amazon could soon force you to go on a diet, according to one futurist >>
* Energizing Times: Microsoft To ‘Go Big’ at E3 in Response To Google Stadia >>
* Cab’s-Eye View of How Peloton’s Trucks ‘Talk’ to Each Other >>
* Hopper LiveStream >>

* Amazon is blocking ads for products that lose money >>
* IT ‘locked out’ of data center’s core switch after only bloke who could log in dies >>

* Dyson launches a vacuum with better battery, a desk lamp and a personal air purifier >>
* Kubernetes Pipelines Hello New World >>

* Facebook Messenger gets threaded replies >>
* Facebook stored passwords in plain text for hundreds of millions of users >>
* Facebook: AI failed to detect Christchurch shooting video >>
* Facebook vows to improve AI detection of terrorist videos >>
* Facebook rejects idea of putting time delay on live videos to stop horrors like the New Zealand mosque shootings from being broadcast to the internet >>

* Apple’s plan for its new TV service: Sell other people’s TV services >>
* Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Announce They’re Reuniting For A Third ‘Bill & Ted’ Movie >>
* Why is 18 the age of adulthood if the brain can take 30 years to mature? >>

* Fei-Fei Li Wants AI to Care More About Humans >>
* Ford’s new factory shows its commitment to self-driving cars >>
* Google’s Stadia is the moonshot game streaming needs >>

* NASA reveals Bennu asteroid is spewing particles into space >>
* Research: Why Struggling Airlines Spend More on Safety >>
* Velocity 2019 will focus on the rise of cloud native infrastructure >>

* Anaesthesia drug may make it easier to forget upsetting memories >>
* A Common Anesthetic Could Ease PTSD and Other Stress Disorders >>
* Complex societies existed before a belief in moralising gods: Ideas evolved to stop large cultures descending into chaos >>

* Deforestation in the Amazon could raise local temperatures by 1.5C >>
* Electric cars won’t shrink emissions enough – we must cut travel too >>
* Facebook unveils new $399 Oculus Rift S headset with higher-res VR graphics and built-in tracking >>

* Robot swarm inspired by cells can keep moving even if its parts fail >>
* ‘Space drones’ being used to explore lava tubes in Iceland could help NASA detect signs of life on Mars >>
* Jet fuel made from waste plants could be one of the most efficient yet >>

* Russia wants to cut itself off from the global internet. Here’s what that really means. >>
* Chip Conley doubles down on being a “modern elder” >>
* Paris to tax scooter and bike services >>

* AT&T and Comcast test ‘verified’ phone calls to fight spam >>
* Amazon’s All-new Kindle for $89.99 is priced for budget users >>
* How Amazon and Walmart are putting robots to work behind the scenes >>

* Apple’s new iPad mini is reliable, not revolutionary >>
* Apple iPad Air hands-on (2019): Just ‘Pro’ enough >>
* Britain Could Run Short of Water by 2050, Official Says >>

* Watch: Pick Up Used Cars at This Giant, Car-Sized ‘Vending Machine’ >>
* We have to find a way to stop drones disrupting airports >>
* China Is Building a 33,000 Ton Nuclear Icebreaker >>

* How El País used AI to make their comments section less toxic >>
* Ag Tech Brings Revolution to Food Chain >>

* Full Body Exoskeleton Ordered By Special Ops >>
* SpaceIL Unmanned Lunar Mission on Course for the Moon >>
* Megawatt Lasers, Microwave and Hypersonic Weapons >>

* Technology + operations: A flywheel for performance improvement >>
* This robot can make sushi in seconds >>
* MoviePass parent’s CEO says its rebooted subscription service is already profitable >>

* Coders’ Primal Urge To Kill Inefficiency — Everywhere >>
* Apollo 11′ Featurette Explores Technological Leaps of Filmmakers >>
* Happy 20th! Beloved Sci-Fi Series ‘Farscape’ Now Available on Amazon Prime >>

* This is what the Huawei P30 will look like >>
* Genetics studies are too white – that’s failing people and science >>
* Facebook admits it stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of account passwords in plaintext >>
* Facebook employees had unfettered access to hundreds of millions of users’ unencrypted passwords for years >>

* China seeks to calm fears of Italian ‘belt and road’ deal as Xi Jinping prepares for visit to Europe >>
* NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Is Being Praised For Her Outstanding Response To Tragedy >>
* New Zealand just banned military-style firearms. Here’s why the US can’t >>

* Guy Skis Down Near-Vertical Mountain In Norway >>
* Redis in a Microservices Architecture >>
* Sunrise at Hopper >>

* GDC 2019: Tobii Lauches VR, AR Eye-Tracking SDK >>
* Oculus Rift S Is Official: 1440p LCD, Better Lenses, 5 Camera Inside-Out Tracking, Halo Strap, $399 >>
* Over 150 top global firms to attend development forum >>

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