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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2019

* First Device to Treat Alzheimer’s Is Up for Approval by the FDA >>
* SpaceX Starhopper Hop Test Postponed Til Tomorrow >>
* NYPD unveils controversial algorithm to track crime patterns >>

* Elon Musk and NASA Chat As SpaceX is on the Cusp of Manned Missions >>
* China Authorizes Building Four New Nuclear Reactors and India Commits to Six >>
* Six People Have Begun a 122-Day Simulated Mission on the Moon >>

* What It’s Like to Be Thrown in Jail for Posting on Facebook >>
* Google Stadia can use AI to change a game’s art in real-time >>
* AIs are better gamers than us, but that’s OK >>

* FDA Approves First New Drug Developed for Women with Postpartum Depression >>
* The First Gene-Edited Food Is Now Being Served >>

* NVIDIA AI turns crude doodles into photorealistic landscapes >>
* Media fragmentation is annoying consumers >>
* ‘3D mammography’ could transform breast cancer screening and save thousands from unnecessary biopsies >>

* Why Use Open Source to Gain More Visibility into Network Monitoring >>
* Inside a Docker Cryptojacking Exploit >>

* Jeff Bezos Shows Off ‘Nerdy’ Innovations at Annual Mars Conference >>
* Tiny flying robots, rocket engines, and an appearance by Mark Hamill: Jeff Bezos’ secretive Mars Conference kicks off in Palm Springs >>
* Fight against robocalls continues as AT&T, Comcast complete test of verified call >>

* Amazon releases a sub-$100 Kindle you can read in the dark >>
* As Costs Skyrocket, More US Cities Stop Recycling >>
* All 88 companies from Y Combinator’s W19 Demo Day 2 >>

* Food Delivery Wars and Boeing’s Crisis Management >>
* Embedded Computer Vision, Unix History, Unionizing Workforce, and Text Adventure AI >>
* Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules >>

* Bill Gates Talked With Google Employees About Using AI To Analyze Ultrasound Images of Unborn Children >>
* Building a safer internet, one secure domain at a time >>
* Cisco spreads AI across WebEx meetings >>

* Instagram’s New Shopping Feature Makes It a Digital Mall >>
* MoviePass restores its $9.95 unlimited subscription plan for a limited time >>
* U.S. Army is building a giant VR battlefield to train soldiers virtually >>

* De-identify medical images with the help of Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Rekognition >>
* Almost 13,000 Years Ago, a Comet Impact Set Everything on Fire >>
* Sneaky Meteor Evades Earthling Detection, Explodes with Force of 10 Atomic Bombs >>

* Scott Shawcroft Is Squeezing Python Into Microcontrollers >>
* SpaceX Starship Rate of Progress Four Times Faster than the Reusable Falcon 9 >>
* Could OpenAI’s ‘too dangerous to release’ language model be used to mimic you on online? Yes, says this chap: I built a bot to prove it >>

* Vengeful sacked IT bod destroyed ex-employer’s AWS cloud accounts. >>
* Workplace tracking is growing fast. Most workers don’t seem very concerned >>
* A Timeline of MoviePass’ Many Ridiculous Business Plans >>

* Better Living Through Crispr: Growing Human Organs in Pigs >>
* Beyond Cas9: 4 Ways to Edit DNA >>
* Firefox will now automatically block those annoying autoplaying videos >>

* A Tap-to-Fly Helicopter Shows How Flying Cars Might Take Off >>
* The Deeper Education Issue Under the College Bribery Scandal >>
* Waymo is building a new service center for its self-driving fleet >>

* SXSW 2019: Breaking up Big Tech >>
* Hands-on: The $399 Oculus Rift S kicks off the next gen of PC-based VR by appealing to the masses >>

* SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Megarocket to Fly 1st Commercial Mission in April: Report >>
* House chair asks tech CEOs to speak about New Zealand shooting response >>
* Why Tech Platforms Don’t Treat All Terrorism the Same >>

* Privacy-Focused Search Engine Wants Copyright Directive to Pass >>
* Quantum-safe communication over the internet infrastructure? Yeah, that’s doable >>
* Researchers Create the First AI-Controlled Robotic Limb That Can Learn To Walk Without Being Programmed >>

* Meet the veteran astronaut who’ll be on the first launch of Boeing’s Starliner >>
* Microsoft Teams taps AI to boost new background, whiteboarding features >>
* Google announces video game streaming service to let you play anywhere >>

* Skies Aren’t Clogged With Drones Yet, but Don’t Rule Them Out >>
* World’s happiest countries REVEALED: Finland comes top >>
* Latest Space Based Solar Power Concepts and Experiments at Caltech >>

* New Space Age: Experts Ponder the Future of Cosmic Exploration >>
* To Be Ethical, AI Must Become Explainable. How Do We Get There? >>
* Software Testing in the IoT Era: How QA Will Evolve in a Connected World >>

* Apple Is Jumping Into Streaming Video With A Huge Library Of Shows And Films >>
* AT&T CEO interrupted by a robocall during a live interview >>
* New York City is finally getting its own self-driving shuttle service >>

* New rocket engines in making for moon, Mars >>
* Commentary: Belt and Road Initiative sets example for world >>
* Could Driverless Cars That Avoid Parking Fees Increase Congestion? >>

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