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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 07 March 2019

* Shimi Will Now Sing to You in an Adorable Robot Voice >>
* 5G’s Potential, and Why Businesses Should Start Preparing for It >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize The Way Video Games Are Developed And Played >>

* Harman patented flying robotic speakers >>
* Microsoft’s ‘All-Digital’ Xbox One could launch in May >>
* Israel’s first moon mission spacecraft sends back selfie >>

* Video: Upskilling Enterprise DevOps Skills Report Results! >>
* Servant Economy; Ten years after Uber, we checked back in on 105 on-demand businesses. >>
* Looking for economic prosperity without growth >>
* Pilot orders pizzas for stranded flyers in Canada >>

* Exploring Neural Networks with Activation Atlases >>
* Shark or Baseball? Inside the ‘Black Box’ of a Neural Network >>
* Red Cat wants to track drone flight data on the blockchain >>

* This Video Really Puts Into Perspective How Much Richer The Super Rich Are Compared To Everybody Else >>
* Register for the first course of the Community Health Academy >>
* Drones to monitor NZ lakes >>

* Future Communication Satellite >>
* 5G signifies a generational transformation that will profoundly impact businesses and consumers across the globe >>
* Details of China’s Three Prototypes of Exaflop Supercomputer Architectures >>

* Millimeter-wave body imaging is cheaper, safer, less power-intensive than other types of body imaging. >>
* What Programming Languages Engineers and Employers Love—and Hate >>
* Oracle to lure boffins with cloud credits, see if enterprise-grade tech can speed up research >>

* Microservices, Containers and Kubernetes in 10 minutes >>
* Amazon may provide Mexico with a government-backed mobile payment system >>
* Research: Better-Managed Companies Pay Employees More Equally >>
* Researchers demonstrate new ways to pwn your stupidly complex smart home >>

* The AI-Art Gold Rush Is Here >>
* Would you get on a driverless BUS? Volvo will trial electric single-decker in Singapore >>
* A third person may have become HIV-free after a bone marrow transplant >>

* Dawn of the smart TOOTHBRUSH >>
* China plans world’s first deep sea base, complete with robot subs >>
* Drones are helping to save lives during natural disasters >>

* Asteroids That Could Threaten The Earth Are Stronger And Harder To Deflect, Says New Research >>
* As Trump Moves to End Trade War With China, Business Asks: Was It Worth It? >>
* A Clever Tool Uses Apple’s Videogame Logic Engine to Protect Macs >>

* Microsoft blesses the clouds down in Africa in full-blown Azure-gasm >>
* Study says some self-driving car systems have trouble detecting darker skin >>
* TensorFlow 2.0.0-alpha0 >>

* Fitbit now has cheap, updated fitness trackers for the whole family >>
* Elon Musk wasn’t wrong about automating the Model 3 assembly line — he was just ahead of his time >>
* Burnout Self-Test; Checking Yourself for Burnout >>

* Google made a learn-to-read app for schoolchildren in India >>
* Google Tool Lets Any AI App Learn Without Taking All Your Data >>
* Make Customers Happier with Operational Transparency >>

* Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory could be completed by May >>
* How Amazon’s Algorithms Curated a Dystopian Bookstore >>
* The Gene Mutation That Could Cure HIV Has a Checkered Past >>

* Computing the future >>
* Making a path to ethical, socially-beneficial artificial intelligence >>
* 170+ live online training courses opened for March and April >>

* ‘Digital sobriety’ can halt tech-fuelled global warming, says report >>
* Scientists ready to explore depths of Indian Ocean >>
* Robots can detect breast cancer as well as radiologists >>

* How Much Of The Unobservable Universe Will We Someday Be Able To See? >>
* Putting people at the heart of public-sector transformations >>
* How to take the ‘outside view’ >>

* Working in silos can cause tunnel vision, tribalism, and weak corporate performance. >>
* Posts In Artificial Intelligence >>
* The 10 Unforeseen Developments of Smart Buildings >>

* IoT And the Transformation of the Modern Workplace >>
* Why Automation is the Only Path Forward for Manufacturing >>
* Smart Hospitals: the Next Step in Healthcare IT >>

* Machine Learning for Beginners: An Introduction to Neural Networks >>
* Secure Cloud Access: a Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Security >>
* Fast-Acting Depression Drug, Newly Approved, Could Help Millions >>

* What Should Developers Test? >>
* IoT Smart Home Automation and the Future >>
* 5 Ways Digital Transformation Impacts Organizations >>

* Windows Containers and Azure >>
* Introduction to Monitoring Serverless Applications >>
* Before We Colonize the Moon, We Must Learn to Mine There >>

* Huawei’s planned lawsuit against the US government could help it gain friends in the West, experts say >>
* Democrats push new bill to write net neutrality into law, but can it pass? >>
* Recycling Is Broken >>

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