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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 05 March 2019

* Piëch’s electric coupe charges to 80 percent in five minutes >>
* Hundreds of Millions of Chinese Chat Logs Leak Online >>
* How AI Will Rewire Us >>

* The Brain That Remade Itself >>
* Linux 5.0 Released >>
* Microsoft introduces integrated Darktrace-a-like, Azure Sentinel >>

* Mini cheetah is the first four-legged robot to do a backflip >>
* Productivity Commission to examine tech change and future of work >>
* Nation: Automation is changing how we work – for the better >>

* The shift to collaborative robots means the rise of robotics as a service >>
* Use AI To Add Depth Of Field To Any Photo Using This App >>
* Activity Trackers Motivate Cancer Survivors To Move >>

* AT&T’s restructuring of WarnerMedia includes digitally stronger CNN >>
* Are We Really the Smartest Kid on the Cosmic Block? >>
* How non-native creatures including giant snails and black rats destroy more animal species than hunting and fishing >>

* Elon Musk, Tesla to unveil next vehicle, the Model Y crossover, on March 14 >>
* MWC highlights include affordable smartphones, not just foldable ones >>
* Smartphone apps five times more effective at detecting heart conditions than standard tests, study finds >>

* Building The Impossible via Business Acceleration with Cameron Chell >>
* Guess What Software Eats Next? Wireless! >>
* How to build a culture of innovation within a tech company >>

* Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report Results! >>
* Reducing Risk of Credential Compromise at Netflix >>
* Key Steps to the IoT Epiphany >>

* The State of Big Data Tools, Frameworks, and Languages [Podcast] >>
* Shift Left, Shift Right — What Are We Shifting, and Why? >>
* What Happens When You Use Virtualization in Software Testing? >>

* The biggest A.I. risks: Superintelligence and the elite silos >>
* 5G can make digital humans look real and turn real people into holograms >>
* Artificial muscles for robots could be made >>

* Self-Powered Sensor Helps Track Firefighters in Burning Buildings >>
* Complex Life Might Require a Very Narrow Habitable Zone >>
* Astronomers are Using NASA’s Deep Space Network to Hunt for Magnetars >>

* “Alexa, Tell the Nurse I’m in Pain” >>
* SpaceX Starhopper Construction Progress >>
* Pentagon Could Retire Aircraft Carrier to Save $30 Billion >>

* Want More After ‘Apollo 11’? Here Are 5 Space Documentaries to Stream >>
* Netflix subtweets Steven Spielberg in response to Oscars eligibility controversy >>
* World’s Strongest Umbrella Uses An Automotive-inspired Rib Suspension System >>

* UK banking was struck by one IT fail every day for most of 2018 >>
* Elasticsearch clusters face attacks from multiple hacker groups >>
* Open Source Chat, Assistant Shim, Data Science, and Quantum Computing >>

* Gillmor Gang: Check and Balance >>
* Google Maps can find you Lime scooters in more than 80 cities >>
* Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of being unfaithful with Elon Musk >>

* How Air Purifiers Became the Newest Wellness Craze >>
* Intel and Qualcomm show off prototype hardware for building 5G into computers >>
* The attention economy is dead >>

* Dilbert And Brainwashing >>
* Video Orientation >>

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