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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2019

* Facebook’s massive outage was the result of a server configuration change >>
* Scientists ‘reverse time’ with quantum computer in breakthrough study >>
* Here’s how to watch the Tesla Model Y reveal >>

* A recipe for beating the record of most-calculated digits of pi >>
* Scientists Design a Network That Lives Inside Your Body >>
* MIT robot’s flytrap gripper can grab both fragile and heavy objects >>

* a16z Podcast: Lessons Learned from Chinese Education Startups >>
* Algorithms Are Shaping Our Lives—Here’s How We Wrest Back Control >>
* DNA Crime-Solving Is Still New, Yet It May Have Gone Too Far >>

* Dangers of Underplanning in Your Agile Projects >>
* GPS-enabled collars allow farmers to steer cows around the farm remotely >>
* A NASA Journey to the Moon May Need to Find Another Rocket or Two >>

* What makes an organization ‘healthy’? >>

* California company says it’s building a flying motorcycle powered by jet engines >>
* An Exercise to Help Your Team Feel More Comfortable with Conflict >>
* A new approach to drugging a difficult cancer target >>

* Ten big global challenges technology could solve >>
* With Tech on the Defensive, SXSW Takes an Introspective Turn >>
* SoftBank-backed Nuro launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Houston >>

* IHMC Developing New Gymnast-Inspired Humanoid Robot >>
* Google Builds Circuit to Solve One of Quantum Computing’s Biggest Problems >>
* How the brain distinguishes between objects >>

* Facebook shows off creepy VR avatars that look and move ‘exactly like you’ >>
* Scientists Call for a Moratorium on Editing Inherited Genes >>
* IBM made a quantum algorithm that could make AI more powerful >>

* Drug-releasing coil in stomach could provide better treatment for TB >>
* AI-powered smartphone cameras are changing the way we see reality >>
* Grasshopper cargo drone leaps 6.5ft into the air when taking off and can travel 62 miles at 112mph >>

* The World’s Recycling Is in Chaos. Here’s What Has to Happen >>
* Researchers Put Machine Learning on Path to Quantum Advantage >>
* Fi’s GPS pet tracker lasts three months between charges >>

* Facebook faces criminal investigation over controversial data sharing deals >>
* China Is Catching Up to the US in AI Research—Fast >>
* ‘Neuroflight’ Drone Controller Gets A Boost From A.I. >>

* Scientists turn nuclear waste into diamond batteries >>
* The Physics Still Hiding in the Higgs Boson >>
* Molecular ‘Clues’ May Predict Breast Cancer Return >>

* The Internet Knows You Better Than Your Spouse Does >>
* Man vs Machine: Robots are so good in the workplace they leave human colleagues ‘disheartened’ and less motivated >>
* The AI Roles Some Companies Forget to Fill >>
* Apple’s WWDC keynote is set for June 3rd >>

* How the Bizarre Economics of Airplanes Raises the Stakes of the Boeing Fallout >>
* Op-ed: Boeing should put ‘safety first’ in action >>
* The World’s Internet Activity Every 60 Seconds, Visualized >>

* The Latest Machine Learning Trends From MIT Professors and Researchers >>
* A Graph-Based Approach to Hunting Zero Day Vulnerabilities in DevOps Pipelines >>
* China to build 5G demonstration hospital in Guangdong >>

* The Future of Containers >>
* A Journey into the Animal Mind >>
* Scaling Microservices: General Strategy >>

* Continuous Testing Insights from Forrester’s Latest Wave >>
* How to Use Google Colaboratory for Video Processing >>
* Cloud-Native Security Challenges and Opportunities >>
* Hierarchy of Cloud Orchestration Technology >>

* Container Concerns >>
* Microsoft brings its DTrace debugger to Windows >>

* DeepMind and Google: the battle to control artificial intelligence >>
* Why Automation is the Only Path Forward for Manufacturing >>
* Technical Skills Are Overrated. Focus on Your Attitude. >>

* APOD Perseverance Valley Panorama >>

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